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I have the exact same rig and while I can't speak for the Scottish gloom he mentions, I can speak for Av.  I use AV quite a bit when shooting sports like baseball.  I set the aperture to 3.5 and let the camera work the timing value.  That aperture at 20' gives a nice sharp pic with great bokeh.  For my own uses, it's great.  Occasionally there is a pause while the body determines a value, but that might happen 1-2times in 1500 shots.  I would love to see Canon push some of the 1D features mentioned above down to the 5D....but I'm not holding my breath. 

Software & Accessories / Re: software for correcting distortion
« on: November 13, 2013, 10:40:43 AM »
DxO Optics pro is great for this.  You can download a trial version and see for yourself.  I also use LR, but I've recently found that DxO performs better. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Get the 1DX or wait for the 7D Mark II?!
« on: November 07, 2013, 10:37:36 AM »
Hi again everybody,

By reading and re-reading all your thoughts and comments, I guess I have a clearer picture in my mind now. The only thing that made me consider the (rumoured) 7D Mark II is the fact that, being it a crop sensor, it might give me more reach, but then I will have to compromise, somehow, on IQ. The 1DX has got it all, so I guess I'll go for it. Also, I think I'll get rid of the 7D, since I rarely use it now (only in bright, sunny days) and, moreover, I don't need 3 cameras.

Good decision!  You'll love the 1Dx.  I've rented it a few times and it's a beast of a camera!  (I mean that in a good way)

EOS Bodies / Re: How can I choose between 1DX and 5D MARK III?
« on: November 07, 2013, 10:34:23 AM »
1. compared with 5D3, is 1DX better or equivalent to on landscape shooting?

2. Lacking of 4 megapixels, is it the big gap between 1DX and 5D3 on landscape shooting?

They are both good.  I'm not so sure that 4ish megapixels will be a significant deal, but the added mp's will not hurt.  If you were to print images from both cameras at 300dpi, the 5D images would be 1.9 inches x 1.3 inches larger.  You can decide whether that is a big deal or not.

If it were me, I'd grab the 5D and put the left-over money towards a bigger zoom for birds.  You'll lose 6 fps, but you can still grab action nicely with the 5D. 

EOS Bodies / Re: How can I choose between 1DX and 5D MARK III?
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:28:47 PM »
I own the 5D Mk III and I love it.  It's not as fast at the 1Dx, but I still use it for action shots and it performs well.  I have rented the 1Dx and it's OUTSTANDING for action at 12 fps, but if you're shooting landscapes, the frame rate isn't nearly as important.  Also, the 5D has 4 more megapixels than the 1Dx. 

If money is no object, then get both.   ;D

Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom or Aperture for friend
« on: November 06, 2013, 12:15:48 PM »
A) It doesn't display in albums like iPhoto or her old Windows did (Windows via pulling the first image in the folder in grid view)

The grid view is an option in the Library module of LR. 

B) "How do you put something on Facebook" - the fact that you have to export something seems to confuse her. I think if I setup the Facebook Publishing that'd help, but for other things she might still be confused that she has to export. I'll give this one to Apple, they do have a well integrated entity passing framework that makes it pretty straightforward to have one application push/pull types of files to another

There is an option to export to Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug, as well as many others.  Some are native to LR and others require a plugin.

C) She feels very intimidated by it as it's "meant for professional photographers"

I understand that and I agree with Neuro's comments earlier that it can be clunky.  The UI can be intimidating at first.  I took the "tour" that Adobe opens up once you install it and that helped me quite a bit.  From there, it's about exploring the various modules and using trial and error to see what effects they might have. 

From what I'm reading, if she's a Mac user, Aperture is probably a better fit.  She can't go wrong with either one, it comes down to what she's comfortable with. 

Also, I've played with DxO and it's fine.  They claim that since they grade all the camera's and lenses that their corrections are the best in the industry.  I'm not sure I agree with that statement, but that's what they say.  I found that it lacked some of the editing tools that LR and Aperture had.  For example, there isn't any spot healing or brushes to change exposure in a certain area.  You can adjust the entire image with DxO, but the adjustments are not as granular as they with LR and Aperture.

Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom or Aperture for friend
« on: November 05, 2013, 05:19:46 PM »
I wanted to add some additional insight to this thread.  I've used LR since v1, and I really like it.  They are adding more and more tools that were originally only available in PS.  The layout is intuitive and easy to navigate and the results are fantastic.   I've also used DPP from Canon and it's fine, but I prefer LR.   I have touched Aperture a couple of times, but found myself going back to LR.....admittedly because I am more familiar with LR. 

You will be fine with either platform, but my preference is LR. 

Lenses / Re: Next step? New lens?
« on: October 06, 2013, 12:59:33 PM »
Sounds like you have received a good bit of advice.  I agree with Neuro and Mt Spokane about glass vs body.   A good place to check out Image Quality is  In his tools section, you can select a lens and a body and look at which is the best IQ for your budget. 

I know you weren't interested in some of the pro zooms, but I use the 70-200 2.8 II a LOT and the results are amazing.  I have the 24-70 2.8 II as well, but the 70-200 produces amazing "prime-like" results.  Add in the flexibility of zoom and it's my go to lens.   

Have fun with whatever you choose to buy. 

I have both the 24-70 II and the 70-200 II.  I love both lenses, but I reach for the 70-200 II almost every time.  The results are phenomenal.  I am eyeing the 85 for a future purchase, but I don't own one so that should be taken into account. 

Whatever you choose, I'm sure you'll be happy with the results.  I don't see much downside with any of them.

Lenses / Re: Euro Trip Lens selection.
« on: June 05, 2013, 03:04:48 PM »
I agree with the posts above, but I would like to add a different selection.

24-70 2.8 v2 and the 70-200 2.8 v2

They will give you a great range and stellar IQ. 

Nothing wrong with the other lenses mentioned, but those are my suggestions.

Enjoy the trip!

Here's some footage I edited together from last weekend in Central Oregon:

All but the last three shots are with the Magic Lantern's a bit tedious in post but WORTH IT!

Awesome video! The climbing portion was quite enjoyable, even if some of it wasn't in RAW.  I wasn't paying close attention and I will go back and watch again, but did you notice a significant difference between the ML video footage and the non-ML footage?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon 5D Mk3 Reliability
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:25:31 AM »
Seriously thinking of selling my 5D Mk2 now that I can get a Mk3 for around £1800.

The 1DX just isn't realistic for me given the price and the Mk3 has advantages for what i shoot. The question isn't whether I want one regarding its features. I think it would be a great upgrade now.

Anyhoo, I'm seeing issues regarding reliability popping up on this and other forums regarding issues with it.

I'm concerned that I'll be going from the 5D Mk2, which is pretty much bullet-proof at this point due to how long they've been making them, to something that might let me down due to teething problems which seem to persist over a year since it was released.

Your thoughts, please?
Where are you seeing a 5DIII for £1800? The cheapest i've seen one for is £1929 inc Vat.

I was the first person in Wiltshire to have a 5D, 5DII and 5DIII...My cams are on a three year cycle and one of them always falls on the availability date for the 5D. Weird but true and very expensive....I end up paying through the nose for my "first of the new model".
I've run with my first 5DIII for over a year now and I've covered a lot of different events, weddings, wildlife, wild sea birds, landscapes. It's been in howling rain and wind, sandy beaches in winter (which nearly ruined my Gitzo tripod in one day), rainy weddings, thunder storms...and it hasn't missed a beat.
It's taken a few knocks and still looks kinda fresh. Although compared to my newer 5DIII, it's easy to see which one has had a harder life! The 5DIII is a far better built and more rugged camera than the 5D or 5DII ever was. Sure, there's always the odd manfacturing mistake, the odd rouge camera. But my copies have been consitently good and I would wager that the current 5DIII is nearly a rugged as a 1D series. It's not that far off.
When comparing a pair of 5DIII's to a single 1DX, it's hard to justify the additional expense of the 1DX. The 5DIII does so much so well....and it had that fab silent shutter mode. 6.5 fps is certainly fast enough for most uses, but if you need 12fps....then a 1DX is the only option.
The new AF array takes a while to get used to and to personalise. Please don't buy this on a friday and expect to be proficient in battle the next's got an entirely new menu system and 80% of this camera is new and improved. I had a 7D for a few years, so that helped a lot. But it was still quite a learning curve.

It's easily the best DSLR i've used professionally. By that, I mean that if you don't need the 12fps of the 1Dx, then the 5DIII is a better choice in nearly every area and it's a bit more versatile due to it's size and stealth.


I purchased mine shortly after it was released.  Fantastic camera that has performed spectacularly! 

Lenses / Re: Who do you recommend for Lens Rental?
« on: May 19, 2013, 07:30:09 PM »
I've used several times for both lenses and bodies. Speedy deliveries, quality gear,  ease of return, lots of reasons to check them out and rent something fun for a short period of time.  The last thing I rented was the 1Dx and I had a blast with it!!!

You are unlikely to get a better value for money lens than the 70-200 f/4 (non-IS). It was my first L lens and since then I've purchased only Ls ... It's addictive.


I have the 70-200 2.8IS and I have borrowed the F4 version for comparison.  The L series glass is great and I highly suggest it.  If you need the additional reach, you could pick up the 1.4 Teleconverter when you have the budget and get out to 280 @ f5 which is pretty close to 300 f5.6.

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: No 30fps in the video menu in my 5d3
« on: March 20, 2013, 07:52:21 AM »
It's tricky, but its there.  You have to first turn the 'Live View Shooting' function switch from still photos to video.  The live view should turn on. From there you press the 'Q' button and then lots of options will pop up. 

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