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EOS Bodies - For Stills / 6D vs 5D2 in camera JPEG sharpening method
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:05:22 PM »
i've been using 7D and sometimes 5D2 for at least 3 years until i bought 6D recently and love very much for its handling, feature, and high ISO quality, but i notice slight (or maybe big) difference in camera JPEG sharpening method. anyway, both are wonderful full frame camera.

in this condition i compare 6D and 5D2. On the image below, i'm using same studio light setting. in 5D2 the images seems crispier rather than in 6D. i think 6D using unsharp mask method like in photoshop. Personally i like 5D2 in camera JPEG sharpening method rather than 6D, but luckily i often use RAW file, so i can manage my own sharpening method.

and my question is :
1. does anyone ever notice this? or any explanation for this condition?
2. do we can change in camera JPEG sharpening method ?

6D 100% crop

6D by yedija luhur, on Flickr

5D2 100% crop

5D2 by yedija luhur, on Flickr

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