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Please can you check your camera, in AV Mode and Evaluative Metering, do not move, and switch the lens to manual and back again to Auto AF and please look at your metering value does it change?

It doesn't seem to change with a different lens :o

But does with the 24mm

Thanks for your time,


Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / AA Battery Charger and Batteries
« on: November 07, 2012, 09:38:38 AM »
Hello All,

I'm hoping you can help me make the right choice, I have been spending so much money on Batteries for jobs in the past, I just have so many old batteries laying around with half power in them, I use Double AA batteries for my 430 EXII speedlite, so I decided I need rechargeable batteries with a charger, but i know nothing about what kind are the best for the job, I need Long Lasting and good recycling times,  can any of you help me with a few choices of Charger and Batteries?

Thanks so much in advance


EOS Bodies / 5D3 and a 430EXII
« on: October 12, 2012, 10:08:09 AM »
Hello All,

Im hoping you can help, I had to shoot a conference for a very big client last week, and my set up was a 5D3 with my only flash a 430EXII my lens was a 24mm or a 70-200, anyway to my complete surprise the camera had a terrible time focusing, even with the assist beam firing, it would take on occasion more then 2-3 seconds to lock focus and then that meant sometimes it was too late, it was almost like having a different camera in my hand, the lighting was quite dull, as you can imagine a dim lit Hotel Lobby, but no way I thought would be a problem, I do not at all remember my 5D2 being as bad with the same flash,

I think I have read somewhere that the assist beam on these old flashes don't work so well with the new AF points on the 5D3 etc, I use middle point,

does anyone know about this, and had the same problem, the camera is a dream when left alone with decent light, but terrible when attached to a 430EXII,

sorry if there are other threads about this I may have missed,



Technical Support / Auto Bracket Cancel, enabled or disabled
« on: September 20, 2012, 06:54:44 AM »
Hello does anyone know what Auto Bracketing Cancel, enabled or disabled actually does, thanks for you help in advance,

I have a 5D3



EOS Bodies / 5D3 Bracketing
« on: September 19, 2012, 01:59:47 PM »
Hello Guys,

I was doing an interior shoot today and was Bracketing 3 shots so i could merge them later, But what I did realize that the camera did not cancel the bracket series after I took the 3 shots, it kept on going? am I doing something wrong? camera was set to 1 Shot, is this normal? I remember on the 5D2 that after you took a 3 shot bracket you had to re do your bracket setup and this is what I liked, as you know when your finished,

I'm not sure I have the correct functions set, I tried with both auto Bracketing Cancel enabled and disabled, it did nothing?

any help pls

also it makes no sense that the camera can take continuous 3 burst bracket once set to a 10 sec timer count down, but will not do that with the mirror lock up enabled, BUT WILL, if you select HDR mode! ugh! and have mirror lock up enabled!!!!!


I saw this and thought of you all who like your Birds, how interesting!

EOS Bodies / Canon to announce medium format dslr?
« on: August 05, 2012, 08:34:15 PM »

"There are some interesting murmurings in the world of camera rumors. Photokina is just around the corner, and if the rumors are to be believed, we’ll be seeing some pretty earth-shattering unveilings at the German trade show.

CanonWatch recently received information about an upcoming medium format DSLR by Canon, to be announced at Photokina.

The camera will reportedly offer an EF mount, but may not be compatible with the entire lineup of EF lenses:

[...] newer EF lenses will be supported and (older) lenses with popular focal lengths that actually are suited for full frame sensors will see new editions for the medium format camera (possibly in Spring 2013). Since an EF mount accepts all EF lenses, the only way I can figure out you can block certain EF lenses from being used is through electronic sensing (my speculation). It is not known if the medium format DSLR will have a mechanical interlock for EF-S lenses (though I think this is more than plausible).

It would certainly be an interesting move by Canon. Just months after announcing a cinema DSLR to compete against the likes of RED, Canon would be diving headfirst into a market occupied by the likes of Pentax and Hasselblad.

On a slightly less earth-shattering note, SonyAlphaRumors is reporting with certainty that Sony has a NEX-6 camera prepped and ready for launch.

The camera would be a smaller counterpart to the enormously popular NEX-7 — a top-seller amongst mirrorless cameras. They write,

[...] this will be a sort of “mini-NEX-7″. It has an integrated viewfinder like the NEX-7 but with a tiny bit lower EVF resolution. The camera will be cheaper than the NEX-7 and price right in the middle between the NEX-5F (also coming in September) and the current NEX-7.

Get ready: we might be in for a boatload of exciting announcements come next month.

Looks like we have allot to look forward too,

anyone see this coming?

EOS Bodies / Now a 5D3 owner after all !
« on: August 04, 2012, 05:58:40 PM »
Thanks to everyone who posted about upgrading to a 1DS 3 from my 5D2, I had to exchange it as I had a shutter button Problem, Now I have a brand new 5D3 and I have to say, its a bloody fine camera, literally everything you will ever need, I will miss the 1D body, but that's for another time, thanks again, I can now enjoy all the 5D3 posts,

here is a pic from today's street photography class for you, my first picture with the camera,

thanks all x


EOS Bodies / 1DS 3 losing focus during One Shot lock
« on: August 01, 2012, 11:44:47 AM »
Hello All,
and sorry to bother you all with such old problems now you are enjoying all your new latest models :) I have a question, I recently bought a 1DS 3 that I am extremely happy about, apart from a small problem, I noticed that when I am using the centre point AF, and one One Shot, the camera will sometimes, lose the lock of focus even though I am holding the trigger down, so I would focas on something, then recompose and the camera would then focas on the middle of where I have just composed too, even though my trigger had remained the same, this does not happen all the time, its like the camera was telling me that it wasnt happy with where it was focussed and then redid it, but by the time that happened I had moved, I rand Canon repair and they said, are you sure your not in AI Servo and I am sure, they said its £150 to get a full service,
Have any of you ever heard of this problem do you think there is some setting I have that is doing  this?
Thanks for your help, once I get this sorted I will be extremely happy


EOS Bodies / Sell 5D2 for a 1Ds 3
« on: July 16, 2012, 06:24:36 PM »
Hello All,

I need some help, would you even consider selling your 5D2 for £1,000 ( I have a buyer, comes completer with original canon grip , I've had it a while with a 67K shutter count,

for a

Used 1Ds 3 looks very good condition, I don't know how well used yet, (comes without a battery charger and I have checked the price of these!! whoooa, seen ebay have 3rd party ones cheap, any experience on these?

anyway the 1Ds 3 is £1,700

i would have to add 700 basically for better AF and build, would it be worth it, as I can sell my 5D2 for 1k?

thank in advance, I am so stuck and want to upgrade, I don't care to lose video at all, and I'm not interested in the 5D3 due to insane pricing,

what do I do?


EOS Bodies / 3D or 2D really possible?
« on: July 10, 2012, 08:31:10 AM »
Hi All,

Just a little discussion  on the possibility of a Canon 3D or 2D camera, do you really believe such a camera can be made, I'm thinking anything that could be higher than a 5D3 and below a 1DX could kill the market for a 1DX, I think Canon know this could be a deal breaker for anyone who would want to upgrade to a 1D style body, The only reason I am posting this is because I really hope there could be a possibility of such a camera range,  I'm going to guess the next High Mega Pixel camera from Canon is going to be in the form of a 1D style body and just as expensive as the 1DX so no harm is done to their flag ship camera, this will leave me in a slight problem to upgrade, I'm dying to upgrade, but not as far as £4,500 ( I live in the UK )

If a high mega Pixel camera came out with no video Id even be happy, in the form of a 3D or 2D, but whats our guessing on what position this new camera will stand?

Cheers all, just a thought


Lenses / Trouble with my Canon 24.1.4 ii lens at 1.4
« on: May 02, 2012, 11:33:02 AM »
Hello guys, I dont normally post here, but knowing you are all experts makes me want too,

Ive been having a problem with my new lens, I didn't think I had this problem so bad until recently, now it's maybe my own paranoia, or I do have a problem, i'm not sure what to think really, I own a 5D Mark2 and my lens a Canon 24 1.4 II L Lens, I'm finding at 1.4 I have to take 5 or 6 images to achieve focus that in the hope 1 will have achieved good focus, I understand 1.4 is so shallow its going to be tough anyway and on a poor AF camera as the 5D2 i'm going to have problems, but I think this is just 2 soft, and allot of the time, the camera misses completely, I just don't get it, after spending so much money, i'm getting a but sick of Canon, and I maybe to blame, Now I use a center spot focus and lock and recompose, and this may be a problem, or not, I do think the camera used to lock focus better, is it possible a camera over time, lose focus, I have tried front and back focus tests on a tape measure, and the focus seems fine, I know I should stop down the lens slightly, but I don't see why I can get a semi sharp image at the right distance on 1.4, for that money I think you should be able too, last week, I took a picture of a friend at the side of his hair just on a grey bit above his ear, and it missed so much and I achieved focus on his forehead, I did more tests and the camera could not focus on hair, even though it was a good contrast for the camera, so I though maybe there's certain things canon sensors have trouble with, so today, I went for a walk with mum, to a forest to see the bluebells, it was a bad day, and nothing great to photograph, so I took some pretty crappy shots of a bluebell and noticed a ladybird on it, so i though ok this could be nice, anyway, this ladybird was moving very slowly and I have 1/1250 shutter, the first 2 where so bad, I could hardly believe my eyes, you can see the images here,!i=1825217841&k=WqLhrhB

you can hit a large size to see close enough,

what are your thoughts, you can see 2 pictures out of the 4 that are slightly okish, and 2 so badly off,

please visit my website, to understand this isn't user error , or in fact it maybe I have no idea

what do you guys think,

for nearly 3500 pounds worth of kit, should I be getting results like this, Im so deeply unhappy, do i send my camera lens to canon to have a look, i'm not sure, or is this what u get for your money, I believe I would get a better result with a much cheaper micro 4/3rds camera,?

thanks for your time to any one who replies

Kindest regards


PS sorry for the typos im terrible at spelling 

EOS Bodies / Canon 5DIII anti aliasing filter
« on: March 13, 2012, 10:56:34 AM »
Hi all, I have heard and only read once, forgot where that the new Canon 5DIII has a thinner anti aliasing filter than the Mark2, have you heard this also? if so can you provide a link? any thoughts on this thanks,

seems to be very little said about the subject,


Lighting / Trigger Card Alternatives,
« on: February 20, 2012, 08:09:47 AM »
Hello all,

My first ever post, Im hoping someone can help me, I recently bought a Sekonic L- 358 Light meter and RT - 33N Module card to be able to trigger my Bowen's 500R Head, Stupidly I didn't buy a receiver  for the flash head, so now I need a card, and maybe 2 for both flash heads, so I can take light readings with ease, the problem is these cards, are 75- 100 Pounds each! after how much I have already blown on equipment its killing me to buy these also, do you know any other way of my Flash meter triggering my lights, or any 3RD party cards from Hong Kong, I have done a Google and nothing! sigh,

any help with me really appreciated!!!


 :o   ;D

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