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EOS Bodies / Re: 50mp Cameras Coming in March [CR1]
« on: Today at 03:57:22 AM »
Tell me is this and example of moiré?


Thanks Sporgon,  it's a confidence builder getting complements from those that are far beyond my level.  Kind of sad that I ignored photography for so many years when it really is in my blood but now I'm retired ...... what fun.  Sure helps with truly seeing what is in the world and how engaging and challenging it can be.


Wondering how many of his NG published pictures where taken with a phone !

Interesting question.  If a phone was all there was at a given critical moment, a phone picture is infinitely better than no picture so my guess is, more than we'd suspect but I have no clue.

Yes, personal opinions.  And they are good to hear, i.e. my ears prick up, when it's someone who obviously deserves listening to, but like most on this forum I try to carefully digest it but reject what I can't stomach.

Always apply common sense because "the experts" can get it wrong - it's happening every day on our planet and it's good to debate these things.  ;)



Wow, I got a 1Dx.  I can't say exactly why but it matters to me as a shooter, given I don't use any post processing software.  I do use DPP 4 of late but that's it.  Guess that's my shortcoming but since I'm a beginner it's probably OK to focus more on the camera side of things.

I've learned a lot in 2 years on CR - thanks to all contributors!

I'm going to slip a question in here.  My 600 EX eats batteries faster than I'd like and I'm wondering about the external pack that takes 8 AA that's a Canon clone and fairly cheap - OK or a waste??


Thanks Sanj.  It was the first time I tried anything like that and I wondered if it was objectionable for a nice white lily to be altered in that way but then I said why not it's a free country.  I know, I'm too self conscious being new to the world of photography.  :)


Don like so many things it's easy to tell the left from the right but it gets muddy in the middle.  N G is in business and they aren't saints but I appreciate that they are at least trying to keep photos out that have been seriously doctored because they'd self destruct if they didn't.  Guess we've strayed off topic! ;)

Here's a shot that it is not edited, it's illuminated by prism light.  Unnatural for sure but not edited and it's OK by N G standards.


Don, this discussion kind of revolves around N G and their restrictions on editing and some of us objecting to that, but in fairness I don't think they have overly harsh restrictions on how you go about creating your photo.  Personally, when I view N G material I prefer not to see creations that are excessively doctored when viewing N G.  There are lots of other sites that accommodate that.  Regardless, it's interesting to see just what N G is striving for - here's a partial quote, and I think it's pretty reasonable.


Quote from NG site:

Your Shot Photo Guidelines

We allow and encourage all types of photography. We love to see new photography and watch our members experiment with creative styles and techniques. We are device agnostic, happy to see images from full-frame DSLRs, film cameras, smartphones, and others. Our biggest ask is that the photos stay true to your personal vision and to what you saw. Please avoid heavy-handed processing. We want to see the world through your eyes, not through the excessive use of editing tools. If the photograph is manipulated, please describe your process in the caption. Below are some basic photo guidelines.

ETHICS: National Geographic supports ethical photography that accurately represents cultures, ecosystems, and wildlife. We expect that the welfare of people, animals, and their environments take precedence over photography. In other words, don’t harm or manipulate the subject or its environment for the sake of creating an image.

CAPTION: We insist on truth in captioning and expect full disclosure in the story behind the photo. The description should be complete and accurate. Not only does this establish trust and lend greater credibility to your photo, but it also increases the engagement of the viewer.

BURNING AND DODGING: Brightening or darkening specific areas in an image is allowed but should be kept to a minimum and not done to the point where it is obvious. Your goal in using digital darkroom techniques should only be to adjust the dynamic tonal range and color balance of an image so that it more closely resembles what you saw and communicates the mood of the scene.

CROPPING: Cropping is allowed, but composing the image in-camera is always ideal.

BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY: Converting your color photos to black and white is acceptable.

STITCHED PANORAMAS: These are allowed only if the segments were all made within the same time frame. Don't create panoramas with sections made at significantly different times. Do not change focal length while creating a stitched image. Do not stretch the meaning of panorama to include elements that weren't in the scene as you saw it. If your photo is a stitched image, please indicate so in the caption.

COMPOSITE OR HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR): These shots are allowed only if the combined parts are made at the same time. Don't submit final images where the foreground was shot at noon and the sky at sunset. If your photo is an HDR image, please indicate this in the caption.

FILTERS: We allow filters on photographs. We ask that you please include a description of how the style was achieved and which filter or technique was used. Use discretion, however, as overprocessing can often make the photo look cartoonish. 

I get your point Don, and I think it's valid to a great extent but you're being overly broad in the use of the word edit.

"Editing, the process of correcting or revising text, images, or sound"

When you cut your grass you're not editing your lawn - well maybe you are. ;)


Hey martti, too bad I didn't have you to advise me when I was young! ;)

Old retired Jack

martti, seems you are gifted with common sense and a sharp brain/thinking skills and the ability to express yourself in print.  Good job!

I can't paint a picture that would compete with a grade 2 student but I'm a critical thinker who can scheme how to make the technical do what I want and then the camera does the rest.  That's why I never wince when someone says "that camera takes great pictures", I just say "you got that right" and smile.  For the price, I simply love my crippled 6D cause it takes great pictures for me; that's ME personally and that's who needs to be pleased.  However, complements are coming and I am improving and so I guess, as martti says with hard work I can be so so good or at least OK.  Regardless, I'm HAPPY  :) :) :) and thanks to this thread I'll be spending my limited cash more effectively. ;)  Good wakeup for ME.


Yes, NancyP.

But now there is the 400 DO and 2X with F8 camera ....ooooh ;)


Not to worry Sanj, I just gave you a good natured poke back.  ;)  It is too strong a word but all of us need to have thicker skins.  Mine is pretty thick.

I come to CR for the humor - yeah, OK, I have a weird sense of humor. :)


PhotoCat, as sanj stated the 1Dx is a far more capable camera, assuming you're not tired from carrying it all day up the mountainside.  I'm not at all deluded, in fact I have a very capable brain and yes I don't have the BIF capability that others do.  That I presently live with although I do get some.

So, back to our reality - you improvise and if you can, go for a set-up with the common birds that can be attracted in one way or another.  That gets you some super nice shots if you're persistent and patient.  As jrista suggested for me a long time back, you can be creative with props - what they are and how you position them. 

For my chickadee I have sunflower seeds to the right and a limb where they feel confident to the left.  I go fully manual but first see what the camera needs roughly for ISO 1250, 4000th sec. and consider if I can get enough DOF.  It was sunny and I was able to get a slightly underexposed shot at F8.  The off camera flash was set up with HSS and positioned to bounce up off some stainless tin so it filled above and in the front of the bird.  Then some experimenting with manual focus and encouragement given to the models and fire away.  1 hour gave me about 60 shots (could have taken many more but the flash batteries were half dead before I started) with about 10 of them being what most folk would be very proud of.

Now back to this post.  None of us who appreciate the restraint that this blog suggests are extremists.  We all know that good tools are desirable and great ones are better but often not necessary other than satisfying our lust.  I happen to have bought a used 1D2 to see if I'd be happy with the bulk and weight and I'm not.  Maybe a 7D2 or a 5D3, but maybe nothing after being influenced by this article.  I sure love the expensive camera lenses though .....  The 300 2.8 with extenders will never be regretted.


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: January 20, 2015, 01:07:24 AM »
nonac, I've gone fully manual because my 6D has the dreaded 9 pt single cross focus but I doubt if better cameras would be a total solution.  I don't bother trying to get multiple shots since 4 FPS isn't enough. 

As has been stated by various folk you need a convenient landing location and a destination that attracts them as consistently as possible.  With Chickadees, it's good old sunflower seeds at the destination.  Figure out the flight path and pre-focus and then develop good reflexes.  I kept the framing loose and cropped but no one wants too much cropping so it's either tight framing and fewer shots or loose framing and more shots.  Then fire away. 

I was using bounced fill off the camera, above and to the right, HS Synch at 4000th sec. and F8 for more DOF.  With the 6D I really try to stay at ISO 1250 but do OK up to 2000 or maybe 3200.  Maybe I'm too fussy.  No, not maybe, I am.

FWIW, remember that I've only owned a DSLR for under 3 years, so I have lots to learn and I have lots of rejects.


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: January 19, 2015, 11:19:03 PM »
Way to go Larry.


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