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EOS Bodies / Re: NEW CAMERA - EOS 80D?
« on: January 08, 2015, 08:25:21 PM »
I don't see an 80D. There isn't room between a 70D (still way too new) and the 7D2.  Could be a replacement for the 60D.

I'm in the "new entry full frame camp".  A rebel sized full frame with the famous 18MP or perhaps the 20MP 6D sensor with a soon to come 6D2 going more upper tier

The video shows an EF-S lens attached. My bet is on the Rebel / APS-C.

PowerShot / Re: New PowerShot(s) for CES Next Week [CR1]
« on: January 02, 2015, 10:38:23 PM »
24-200 reminds me of the Powershot Pro1 (it was 28-200L). Great camera, it was.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon EOS 6D Firmware 1.1.6 Released
« on: December 17, 2014, 07:25:04 AM »
Is there a way to back up and restore AF micro-adjust settings? I'm tempted to apply this update for the rare occasions I try AF tracking, but don't want to have to re-do all my AFMA settings, which are by-lens right now (I'm on 1.1.3). Of course I could mount all my lenses and write down the settings, but I'm lazy :)

The individual lens AFMA won't be lost by updating the firmware. Just made the update and everything is fine.

To me, the 6D is awesome (my experience before is with Rebels and XXDs). Even with the outer points the focus is sharp. Don't know how the guys above can have such a bad experience with it.





Abstract / Re: Beautiful bokeh! Let me see yours!
« on: October 27, 2014, 09:54:56 PM »
I hope this works...

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 6D Mark II to Move Upmarket? [CR1]
« on: October 14, 2014, 08:51:39 PM »

I can only think of two aspects of the 6D that qualify as limitations: the AF system and the frame rate.  The frame rate might not be 1DX speed, but it is fast enough to be usable to get great shots, even for sports.

The question is not which one is better.  There's no question that the 6D is outclassed by the 5D Mark III and the 1D X.  The question was whether it has serious limitations—that is, if there are aspects of it that would prevent someone who knew how to use it from being able to get decent shots.  Personally, I don't think so.



What I was trying to show was that the AF accuracy at f1.6 was way more than f5.6. To this end the 2m dof was 'very narrow' compared with the 12m dof that f5.6 would have given.

The examples were in reply to the comments you made about this, and could be demonstrated by attaching the very small, but fast loading files.

Thanks again for the sample shots and all your work on this topic.  Your samples match my experience with the 6D AF.  Its very precise and accurate for non-action photography and works well with wide apertures.

Been reading this discussion for days and days. I also find my 6D outer points very, very accurate for still objects and portrait stuff. It is reliable, and way better than my 400D's focus system. I know the XTi is a 2006 camera, but it too had only one cross-type point and 8 non cross points, however the 6D's outer points are in another league. Just because the outer points are not cross type, doesn't make it equal to the Rebel. At least in my experience.

I cannot, however, compare it with a newer Rebel with 9 cross-type points.


6D Sample Images / Re: Anything shot with a 6D
« on: February 01, 2014, 06:49:07 AM »
Awesome images so far!

My turn:

The thing about the non-center 6d points is that they're "nice to have" and a convenience, but hardly necessary: They only have f5.6 precision, meaning you shouldn't use them with a faster lens than for example your 24-105/4 and go for 100% crop viewing/printing. But at this dof, focus & recompose would most likely achieve the same result.

I really wish I had a faster lens, but right now only 24-105L and 70-200L f4 IS (I believe the 50 f1.8 doesn't really count)

1)  That the AF works for still life

Yeah, it truly works. That's why I thought it was misleading to say that the 6D cannot be used the professional way. I understood that. Sorry, if it wasn't your intention.

Out of 4 pics of the kid playing, you only captured two where we could see her face.  My guess is that was partly because of sluggish AF, but perhaps you had artistic intent, who knows.

I was using silent mode. At 3 FPS, that was what I took. One burst. A little more than 1 second. That's not separated moments, but a sequence. I really don't think the 6D is a sports camera, but it can take action here and there with its center point. At 4.5 I would have got 2 more frames, I believe.

My prediction:  The 6D will have one of the shortest production cycles of any Canon SLR.  Perhaps THE shortest.

Sometimes I do think the 6D will stay where it is. I believe that when the 5D IV arrives, the 5D III will drop in price, so if you want performance you have to pay a little more. Want to go FF? We have the 6D, the 5D III for a little more, and for a lot more 5D IV. Right now, I cannot see a 6DII eating 5DIII sales.

Nobody thought the 6D was well thought out for any level of photographer, except, maybe, those who do a lot of arranged and found still life on tripods and could use Live View most of the time.  That's too specialized for success.

WOW. So the 6D cannot be good for any pro work with its AF system?

Two pics I took some other day (I'm not claiming I'm a pro).  Went and used the outer points. JPEG OOC, using my 24-105L at 105mm (not very sharp lens, I know, but I love it anyway). The first one was taken handheld, 1/50.

Next one: it was dark, if I weren't using flash, I believe I would need ISO 12800 for a good exposure. Also taken at 105mm, but 1/100.

Last saturday I went to a birthday party and took the 6D with me. Kids were playing, so I thought that I would try its SERVO mode. Center point only, JPEG OOC (except for curves), silent mode (3 fps), at 105mm, ISO 1600, 1/1600s:

Subject was running 3.4 meters away (and came to 2.7m on it's closest picture). AF settings to prioritize focus.

Seems good to me. Until now, I cannot say the 6D is holding me back.

Canon General / Re: Useless or absurd accessories
« on: December 09, 2013, 01:58:01 PM »
White lens hood for my 70-200 f4 L IS.

I love it.

EOS Bodies / Re: 60D vs. 6D slower at capturing focus
« on: November 26, 2013, 01:56:32 PM »
Any experiences, help or advice would be appreciated.

I'm sorry for asking this, but do you half-press to focus first and then you take the shot? Or do you use a full button press to focus-and-shoot the most quickly possible?

The 6D has a delay that you can notice when using full button presses to take the shot. And that's compared to my XTi. I don't know if that is what you are experiencing. More info: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/52069474

Turning off the "Superimposed Display" in C.FnII turns off the red blinking light, and resolves the issue (however you will have to stay without the red light confirmation).

PowerShot / Re: PowerShot Announcements Tonight [CR3]
« on: August 21, 2013, 09:55:39 PM »
9 fps, but for how long? 1 sec?

6D Sample Images / Re: Anything shot with a 6D
« on: July 31, 2013, 05:32:32 PM »
This one has color and contrast edited:

Highlights Lines by BPlol, on Flickr

This one is 99% as it was shot:

Beauty by BPlol, on Flickr

Both shot as JPG, with the 24-105. Awesome câmera. Awesome focus accuracy.

EOS Bodies / Re: Wrecked my 6D today, what a POS
« on: July 28, 2013, 12:50:52 AM »
Well, not only this site has it stated (http://www.canon.com/camera-museum/tech/report/2012/10/), as someone said, but we get this illustration found in this other site (http://imagesandcameras.com/canon-eos-6d-dslr-camera):

Where did they get this from, I dunno, but I beleive they got it from a Canon press release or something like that.

But the truth is that no camera is safe. Read this: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3371529

EOS Bodies / Re: 70D or 6D
« on: July 16, 2013, 12:28:12 AM »
I was waiting for the 70D for a long time, until I decided to buy the 6D three months ago.

Previously I've used a XTi with EF-S 10-22 and 17-55 f2.8, plus 70-200 f4 L IS, and I really wanted a 7D or 60D replacement (so I could stay with both EF-S lenses), but I must say that I do not regret buying the 6D. As a matter of fact, every time I use high ISO I know that I'm using the best available.

Also, I don't know if I'm luck, but my EF 24-105 f4 L nails focus 99% of the time, even in low light conditions with the outer points (but I don't do sports, so I cannot say about tracking). It's night and day compared with my old XTi - image quality, focus accuracy of all points - it gets the picture I need every time I press the button.

I only miss the 10-22.

Had not experimented, would I buy the 6D today with the 70D available? Probably not, since I would save some money and also would not need to sell my lenses to go FF (I'm buying a condo, everything counts). Having experimented the 6D, would I change it for the 70D today because of its specs? Nope.

I think the only 70D feature I would like to see on the 6D is the new focus on video. That is really cool.

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