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5D Mark II Firmware Info Update

By Canon Rumors | February 25, 2010

From Warsaw, Poland
This slide is from a presentation today in Poland. The firmware features were being presented alongside Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Note there is no 60fps @ 720p listed.

5D Mark II Firmware Feature List?

Firmware Feature List? | Click For Large

Asking the obvious question now
Can these features be added to the 1D Mark IV and 7D? I can understand if they don’t want to put them into the T2i, there has to be some differences between an $800 camera and a $2500 camera.

I thank Canon for adding tons of features to a product over its lifetime. I wouldn’t be upset if they didn’t add it to my 1D Mark IV, maybe it’s better to have one camera that is more video geared than the others?

We shall see!


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