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Encountered a herd of 150+ elk in RMNP.  6D / Tamron 150-600

Beautiful shots! That last one too, especially. :)

Thanks.  I wasn't able to get quite as close as you.  I like to expression - seems like its begging a caption.

Yes.  Latest version 1.9.10 working fine for me with a 6D on a Mac Mini with Yosemite (10.10) and Mac Air with Mavericks (10.9).  No crashes so far on this version although I did experience that on some previous FoCal versions over the past few years with previous MacOS versions.

(copied from my response in the AFMA thread)

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: January 27, 2015, 05:38:22 PM »
Looking forward to these announcements and subsequent reviews.

  • M3 is a given unless they really botch it.  That's ahead of my normal 3 year cycle on bodies and computers, but expected given it was new technology.  I'm getting by fine  with the current M so I could wait another year if there is no major improvement.  Wonder if any new lenses will accompany it.
  • The 11-24 looks like a nice bookend to the new 100-400 in a similar price range ($2K+).  I just might pull the trigger if its performance is anything like the new 100-400.
  • Next FF body upgrade was planned for the end of 2015.  Was originally thinking a 1DX, but the new high megapixel bodies might be an interesting alternative.  My daughter will be happy to keep the loan/hand me down 6D.
  • Rebels and Powershots are no longer of interest.  My wife seems to use her iPhone much more than her Powershot these days and won't touch a DSLR.

Lenses / Re: Auto Focus MicroAdjust--Why the Stigma?
« on: January 27, 2015, 04:07:23 PM »
Any Mac users out there who have successfully run Reikan FoCal on a Mac?

I have to say I was fortunate. The longer lenses used on the 60D have been fine.

Yes.  Latest version 1.9.10 working fine for me with a 6D on a Mac Mini with Yosemite and Mac Air with Mavericks.  No crashes so far on this version although I did experience that on some previous versions.

Since you didn't mention it, did you compare exposure settings (aperture/shutter/iso) between the Nikon and Canon images?  That may account for some differences.  If you go back you might vary these to compare f/2.8 vs f/5.6 vs f/8 with your own camera - you might notice image differences with that same camera/lens setup.

EOS Bodies / Re: Big Announcements Coming Next Week [CR3]
« on: January 27, 2015, 12:29:34 PM »
The MOST important factor for Canon to gain ground in mirrorless world is EF adapter to mirrorless. If they can come up with adapter with decent AF speed, better than current ones on the market, I think that will give Sony, Fuji etc... good run.

Enlighten me on why they need an (EF adaptor to mirrorless) "adaptor to mirrorless with decent AF speed"?

In what way does the current EF-EOS M Mount Adaptor affect "AF speed"? And how would you improve it?

Or are you talking about some other adaptor?

I think it's more about the M than the adapter.   

Seem to remember previous discussions on AF speed point to a few contributing factors: sensor, algorithm and the battery voltage.   Higher battery voltage increases AF motor speeds so even with the same focus algorithm and sensor, the 1DX will always focus significantly faster than the others while the 5D/6D might focus slightly faster than the Rebels or M.

1DX - lp-e4n 11.1v 2450mAH
5D/6D/... - lp-e6 7.4v 1800mAH
Rebel - lp-e8 7.2v 1120mAH
M/SL1 - lp-e12 7.2v 875mAH

In my experience the M Live View focusing is faster than Live View on my other bodies (6D/550D), but that may not hold for the newest bodies with DPAF.  Live View/contrast detect may still be no match for phase detect, but on an M that's all you have.  Still, it would be nice to have a faster AF on the M in genral.

Thanks, all!  The '5-in-1' reflectors suggested by neuro and famateur look good.

Chauncey: I actually do pick wildflowers locally and shoot them in my garage.  But I have in mind rare species found at the end of long hikes.  Picking them would make me less popular than those who chill or freeze insects to get nice macro shots.

It could also be illegal.  It is against the law to pick the wildflowers in a national park.  And it wouldn't do much good when I'm above treeline and hours from the trailhead, like a few clumps of purple columbines I encountered along the trail near Chasm Lake in RMNP.  They were clearly marked ($500 fine) since picking them would wipe them out in no time because they are annuals that reseed themselves each year in a harsh alpine environment. 

Sunlight at 11,500' about 4 miles from the tailhead is best handled by a small 5-in-1 kit like the FotoDiox 22" or 32" that easily fit in my backpack.  The columbines spend time full sunlight or shaded by rock outcroppings so a diffuser and reflector can come in handy. 

One other benefit - they can also be used as a windscreen in a pinch.

Encountered a herd of 150+ elk in RMNP.  6D / Tamron 150-600

Bighorn sheep in the Big Thompson Canyon.  6D / Tamron 150-600

Recently noticed the zoom lock switch on the 150-600 can also be activated at 400mm.  Hmmm...

They have their uses.  Canon produces some for the G series where it makes sense since you don't have an interchangeable lens.  My old G6 would take a 0.7x WC-DC58N wide-converter or a 1.75x TC-DC58N tele-converter with an adapter to position them beyond the extended lens.  It would also take a 58mm 250D for closeups/macro use.   There was a noticeable loss of quality in my opinion.  It appears the G16 still supports a tele-converter.

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D HDR problem
« on: January 13, 2015, 11:06:57 AM »
mackguyver: Yeah, you're right - I should have said taking RAW shots after selecting the HDR mode, but noting that the bracketed shots had to be processed into HDR in DPP.

DominoDude: Sorry for the confusion.

dcm: Please confirm that you shoot RAW while in HDR mode, then combine the RAW shots into the HDR version in post-processing.

I always shoot in RAW or RAW+JPG mode. 

My first HDR was done with a T2i.  No builtin camera mode for in camera HDR and the Canon software did not do HDR.  I shot RAW in Av with AEB and processed in Photomatix Pro.  You can also preprocess the images in the Canon software for lens, etc. corrections and save as TIF or JPG before loading into Photomatix Pro.

I use the same approach with the 6D - shoot RAW in Av with AEB and process in Photomatix Pro.  I have tried the HDR Backlight Control in scene mode on the 6D, but it only produces a single merged jpg image and that isn't generally what I am looking for so I don't use it.  Maybe if I played with it more I might find something to like about it.   

There is no RAW support in the HDR Backlight scene mode that I tried.  I don't remember trying the HDR mode in camera menu 4 which appears to be the method you use.  I haven't tried using any HDR features of the Canon software (ImageBrowser or DPP), didn't know there were any but I already have other software for this purpose.

If I find some time I might look at HDR mode in camera menu 4 but I think it will lack the flexibility of post processing if it produces an in camera jpg as documented.  I could only speak to the current version, not any changes that might have been made since the original firmware.

EOS-M / Re: Why do I keep my Eos M?
« on: January 12, 2015, 07:04:33 PM »
Because I use it!  Hiking, fishing, travel, around town, and around the house.  Surprising number of grandkid photos just because it was handy and I definitely prefer it to my phone.  Still prefer it to any P&S I've used.  I view it as a P&S upgrade rather than a DSLR downgrade,  I didn't expect it to do what my 6D or even my previous 550D does.  Picked up the  EF-M 11-22 in March and acquired the EF-M 55-200 in August to replace an EF-S 55-250 STM I had been using. 

About 40% of my 11,000 images this year are from the M (the rest from my 6D).  A third of those with the 11-22, another third with 55-200/55-250, about a sixth with the 22, and the remaining sixth with EF lenses on the adapter - mostly 100L Macro and Tamron 150-600 at 600mm. The kit zoom did not get much use except video.  Most popular focal lengths are 22 (30%), 200/250 (30%), 11 (15%), and 55 (10%).

Love your post, dcm.

Can you share how you organize your photos? How do you know the percentages the way you do? Thanks.

I can add a reason for using the M: IT IS FUN!

I recently switch to LR from Aperture to manage my catalogs.  One catalog for current projects is on an SSD with the images. A 3TB HDD holds my other catalogs and images:  one for my personal library (60K+) of images going back 40+ years (scanning in progress), one for images from my family (scanned/photographed paintings, prints, slides, and negatives) and one for images from my in-laws (scanned/photographed paintings, prints, slides, and negatives, some digital).

Viewed the LR metadata (turn filter on in grid mode, choose metadata at the top) for the counts.  Percentages are approximate, done in my head.

Agree on the fun, once you have taken the time to get familiar with it.

EOS Bodies / Re: 2015 wishlist
« on: January 12, 2015, 06:37:13 PM »
1. More time/opportunities to shoot. 
2. A better M body.   Some decisions (both FF and APS-C) hinge on this.
3. A macro lens for the M might be nice.

Otherwise I have most of what I need/use today. Great whites and TSE are still down the road for me.  I can always upgrade, but I'll wait to see what my daughter needs/borrows (hand me downs) before I upgrade.   I have my eye on a few things like the UWA zoom or the 100-400 II, but no rush.   I can wait for sales/refurbs down the road. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D HDR problem
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:00:43 AM »
DominoDude: I never claimed to produce RAW HDR images in-camera.  Please re-read: I would post-process then combine the images in DPP.

Frankly, I think it was an elegant way to do what AEB does, while limiting the number of shots to three, thus making it simple to process in DPP.

In any case, I am pleased that I can again take three bracketed shots with one shutter activation.  I am less pleased with Canon’s response.

I preordered my 6D.  I have always been able to take bracketed shots with one shutter activation in both AEB and the HDR scene mode.  The HDR scene mode will do it independent of any other settings.  The AEB mode requires you to select the appropriate drive mode separately.  If you select single shot, you will have to trigger the shutter for each frame.  If you select continuous shooting, you need only press the shutter once for the camera to shoot the entire sequence.  It has always operated this way.  Perhaps you didn't make the connection to the drive mode.

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