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EOS Bodies / In defence of the 100D
« on: December 15, 2013, 04:50:21 PM »
So, my mother - a technophobe with a brilliant eye for a photo and G series addict - insisted against everyone's better judgement that she needed a DSLR. Despite our fears she would never read the manual and unlock all the joys of things like shallow DoF and RAW she bought a 100D, which I had the pleasure of trying out over a recent visit.

And you know when you pick up a product and suddenly realise its a class act.


Despite all expectations, I was so impressed. The smaller size somehow gives the lighter consumer grade body a better feel - like the size and weight now match. The grippy soft touch rubber coating adds to the surprisingly premium feel.

But still. Unlike a real camera its not got enough dials. And then you use the utterly brilliant touchscreen to interact with the Q menus and realise that maybe you weren't so sure about consumer bodies being utterly crippled.

And then I put my 40mm pancake on it. And couldn't stop smiling. It's so cute. Yet so right.

So, overall, I'd not be trading my 5dii for one, but still. This was a camera many on this forum roundly panned when the specs were launched, and I think its worth a few positive shout outs. If I were going to use a smaller crop body, I think this would be a great option, and its so beautifully done that it made me more excited to be a Canon user.

The biggest flaw was making me wonder if I wouldn't rather wait longer to swap my mkii. Maybe a mkiv with a few more of the consumer refinements would be a nice thing to have instead.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Gateway drug: 600 RT + ST E3
« on: November 04, 2013, 11:35:45 AM »
OK. So my new secondhand ST-E3 turned up in the post and I just tried it out with the 600 RT. It just works. Ridiculously simple to use and at less than £200 (used) seems a steal.

But I think I've realised why we've not yet seen a 430 exii replacement. When you try the new radio set up you just want to buy more RT enabled flashes for the sheer simplicity and the price seems far less of an obstacle compared to the convenience. I'm seriously considering selling on my two 430s and just buying two more 600s now.

I think Canon's marketing guys have this sussed. Once you've had a taste of the RT system you're hooked.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 6D body ergonomics versus 5D
« on: September 12, 2013, 11:59:43 AM »

I have a 5Dii and use it for shooting conferences and events. I do need to get a second body as an insurance - and to let me use a couple of primes in fast moving situations - and was considering the 6D.

I had a look at one in store and was very impressed by its solidity and quality feel. However, I tried it with my 135L straight off the 5Dii and after taking test shots for a few minutes noticed the smaller body, which I thought would be appealing, meant my little finger felt a bit cramped at the base.

This was after a few minutes which I found a bit unexpected. Thinking back I don't know if it was because I was holding the thing awkwardly while trying to use the pad (alas no joystick). Anyone else try a 5 series body and 6 and care to comment based on longer term usage?

Naturally a grip would circumvent the issue, I guess.

Overall though the 6D does seem exceptional value so awfully tempting (although a WiFi 5D mk IV would be ideal if that lottery win comes through...)

Thanks all!


Lenses / Anyone tried using digital crop 10-20 sigmas with FF?
« on: April 25, 2012, 06:46:12 AM »
Hi all,

I've done some reading and found that my trusty Sigma 10-20 4-5.6 DC HSM is an EF mount that can work safely on my new FF body (i.e. not like an EFS where the mirror will clang the back element).

It vignettes massively, but creates fun square cropped fisheye style images that seem to be nice economical way to do get that fisheye effect without forking out on a dedicated lens that I'll only use once in a blue moon.

Interested if anyone else is making use of this particular bodge? Or doing similar experiments? Any examples?


EOS Bodies / 5Dii and better glass or 5Diii?
« on: March 08, 2012, 08:02:51 AM »
OK - so the mk iii is exactly what I wanted but like many others I'm struck by the price. I think that Canon is in business to make money so if that's what they know the market will take then fair enough on the slight uplift in price.

However - I've been waiting to upgrade from a crop (40D), flirted with the idea of the 7D, held off due to talk of upgrades and then did so much event (conference) stuff in the interim that I realised my next camera needed to be a low light performer/high ISO. Hence FF is the way to go.

And then I realise that if I save for the mkiii and a new fast standard lens (I have a Tamron 17-50 2.8 that I don't think is FF compatible) I'll be saving the rest of the year. I could right now go out and buy a mk 2 and 24-105 and a few primes (for the low light) or a new 24-70 to try and cover it all.

I'm not a pixel peeper and want to consider real world performance (i.e. where clients don't really care on stellar IQ when they're uploading images to websites and brochures).

Are any 5Dmkii users out there doing conference work that find they're so frustrated by that model that given my choice now they'd go mkiii?

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