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Hello everybody have some questions for you they are out from a pretest to examination for the master's certificate

What doe´s not exist  in DSLR´s

a.) Chromatic Aberation

b.) Diffraction

c.) parallax error 
i choosed c because i´ve heard from the other twos also

How get a picture a blueish cast?

a.)in Shadow

b.)in lightbulb

 third i don´t know, i choosed the second because i think i´ve heard the wolfram in lightbulb makes light blueish

If you shot a white golfball on a White Background who will the meassuring be?


b.)under exposed

c.) over exposed?
i for my mistake took over exposed, after correction firstly choosed under exposed


What is the exactest meassuring

a.) Objectmeassuring

b.) Lightmeassuring

c.) Ttl meassuring 
i choosed objectmeassuring but actually never heard one of them so

More will come if i remember the other questions

so if any one can answer me this question i will be thankfull.

With friendly regards

Sports / Masters of Dirt (Vienna)
« on: February 26, 2013, 08:01:55 PM »
Hey guys on Sunday we were at Masters of dirt in Vienna Have shot some Pictures with my 7D and a Sigma 70-200 2,8, event was very good, expect the beginning when i recognise my flash batteries weren´t loaded, so I´ve to shoot with high ISO

now what do you think of the pictures for me the IQ looks great ISO was between 1200-2000
Not PP only Imported via LR4 and exported to with around 1600*1280

Third Party Manufacturers / 1 Billion Pictures per Second
« on: January 21, 2013, 10:27:58 AM »

do you know this already, I found it very interesting,

I´m not a very logical thinking type of person, and I can´t explain if a  Camera can record 12fps, only in full light or also in a disco. As far as I know the fps needs the shutterspeed therefore it can only work in full light, so but whats in a hall when you take pictures from a prom (Maturaball in german) the shutterspeed automatically turns longer, but than you can´t record 12 Images per second.

I question this because I had an EOS 400D which made 3fps and with that i recorded some Neonlights in a disco which ran around the dancefloor, because i loved how it run threw there and liked to make a Gif Animation, now 3fps isn´t much and the shutterspeed don´t must be as high as by 7fps I haven´t tried it yet with a 7D in that disco, but for my opinion the pictures must be darker than with 3fps and so also the 1DX have to have a slower shutterspeed in disco by 12fps when i won´t change the iso.

So I´ve searched for an answer how long the minimum shutterspeed for 12fps is, typed in google and the first link what hit my ey was the link above. Sorry it is in german, but Video is English

Hope you know what I mean and don´t tease me if i´m wrong

Sorry for my bad english also that link is in german, and I hope I don´t make a mistake when posting this in that section or posting it by the way

With friendly regards


EOS Bodies / 7D full frame
« on: May 24, 2012, 04:15:34 PM »
Hy folks,

about 6 hours ago i´ve got a newsletter in my android app news+weather where i´ve a Canon only Theme, there was a link to a site where they told that maybe the follower of the 7D will/is a full frame, for the proamateurs; If this will resolve as true I´m very dissapointed;

In this link they said that it maybe not so conditioned like 5d;

Maybe in Weather sealing or in Video Segment or Autofocus;

As I said it was a link from a German Site; but unfortunatelly the link went away after acuatlising news+weather app as soon as I Found i will post it here

Site Information / Don´t check it
« on: April 09, 2012, 04:08:07 PM »
Hy everyone,

I know it´s a stupid Question,

just look at the top of the forum and see that´s its actually April 10th in the US.

So but how does it come?

Arent you behind GMT? I know I´m +1 in Front (Austria, Vienna) but this means you have to be behind or?

With friendly regards


Lenses / Be Carefull what you buy a true story
« on: March 30, 2012, 08:02:39 AM »
At first I´m from Austria so sorry for bad english and blah blah;

and second: hope it fits here

Well, monday one week ago, i surfed through ebay and other sites like this, and thought: "Why have all lens(es) be so expensive??" Don´t get this out of my mind, every one is talking that photographers job isn´t a future any longer, so there must be some photographer that have to close there salery, and also then there have to be a Internetsite,  where this bankrot photographer or his lawyer would sell out everything just to get out of debt.

So i searched pretty much and than I found some very interesting Lens CANON EF 600 4 L IS USM the fist edition, prescribed pretty well, no smoking area, some scratches on the aloy exactly 3 (with pictures); and because this Person lost some Eye light, he have to sell it and offers it for €2000; all this in German written here is the link: but i haven´t it seen there I´ve seen it on a serious Trading homepage from Austria called; so here´s the link:

I just thought man some scratches ok, a bit older 4years ok, about 200 photos ok, I think I should by these; and if all goes good maybe i can sell it;

So I contacted him in German, and he respond in German but asks me if we could talk in english, where I´m think I´m not bad, so blah blah and a little bit after I send him the money;

Long Story short: Point one: Last Sunday was the last time I heard of him,
                          Point two: Nothing is this, what it seems to be, especially when you think you make a good deal, checkt it twice and double and don´t search only for the Main Object I found a view more links only because i searched his sentence with his eye light;

Point3:  I know I was very very naive, and the next time I ask here first what they think; the link above I found tonight I haven´t slept since yesterday 6am but this isn´t the only Site i found, and he also offers apartments, which doesn´t really exist,

He has a dozen Name but I know him as

With friendly Regards and be carefull what you by and by whom;

Colin McRae

P.S.: "Can I post his adress and bank account here?"

P.P.S.: I attached some pictures that you´ve been warned

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Better High ISO
« on: March 15, 2012, 05:04:56 PM »
Hy have a simple Question, i didn´t test it yet, but will the IQ and maybe the DR raise if you choose less MP on a 7D (cause i own one) or any other Model??

With Friendly Regards


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