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Software & Accessories / Monopod (or tripod) buying advice
« on: December 03, 2011, 05:40:45 AM »
Hi all.

I've been looking for a monopod (or a tripod) for some time now. I currently have a Joby Gorillapod SLR-Zoom with a Joby Ballhead X (so Arca-Swiss compatible); it's great, I've been able to take many shots (especially group) using whatever was available to put it on, but still, you don't always have something to do so.

My gear is currently made of a 500D (Rebel T1i), kit 18-55 and 55-250, 28 1.8 and Lensbaby Composer Pro.
I'm thinking of buying a 85 1.8, a 430EX Ⅱ (or 320EX), and 100macro, nothing heavier, due to my bad back.

So the heaviest lens I currently have is the 55-250, the heaviest I'm ever likely to put on it would be a 100macro USM.

I'm searching for something a bit lightweight (again, due to my back), and that extends quite a bit (I'm 183cm). Yes, I know you don't need something that extends that much (size of head, camera, level of your eyes), but I'd rather get something a little bit bigger for versatility.

My research made me think about the Giotto's GTMML 3290B, which seems pretty bang-on. Unfortunately, It seems the carbon version one (2290) is nowhere to be found — I live in France, btw, don't mind ordering overseas.

Does anyone have a better suggestion? I'm still not decided for lever or twist locks: what are opinions?

Any head suggestion? I'm thinking more of a ballhead than the Manfrotto 234.

Moreover, my current bag is the unconspicuous Domke F5XC, which I love; I can put everything I need inside it: body with lens attached, two more lenses (never do so, but still), the Gorillapod with head, a 50cl water bottle, some filters in a B+W pouch, and a book :)
For the monopod, I'm thinking about a Gitzo GC3320 holster, so that I can put either the Gorillapod or monopod on it — any record with it?

Thank you all ;)

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