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Lenses / Re: Soccer and Football IS Mode on 300L
« on: August 01, 2014, 09:18:13 AM »
Turn IS off for sports or your pictures could be soft due to the IS not being settled while you move the lens and press the shutter.
Then, keep your shutter speed high to freeze motion.
Unless you are trying to do something fancy like use a slow shutter speed and pan with the subject then use IS mode 2. In general turn IS off for erratically moving subjects.

Something BIG just came :(

Just checked one of the main dealers in Ireland..Wait for it.....

Euro1399 yes thats $1920

In B&H
$1199 = Euro874

I could book a return flight to New York buy the lens and it would be cheaper. Outragous!

In the same shop the 16-35 2.8 is 100 euros more than the f4 version.

The Year of the Lens has begun... :)

One swallow doesnt make a summer..

Canon General / Re: Canon Hong Kong Announcement April 24, 2014
« on: April 22, 2014, 06:46:19 AM »
I'm guessing its some knid of light modifier like a beauty dish or mini soft box/flash modifiers. Something along those lines.

Is this the ver I or ver II? I had ver I and altough I liked it, it had a large soft spot in the centre of the frame even at small apertures and softness on the left hand side. I found the lens too wide for landscapes but great for travel and tight spaces as you describe which is the best use for this lens.Size and weight balnce great on the 5D MKII. For landscape the 17-40 would be better since it takes filters easier but this lens is the king of tight spaces.

Maybe its been mentioned already but another disgracfull design flaw that Canon dont admit to is the focus motor/focus color slippage problem on the 70-200 F4 IS. Canon seem to be happy to rip off their customers who are buying into their system and with that comes a certain amount of loyalty to the products. This doesnt seem to hold any water with Canon. >:( Its crazy to think that a customer should pay big bucks to repair a design issue.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Available for Preorder
« on: April 11, 2014, 03:53:35 AM »
Looks like 2014 really will be the Year of the Lens....FOR SIGMA

Really, really important!!! I was regularly texting or emailing photos to my extended family back in Canada each day. They became part of the experience in a good way. It was seamless and instantaneous with the camera/phone integration.

You are absolutely right, there is a massive market for this. Just look at the Nokia Lumia and Samsung models. I have no idea how the three compare to an IQ perspective, but there is going to be a lot more cameras with phones attached than not in the future.

Yeah, consider the size of a 3G/4G dongle, they can be made pretty tiny. They could be integrated into a DSLR with a SIM card slot. Altough you would need to pay for the data.

Lenses / Re: a 50mm dilemma.
« on: April 10, 2014, 09:37:46 AM »
Zv is right get the lens that suits you best. Sure the 501.4 A is going to be incredibly sharp but that wont actually help you to take better pictures. However it is heavy and bulky(think 24-70 2.8 size and weight) which may become a factor when you are deciding which lens to take along. I am assuming you are not doing paid work with this 50mm so incredible sharpness should be lowish on the priority list. If you are doing regular paid work with a 50mm then I would consider the Sigma for sure, once it prooves to be a reliable lens AF wise.
The 50L is more compact, still a bit heavy. It is likely to render more nicely than the 50 1.4 A, but that remains to be seen. The 50L is a proven performer and its limitations are already well known so you know them going in.

Lenses / Re: Review: Sigma 150mm f/2.8 EX DG OS HSM Macro
« on: April 08, 2014, 03:36:29 PM »
I have had this lens for almost two years and it is a great lens. It has practically replaced my 70-200 F4 IS for alot of purposes. Regarding the lens noise mentioned in the review, the IS on the 70-200 F4 IS makes twice the amount of noise when engaging/disengaging than this lens. Honestly the noises from this Sigma lens are barely audible. This should not be an issue for anyone considering this lens. Also the image floating during IS is much worse on the 70-200 F4 IS. Sharpness wise they are easily equal from F4 onwards but the bokeh on the Canon more contrasty and "special" looking. AF is fast and reliable and I have even used mine for BIF.

I rang Canon at Lake Success and asked them "When the 1D W would be available".
The girl on the phone said she had never heard of it.
Then I said "Ha ha, April fools"
I cant believe they fell for it.

And the difference between, say the 35/1.4 and the older 35/2 is considerable.

I've got one of those 'old' 35/2's, and I love it for its tinyness. That, and the 50mm 1.8 mkI are great little primes that can always find a corner in my bag if I think I might need a prime but don't want the bulk, for instance when I travel :)

True, I currently have the old 35 f2 and am very happy with it and if I bought an upgraded 35 I would definitely keep it as it is a great little lens for size/performance ratio. Likewise if I got an upgraded 50 I would probably keep my Canon 50 1.4 for its size/performance ratio. These lenses have their flaws but the flaws certainly do not get in the way of the photography. I think large lenses sometimes do get in the way of the photography depending on the shooting situation.

Sounds good, I wasn't really expecting this one so soon. With the redesign I hope that they retain the wonderful out of focus rendering that the current Sigma 50 1.4 has because the 35 Art does not have that magic. I also hope they fix the hideous onion bokeh problem. The size is a bit of a concern though as I think alot of people like myself like their primes to be a bit more discreet for everyday/family use. As a professionals choice for a 50 I think it will be good.

Lenses / Re: Canon 400mm f/5.6 L
« on: December 12, 2013, 08:59:06 AM »
I'm a bit puzzled as to why your 70-200mmL f/4 IS has issues at 200mm.  It is much sharper than the 400mm.  Get it fixed, its one of the best lenses for the price.

It s pretty well known the 70-200 f4 IS perfoms poorly when at 200mm and at or close to MFD. I have it and this problem is noticable. Mine also suffers from the dredded slipping focus problem. Buyers beware to check for this issue if buying new or second hand. Sorry for going off topic. Otherwise its a very sharp lens.

I'm with Mt Spokane on this one, and "well-known" to whom?  I owned the 70-200 f4 IS and it was as sharp at 200mm as any other focal length and even with the 1.4x at 280mm, it's sharper than most other lenses.  I think you definitely need to have your lens calibrated/repaired.  Here are some results at 200mm from DxO, LensTip, and Photozone, all showing the lens to be extremely sharp.  Now back to the 400mm 5.6...

The weakness of this very good lens as I stated earlier is at MFD. "Well known to whom"? Google is your friend.

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