Firmware Version 1.0.8 incorporates the following fixes.
  • Fixes a phenomenon in which the set aperture moves unexpectedly when shooting movies in manual exposure mode using some Canon lenses (such as macro lenses).



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  1. The manual adjustment of soundlevels. Very important for my kind of filming. The Live Histogram. Also important in bad light conditions. I do band and concert photography. Both features are essential for me.

  2. You can expect a Firmware Update to fix the “iris jitter” issue as we mention at:

    Not so sure if Canon is willing to add more features to the 7D. Keep in mind that it already has movie modes that were strongly requested by 5D2 users, but Canon didn’t release it to public due strong aliasing (720p50/60). 7D also offers better HDMI output than 5D2 whilst recording (not when playing back or before starting recording video)

    Canon somehow tries to “balance” all customers from different HDSLRs…

    Of course Canon CAN implement more features (on every DSLR), but you already know how marketing and sales departments are… They won’t give you everything they can, but just enough to sale and compete, and stay at top in some aspects they are leaders so far.

    5D Mark II is the camera which received the biggest amount of improvements requests ardound the world and also the one that was left behind 1D4, 7D and even T2i (regarding Standard 24/25/30p modes), so Canon put efforts to improve and add those modes, and included some “extra bonus” to compensate… (Manual Audio gain, especially thanks to ML project, and Live Histogram in video, which is not so “great deal” since it turns off whilst recording)

    There is a big list of possible improvements, already sent to Canon, including some Still-only specific features, but it seems Canon is not willing to make them available to customers (for instance: only 3 frames in bracketing mode in a $2,500 body-only camera is unbelievable and unacceptable…)

    Magic Lantern is working on that, and already gave the possibility to shoot more frames in BKT mode, along with other improvements such as Focus Rack, etc., although an “official firmware” with those improvements is always better and desired…

  3. I’m glad with your reply. If all of this would come true I would be a very happy Canon EOS 7D owner.

    How can Canon EOS 7D users put pressure on Canon to make the adjustments? I’m willing to help in any way possible.

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