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Abstract / Accidental Selective Colours
« on: July 24, 2012, 02:29:16 PM »
First, I want to put out there that I really don't like selectively coloured photos. Way too cheesy for me. But this weekend I was doing a weird experiment which went wrong but turned out kind of cool.

I'd like to say here that there was no post-processing done to these photos other than adding sharpness to the RAW and a slight curve adjustment before exporting to JPEG. No saturation or colour adjustments at all.

I was trying to play with altering colour temperatures in camera alongside gelled flash to achieve crazy background colours while keeping portraits looking normal. Well, I over powered it a bit and realised I could blow the colour right out of the photos leaving them black & white! So I took a few documentary style shots like that and created a natural vignettes by zooming the flash.

Not something I would ever use professionally but a fun little accident none-the-less.


United Kingdom & Ireland / Best for Rental in the UK?
« on: July 04, 2012, 12:31:45 PM »
Where do you go for rentals in the UK?

I'm just starting to break into interior and architectural photography and will need to rent some TS-E lenses for some jobs coming up.


I am starting a new job in Sept where I will be working for an organisation that puts on a lot of conferences and events throughout the year. Lots of dark environments with bright lights so tons of contrast and high ISOs are going to be the theme of my next year. I will be training a team of volunteer shooters to capture the events and I (and maybe another small team) will be editing the photos as the events happen to get each days photos online as the events happen and up for sure by the end of the day.

They used to just let the shooting team take their images home, edit them and return them when they were done editing but this usually took them a couple of weeks and because of many different styles and levels of skill the results were varied. So we are looking for faster and more consistent results.

At the moment I edit in Aperture 3 and Photoshop CS3 on my mid-2008 Macbook Pro running Lion. While I love the workflow in Aperture 3 and am very used to using it, right now it runs like a dog on my hardware. Luckily I am getting a brand new Macbook Pro with the job and I'll get to specify which software comes along with it.

I am wondering if now might be a good time to learn some new software if both speed and results will improve or whether I'll be able to trust using Aperture on the new and cleaner hardware.

I did try the Lightroom 4 beta recently and while I loved some of the features and quality, I found it was so different that I didn't enjoy using it.

Finally, I'm also going to be looking at maybe getting some professional / stand alone noise solutions, something like Nik or Noise Ninja. So if anyone has any recommendations on those that would be great (that hopefully integrates for fast workflow).

So, to wrap-up for those who just saw a big block of text:

- Fast, reliable, good editing software / workflow for a Mac editing thousands of high ISO photos a day.
- Noise reduction software that integrates into a quick workflow and works well.

Many thanks,


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