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I've purchased new items from Canon USA in the past, and have generally been satisfied with their fulfillment processes.

I just bought my first refurbished lens from them last week (January 22nd), however, and the status has been "Order received and ready for processing" ever since.

I have an order number, so -- even though my credit card hasn't been charged yet -- I presume that I actually have an order in place for this lens (which now is shown as "out of stock" in their web store).

Does anyone care to share his experience with or knowledge about this process? Doesn't Canon prep the refurb product for sale and shipping before listing it in their inventory? Any reason why fulfillment of an in-stock refurb product should take any longer than a new one?

Lenses / Canon hood options for the EF 35mm f/2 IS USM
« on: April 30, 2014, 05:10:18 PM »
I'm interested in picking up this lens during the current instant rebate period. (Unless I can catch one for sale on the Canon Refurb site.) Either way, my question still applies.

I looked at the lens at the Canon Online Store, where they recommend the EW-65 II hood.

On the B&H and Adorama sites, they list the EW-72, instead.

The '72 looks deeper (offset by its petal shape), but it's more than double the price, at $54 compared to $25 for the '65 (currently on sale, down from $29).

Can anyone with hands-on experience with either or both of these hoods weigh in?

Which do you use, and why?

If you've used both, which do you prefer?

Are these hoods of the bayonet-mount style, or do they have the spring-loaded "click on" mechanism, like the ET-65 III hood used with the 85/1.8, 100/2.0, etc. I've read one review stating that the '72 has a "locking button," but no specifics beyond that.

The price difference is only about 5% of the total purchase (lens + hood), but there's no point in throwing away $30 on a more expensive hood with no appreciable advantages. Thanks in advance for any input.

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