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My wife & I  returned in December 2013 from another of our annual solo photographic safaris around Southern Africa. This trip of over 4 months & 20,000Km in our Landcruiser 76 station wagon with roof top tent took us to Kruger, Hwange, Chobe, Bambwata, Etosha & Kgalagadi National Parks. We have over the last weeks been editing & selecting photos for competitions & addition to the portfolio on our website. As January 2014 flashes by the first 50 photographs (Kruger & Hwange) have now been posted in the gallery "2013 photographic safari" in our portfolio in

I will over the weeks wade thru the many picture & post the ones I think are interesting. Constructive criticism will as always be most welcome

I would appreciate advice. I need new batteries for my 2 IDIVs.
Original LP E4s are difficult to find.

I cannot find any good reviews on the cheaper subsitutes. There are many makes  the prices vary a great deal. "Jupio" is available in the Netherlands & is the most expensive but I dont know of any references that they are better.

I understand the new  LP E4N can be charged on by IDIV charger but will only reach 90% capacity. I acan ccept that because a new charger is very expensive for me. But what worries me are the comments that charging the LP E4N on the LC E4 charger is unsafe. Does anyone have experience with this.

Comments on my quandry about buying a generic LP E4 or rather the LP E4N to charge on my LC E4 charger will be appreciated.

Animal Kingdom / Wild dogs at impala kill at savuti in Botswana
« on: February 18, 2013, 10:12:44 AM »
We left camp in the twilight to travel along the west bank of the flowing Savuti river to Motsipi island in Savuti National Park. As we turned a bend we found the wild dogs devouring an impala kill. every now and then they would stop & scan their surroundings.


Animal Kingdom / images from our Aug -Nov 2012 photosafari
« on: January 17, 2013, 07:17:03 PM »
My wife & I are currently editing the photos we took in Kgalagadi, Etosha. Caprivi, Chobe & savuti. here is a picture of lions taken in the very early morning at Chudop Waterhole in Etosha & amartial eagle with its guinea fowl kill

There are many more on our website. Please have a peep.

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