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Videography Technique / Indoor Timelapse for rebuilding work
« on: February 06, 2015, 09:40:04 AM »
I need some advice on how to best approach this.

We will be gutting an office floor and rebuilding it soon. And I wanted to make a timelapse video of all the work involved.

The cool thing is, its indoors, and well lit. So I dont need any special weatherproof gear or auto lighting shizzle (maybe I'll enable auto iso and deflicker in post.)

But my main question is. As I wont be able to use my 5d and lenses for is due to overlapping assignments. I need to get new gear to do this. But what will be the best solution?

I'm open to suggestions from webcam/raspberry pi combo to gopro to dslr with custom firmware. As long as I can leave it running for days.

The end product only has to be 720p because it will mainly be shared on the web.

Let me know what you suggest.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Card images failed transfer error on 5d3
« on: November 15, 2014, 07:40:02 AM »
I have a recurring problem in my workflow where i transfer images from cf to sd in camera, but the camera gives an error about card transfer history.

This seems to happen after i format both cards in camera, and after a while it goes away and i can again transfer images in camera.

The trouble is that when i am on location with my ipad, i have no way of reviewing the images on a larger screen. The ipad only takes sd, and i only shoot to cf.

Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

Lenses / Another standard zoom advice topic
« on: August 28, 2014, 05:28:46 AM »
So, ever since I got the 50mm and 85mm prime, I tend not to use my 24-70/2.8 because of its weight. I would love to take it along for the versatility of zooming. But together with the 5d3, its really cumbersome to haul it around.

So I've been looking at all the standard zoom options available today.

I think I have decided on two things. (Not sure yet)
1.) I don't need f2.8
2.) I need IS OS or equivalent in return.

I've been looking at Canons 24-70 IS and 24-105 IS. But there are way more lenses on the market.

I am able to buy a used 24-70 IS for €550,- (about 725 USD) but as I have been reading about bad copies, I'n not so sure if its a good idea. On paper, it would be the best choice. newer IS system, the lightest of them all.

Can anyone add some more confusion to my dilemma so I am sure I'm considering all the options here.

Not sure if this has been discussed before. But I was wondering if any of you ever had a photo assignment where the client gave you a task, you made a picture to the best of your understanding of the task. Liked it, send it to the customer. And the customer hated it.

I'll start with my example. I was asked to photograph the work of volunteers at a triathlon in my home town. They were overhauling their volunteers website, and wanted good pictures to go with the site. No budget, but I was asked nicely.

So, I went in, took lots of pictures and figured one in particular captured the whole story of the volunteers.

Their first reaction. "The volunteers are out of focus"

Which was exactly the point. The volunteers are there to make the athletes excel. This guy has a drink, because there are volunteers. I still like the picture, they went with some of my other pictures.

I would love you guys to share a similar story.

Lenses / Hard choice the 50 1.4 or 85 1.8
« on: February 19, 2014, 11:13:33 AM »
I've saved up enough for my next purchase, which will be a fast prime. I'm leaning towards the 50 1.4 which I used to have two years ago when I still had my 7D.

However, as I now shoot full frame, I am wondering if I should go for the 85 1.8, as it gives about the same view as my 50 did on the 7D.

As I'm buying second hand, I cannot really go and try the different focal lengths. I know both lenses are really good, the 85 is even said to be the sharpest lens canon makes.

Is the 85 as fast in focusing as the 50? will I like the view I'm used to better? or should I go with the 50 I loved so much?

(and yes, I already have the shorty forty)

Lenses / 8-15mm Fisheye owners - Is your copy centered?
« on: January 14, 2014, 09:09:45 AM »
I noticed my copy of the 8-15mm fisheye is not centered. The distance between the image circle and the left side of the image is shorter then the right side. Top and bottom is correct.

Can other owners check their copy?

I'd expect an L lens to be flawless in build. So if others dont have this, I'm exchanging it at the shop.

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