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First time poster here. I would like to give some background.

For the past four/five years or so I have been shooting with the EOS XS and standard kit lens which was sufficient for a novice on the scene in college.

Now that I'm all growed up with a big boy job I am afforded the unique opportunity to travel around the world for much of the year. I use this as an extension to continue my photography pursuit/hobby and pretty much pack the camera into my carry-on when I travel.

I'm still shooting with my XS although I purchased a 50mm f/1.8 two years ago which really helped, but now I'm seriously considering an upgrade.

I was looking at the 5DMIII but this seems like a high level professional camera and I'm probably no where near that level yet. I was also looking at the 6D, 7D and 5DMII.

CanonRumors also keeps my apetite whetted by talking about all the lovely rumored cameras coming out and I find myself stuck in limbo between waiting to see what comes out and wanting to finally get a relevant camera. Indecision is my downfall.

If you can, please discuss with me some options I have for cameras on the market or nearly on the market that I should consider upgrading to. My budget upper limit is probably in the $2000 range. I'm not looking to change the lens much as I pack it into my carry-on for space conservation.

My birthday is soon so if you can convince me, I might get myself a little treat!

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