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Hi all,

With all the talk about inconsistent focus of camera bodies like the Canon 7D (that i own) I decided to buy Focal Pro which allows you to self test to autofocus consistency of your body.

It runs a series of 10 test shots and calculates the Quality of Focus based on the consistency.
I selected to run it with automatic defocusing (max far) and no defocussing betwen each shot.
Results with the 17-55 2.8 IS at 55mm:

 - Defocus Far Quality OF Focus: 97,6 %
 - No defocus: 97.4 %

I am curious what other people have found for result for the same or other bodies.

Note that this test confirmed that my body/lens combination focusses relibaly and accurate.

Also note that the Reikan Focal site has an expirimental report (http://www.reikan.co.uk/focalweb/index.php/online-tools/lenscamera-information/) that allows you to browse uploaded results for tested lens and body combinations, but is not clear to me how these focus statisctics are related to the Focal Pro test reports (with only outputs the QOF percentage).

Therefore the request of people with to share some of their test results directly.


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