Canon Confirms Development of High Megapixel Camera

Canon Confirms Development of High Megapixel Camera

jmfoots; a contributor on our forum has done a “quick and dirty, hand translation” of the interview question below.

From Maeda Masaya
“We are currently making efforts toward high-resolution cameras. User needs are broadly divided into the two areas of high-resolution and high-sensitivity. Canon has been progressing the high-sensitivity side more, but we feel that we also must respond to graphics-related users (hoping for high resolution) and increase resolution numbers.

We are thinking of a high-resolution camera for users wanting high resolving power, and it will be out soon. It will be a camera preserving pixel quality while boosting resolution figures. We are extending interchangeable lens groups (unsure what this actually means). We want to add one line to our EF lenses…I can’t say any more than this. Please don’t ask anymore (laughs).”

Original Post
In an interview with Digital Camera Watch, Canon Inc. Senior Managing Director Image Communication Business Division Maeda Masaya confirms the development of a high megapixel camera. A camera we confirmed would be coming in 2015, although we don’t know exactly when it will arrive.

Below is a Google translation of the confirmation from Maeda Masaya.

Q: Image sensor or will toward the size and high pixel size?
A: I am working in the high pixel camera. There are two ways of roughly divided into high pixel and high sensitivity to user needs. Although Canon was not preceded the high sensitivity system and say either, I think the future is to be going to move (overlooking the high pixel) In order to meet such as graphics-based user, also in the direction in which to go up the number of pixels.

High pixel camera towards users who want high image of the resolution will not believe, you soon out. This is the camera, such as was up the number of pixels while maintaining the pixel quality. Interchangeable lens I will expand as a “group”. The …… now that I want to add a new one line to EF lens any more does not say, please do not ask any more (laughs).

Other tidbits from the interview

  • The days of the annual product cycle are over, new models will come with big advancements in technology
  • A “new line” of EF lenses is on the way.
  • Canon believes lenses are the most important part of EOS
  • We will see electronic shutters soon.
  • There’s “no comment” on a full frame mirrorless (probably a good thing) and Canon is still interested in medium format.

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Samyang/Rokinon Tease 135mm Lens


Rokinon/Samyang appears to be teasing a new lens on their Facebook page. 135mm seems to be the most logical choice, though there’s no word on the speed of the lens.

We’re still waiting to see them launch an autofocus lens.

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Deal: Canon EOS 6D Body $1295 via Canon eStore

Deal: Canon EOS 6D Body $1295 via Canon eStore

Canon is selling refurbished Canon EOS 6D camera bodies for $1295 through the Canon eStore.

Canon EOS 6D Body $1295 (Refurb, Reg $1499 after MIR)



Which Canon Full Frame Camera is For You?

FroKnowsPhoto has posted a video asking (and answering) which Canon full frame camera he thinks is for you (plus the EOS 7D Mark II). Jared talks about the EOS 6D, 5D Mark III, EOS-1D X and the APS-C EOS 7D Mark II.

I agree with most of what Jared says, outside of the EOS 6D. I think for $1499 after rebates, it’s still a buy now camera. A replacement is going to cost closer to $2000 than the current $1500 pricetag. We’ve heard that the EOS 6D replacement may go a bit upmarket, which could bring a higher price.

EOS 7D Mark II $1799 | EOS 6D $1499 | EOS 5D Mark III $2799 | EOS-1D X $5999



Deals: EOS-1D X & EOS 5D Mark III

Deals: EOS-1D X & EOS 5D Mark III

GetItDigital (99.4% approval) has a couple of deals on professional Canon DSLRs.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III $2329 (Reg $2799 after MIR) | Canon EOS-1D X $4624 (Reg $5999 after MIR)

*Note These are likely grey market items and may not qualify for a Canon USA warranty. Please check with the seller to see if they offer additional warranty.