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Title: More shots from NYC Fashion Week with the 60D
Post by: canonman on February 21, 2011, 12:26:30 PM
I received a few emails about my photos so I went back and did things a little differently such as soften the shots and enlarging the photos on the site. Here is the modified version of day 2 from the show:

On the third day, I changed it up a bit more and here is the link from day 3:

I know about the technique of blurring the background out using a large aperture, but the 17-55 2.8 lens I was using would not give me that luxury...the aperture was set at 2.8. I needed some primes which I did not have. I was using the auto white balance on the camera and I know there were several different light sources. I also know that virtually every camera out there gets the white balance wrong in these types of lighting conditions. To correct those conditions would mean me buying a $1200 meter which I am not willing to do at this time. There is also the Expodisc which is an option I am exploring. However, getting the true white balance would require an extra step in any event which is that higher level of photography I might not be ready for just yet. Juggling around the expodisc or lightmeter and manipulating the controls makes photography seem more like work then fun...

I dont shoot in RAW or use Photoshop because that is a level of photography that I am not willing to go to quite yet. Manipulating images like that can take several hours and I am just a very serious hobbiest and not a paid professional. I am happy with shooting in time saving JPG.

I also was standing a little off the real photography pit (handheld, no tripod). In order to truly enjoy photography you really need to stand away from the other photographers in my opinion. It can get a little mean in those photographer pits and I am there to enjoy myself...not to get into fights or listen to off-color banter. Usually when I get myself into those pits, someone says or does something that throws the moment off so I do my best to avoid the photographer pits. Professional photographers usually have pretty bad personalities. No one ever tells you nicely that you are in their way...they usually broadside you with mean looks and gestures. Believe it or not, fist fights do occur in these situations as not everyone is so resliant. I remember one time seeing a smashed 70-200 IS II on the ground and one guys nose broken. So I do my best to avoid the pits.

Since I was off-pit, the models would walk right by me on day 2. However, I signaled them to stop by me on day 3 so I was able to get some shots. They were very cooperative.
Title: Re: More shots from NYC Fashion Week with the 60D
Post by: canonman on February 21, 2011, 12:28:09 PM
I also wanted to add that I know about how bad blogger is with photos.  I do have a smugmug account and will upload the originals to that account later.  Im not ready to take that extra step to get a really professionally looking photography blog.  Again, I just do this for fun and the more work and time makes it seem more like work and less like fun...;)