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The new firmware for the 5D Mark II will arrive the week of March 17, 2010. This seems to be close to the NAB show.

The information briefly appeared on the Canon UK web site, it's now gone at the URL I was given.

Live Histogram for Video
Sound Level Control

No word on 60fps yet.

I've also heard there may be sound level meters, count this feature as a CR2 rumor.

More info on the subject to come.


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  1. Jens Viggo Moesmand on

    Regrettably the update from 1.1.0 to 1.1.1 cannot install. Tried twice with Kingston 1024MB CF and SanDisk 512MB CF. Both with 5d000111.fir on the root. The camera cannot read the file and aborts before trying to update.

  2. Does anyone know if canon have plans to increase the AEB feature so that it will take 5 shots rather than the 3 ?

    For me its still the only reason why I would use magic lantern :(


  3. So I just stopped at Precision camera in Austin tx, and the sales associate CONFIRMED from his canon representative that the the 72060p function would be available in TWO weeks. Can anyone back up this confirmation? I was aware that they would not be coming out with it.

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