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Lenses / 300 2.8 non-IS VS either of the IS versions...
« on: September 22, 2014, 07:25:26 AM »
First things first... I am not a pixel peeper. At all, if I can't see a "defect" at normal viewing sizes (corner softness, chroma, etc..) then it doesn't exist as far as I'm concerned.

I've never shot with the non IS, but I have rented a IS v2... Which was phenomenal. I mean stunning. I also used it with a 2x v3 converter, and even that was spectacular.

I'm also big on IS to eliminate any shaking, mostly during panning or action shots. I often use slower shutter speeds (1/60 give or take) usually to achieve motion blur behind the subject. Yes, I'm quite aware that IS doesn't stop the subject, etc....

Now onto it.. Will I easily notice a difference if I were to start regularly using a non IS versus buying one of the IS versions?

I have a chance to get a very clean 9.5/10 300 2.8 local to me for a reasonable price.

Let me hear it folks!

Canon General / Canon service center
« on: June 07, 2013, 09:13:31 PM »
So, a little story...

I live/work in Japan, but am an American citizen only. I have a job that grants me SOFA status, which basically means though I am a civilian, I work on a military base here and am granted the same privileges as an Active Duty military member.

That status granted me the ability to purchase a brand new 5D3 last summer at the base exchange, as opposed to having to buy one out on the town for a much higher price (sidenote, most Japanese electronics are cheaper in the states than Japan).

I flew to America a few weeks ago, and on my return flight, I decided to check my camera bag as opposed to carrying, so I would have a lighter load at the three airports I must always traverse. Mistake. When I arrived home, and began unpacking everything, I noticed that the multidirectional button/pad seal was torn.. no biggie... Except then when I tried using the button, it was stuck to one side, would not operate, etc...

I tried messing with it, tried getting it to work, and actually ended up breaking it off. Now my 5D3 is pretty much useless to me without that function. I emailed Canon, explained the situation of the camera, my situation, they said send it in, so I did.

Got the email today that the camera is being fixed under warranty, no charge. I didn't know their warranty covered things (airline transport) that most companies would just laugh at. I was expecting a couple hundred dollar repair, instead it cost me the 45 dollars or so to USPS priority mail the camera to their California service center.

In short, Canon just earned my continued business, despite me being a long time canon fan (Canon G2-PS800-PS1000-SX10-Rebel T1i-5D2-and now onto my 5D3, S95, and EOS-M. I don't really use the S95 anymore with the M in the stable)

Just wanted to share. Comment if you feel like

Software & Accessories / Variable ND question
« on: August 18, 2012, 09:17:41 PM »
Ok, so I'm looking to buy a Variable ND. I've rented the SinghRay from lensrentals a few times (4 or so) and have loved it. I'm not a pixel peeper by any means, so to me, it doesn't seem to affect my images in any negative way.

Now, I've "heard" that the Heliopan is better. Is it noticeably better? Since I'll be buying the 77mm version of either, that's a 100 dollar difference.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Picture playback on 5D3
« on: August 13, 2012, 08:31:29 AM »
So, I've read the manual, done some internet searching, and apparently I'm missing something.

I have my 5D3 setup to put RAW on the CF card and JPEG on the SD. I understand that if I take out the CF card, and reinsert it, playback automatically switches to card 2 (SD card). I know that it's a nuisance problem and understand how to defeat that...

Problem I have is according to the manual supplied with the camera, (in bold, on page 277) "Erasing a RAW+JPEG image will erase both the RAW and JPEG images."

My camera is not doing this. Help me figure this out please.

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