What was your experience with Warranty Lens Repairs?

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The only new photo kit return I ever had to do was for a Sigma 10-20 (the older version) which screeched at the ends of the focus range after some time on the 1st day I got it. I bought it for a great price new, and prices were rocketing with stock non-existent, so I was hesitant to return it to the dealer. Sigma UK did a warranty repair on it no fuss, but it wasn't quick at about 3 weeks turn around.
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ronderick said:
I think the experience depends on the specific countries...

There are times when I'd choose an imported version over the local dealers, simply
because I could have it mailed back to Japan for repair... ::) (I don't live in the US so
I'm not talking about Canon USA)

Exactly, it really depends on the specific countries.

In China, Canon will not charge you in warranty, but the service sucks!!!

I got a newly purchased EF-S 15-85 which produce images obviously softer at the right side.

You can view 2 of my many problematic pictures at below links.


I send the lens for repair, and they just rejected my request of service saying it's normal. And when I asked how did they do the test, I found out they just simply shoot a newspaper with the lens.... Unbelievable!

Anyway, I'm still in the middle of this thing and don't have any good news so far...
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