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Lenses / Good, relatively cheap prime that work well across formats
« on: October 04, 2013, 11:56:05 AM »
Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new prime or two before I upgrade to a pro level body. I'm looking to get a 5d/ 6d or 70d/7d. I have a 28mm 1.8, 50mm 1.8, the 100mm l macro, and some lensbaby stuff. Anybody have some advice on primes that work well on both formats?

I've been thinking about the 135mm f2.

I like the 28 on my rebel

I like the 35mm and 50mm on ff.

But I'm lost at this point

Lenses / Next step? New lens?
« on: October 03, 2013, 12:20:13 PM »
Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while, I need a recommendation on where to go next.

Body: rebel xs: upgrading to newer aps-c camera


Zooms: 18-55, 75-300

Primes: 28 1.8, 50mm 1.8, 100mm 2.8l is, lensbaby composer (double-glass optic, sweet 35mm, edge 80)

So I'm wondering where to go next, I can't seem to find a gap in my set up. I really liking primes, as I'm not needing pro zoom set ups.

I'm not wanting to spend a ton of money. Is there anything worth waiting for, anything that I should get now.

I've been looking at the 135mm f2.

I'm also wondering about the new sigma zooms and primes. Maybe sell some stuff, look at the new 18-35 1.8.

I'm a very big photo enthusiast, and I make some money, but all I care about is making beautiful images, and getting better as a photographer.

I also might be looking to move over to a full-frame prime setup, but right now all options are on the table.

Lenses / My greatest wish: the cheap-fast glass!
« on: January 11, 2013, 07:51:22 PM »
Hey guys, opening up to thoughts here. What would you guys think about a line of canon lenses with wide aperatures, but no aperature blades.

If there were 1.0-2.0 prime lenses, with no aperature blades, sharp glass for the single aperature (L or not), built quality of the new IS primes, and a USM for a cheap price, would you buy it?

Of course aperature blades are important, but a line like this would be really nice for amateurs and enthusiasts wanting wide aperatures.

I have no ballpark price estimate, but this would make for a much simpler computer.

Lenses / Photo jargon question: f/stops
« on: January 10, 2013, 12:12:22 PM »
Hey guys quick question.

"Does anybody know why the name of the lens includes the widest aperature (f/...)?"

Why not the smallest, or the sharpest?

Canon General / Working as an assistant.
« on: January 08, 2013, 09:51:16 PM »
Hey guys, I'm starting and internship at my local photography store. I'm working as an assistant for their top portrait specialist.

I will work both as a studio hand, and as a second photographer, how should I go about my job. I know these guys take things seriously, and he's one of the best, but how do I please him?

What angles should I look for while shooting?

How should I ask questions (regarding his needs, or to get information) without getting in he way.

I understand he will be a bit more passive having me under his wing, but I don't want o mess up.

Lenses / 2.8 vs F4
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:28:17 AM »
Here is a fun little topic,  yesterdayI caught my friend and he caught me saying 2.8 and F4.

It's a bit weird, most photographers call regular # aperatures Fx, and all aperatures with a decimal, just the #?

Some examples
- 2.8

Please evaluate on why you think this is, or correct me if you don't.

Lenses / The next 24-105 v. 24-70
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:22:58 AM »
We all know that the 24-70 v. 24-105 was a very hard decision.

-2.8 > 4

-IS> no IS
- +35mm

Both these lenses were similar in price, and each had their benefits, but both were ~ in sharpness.

Canon has come close by making the 24-70 2.8 ii and the 24-70 f4, one has 2.8, and one has IS, but there is a pretty big difference in price while both apparently have equivalent prices, similar glass, and each has an expensive feature.

What is next?

Lenses / Sharper? Where?
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:14:11 AM »
What will be canons plan for lenses?

Lenses / Canon's lens plans
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:06:49 AM »
Well... What do you think?

Lenses / The great battle: primes vs zooms
« on: December 17, 2012, 11:02:29 AM »
What do you guys think is king as canon begins to upgrade.

And what do you think canon will do with their lens lineup?

Lenses / Canon 50mm 1.8iii... L... Real or fake?
« on: December 09, 2012, 04:36:43 PM »
What do we have here???
I found this just browsing google, I've seen this on other sites but I've included this one for example.

What will we see happen to the lineup?

My opinion...

50mm 1.8 ii-ameuture's 50

50mm 1.4 ii-consumer 50, but pro enough for people who need 1.4

50mm 1.8 iii L-consumer/semi-pro lens, for people who need a sharp 50, but don't want to spend a ton of $$$ for a wider aperatures, but don't need it.

These will probably be aimed at 6d users specifically, but will be good enough for pros who just don't need a 1.2, like the 24-70 f4 is l, and the new 24mm is and 28mm is. But it would be nice for canon to seperate a sharper lens for a wider-aperatures lens, in order to drop the price a bit.
Canon 50mm 1.2 L ii-for the pros and bokeh whores. :)

I understand this photo is probably a custom lens with a sticker and a modified mount, but it gets me thinking, and I'd like to see something like this.

Please leave your own dream list if you'd like. :)

Lenses / What's your dream lens
« on: December 03, 2012, 10:55:56 PM »
Hey guys, what's your dream lens?
Feel free to say 14-24, or 24-70 is 2.8, but I want to hear some specialized ones, like fantasy lenses. Please don't post a whole lot, or re-post rumors, this is just for fun, and don't be ridiculous, canon could get some nice ideas. Ex. 1mm-5200mm f1.2 is usm STM p an :)

Mine, canon ef 50mm 0.95 l usm, full metal construction, and 24-70 ii, 200mm f2, and 135 f2 like glass!!!

Sitting on a Leica m design canon ff mirror less  camera.

1) 200mm f2 is
2) canon 24mm 1.4 ii
3) canon 35mm 1.4
4) canon 50mm 1.2
5) canon 85mm 1.2 ii

Lenses / combo af: canon rebel xs, 1.4x, and canon 70-200 f4 is
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:53:44 PM »
hey guys, before i make the buy, does anybody have any expierience with the af of an old rebel with a 70-200 f4 is and a 1.4x converter? if it doesnt work, the ill just fork up the cash for the new tamron.

if i have to go for the tamron, what extender should i get, a kenko, or the tamron???

Lenses / 70-200 is I vs ii:tc usage
« on: December 01, 2012, 09:54:04 PM »
Hey guys, I'm picking out the next telephoto zoom to upgrade to.
My question is, is the version ii going to have better image quality with converters.

1. Would the version ii 70-200 work with version ii converters
2. Would the version ii converters work better with the 70-200 mark I
3. Is it important to purchase mark iii converters for the 70-200 ii

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