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Canon General / Re: 16 MEGA-byte CF card!
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:51:53 PM »
I'm sure I've got a Smartmedia card around here that's 8mb....  Then again, when a floppy was 1.44mb, and Sony Mavica ran off of them...

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Pentax 645z
« on: April 22, 2014, 11:25:51 PM »
This would have been a shut up and take my money moment until I saw that sync speed. :P
Why?  Light it with HMI's or LED's and roll with it.  Yes, it sucks that it doesn't support a leaf shutter, but with lighting options currently out there, we can make it work.  There are a few leaf shutter options on the Pentax 67, I wonder if they'll work with the 67 adapter :)

Personally, I'm excited to play with one.  I'm even considering it an addition to what I currently shoot, a H4D-50.  Things like shutter speeds faster than 1/800th, and ISO's going through the roof.

Canon General / Re: $10,000
« on: April 22, 2014, 01:39:40 PM »
Easy, but for a change of pace, not with Canon ..

$6k on a used Phase One P25 with a 645 body and 80mm kit lens
$2k on 2x Einstein's with CyberCommanders
$1k on a used 105-210mm Mamiya 645 lens
$1k on a tripod/head combo

If I wanted to be more landscapey, I'd swap the extra lens and strobes with a basic Cambo setup that I can shift.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: How to Annoy a Photography Snob
« on: April 20, 2014, 12:00:22 PM »
Not to validate Ken, but the Canon 17-55 2.8 is almost an L in every way.  The upside is there are lots of used 17-55 EF-S lenses out there, and getting them repaired is a known quantity.  Sigma has improved dramatically, but if you're going to flip a lens after 6 months, better to stick with Canon.  If you're going to keep and love it, Sigma is a solid choice.

Poor Sigzilla, this world does not appreciate you.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Dissuade me to get a Rolleiflex
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:36:29 PM »
Where in the world you are matters, as Rollieflex is still around.  Here in the USA, check out http://rolleiflex.us/ the 6008 platform is pretty slick.

MF is enough of a difference in shooting style and technique, it allows you to challenge yourself, with the safety net of the Canon gear.  Personally I want to spend some time with a Mamiya RZ Pro II, after playing with a Hasselblad 501 last weekend, it's on my to shoot with list. 

Photography Technique / Re: Help with panorama merge
« on: April 10, 2014, 04:21:03 PM »
One thing to future readers of this thread, the number of images causes concern.  Try merging 3 images together first, see if you get the expected result.

The fun of studio lights at other people's studios.  Chances are that the old strobes are the issue - what modifiers were you using?  What triggers were you using?  Shooting at full power will help, but you may find inconsistency with it (color temp, etc).  How long were you pausing between shots?

The Elinchrom setup should be much better.  Start by doing what you did in the previous studio, then hit our suggestions for techniques to improve things.

Mind Shift Gear - there is a waist level container spins around front so you can access it without taking off your pack.


While I want to play with 4k for a few specific items, it's not going to drive the industry - unless you've got better than 20/20 vision and a lot of money to spend.  Intel may want you to upgrade to 4k, but Comcast may not want it.  There are times when you want to pull frames from video, or are going to stabilize the shot in post-production based on cropping down to 1080p, but 4k doesn't belong in our P&S world. 

Oh, and it won't matter how you capture a 5 year olds birthday today, their life is recorded in 720p from an iPhone or such.

OP needs to understand that the fees charged by the booked photographer may have been reliant on a print order, and if the bride doesn't order prints due to the ability to print the OP's shots there will be issues.  I understand the 'I want feedback' mentality that the OP shared the photos with the bride, but that was the first misstep.  The OP and the booked photog need to have an open honest discussion about what has happened.  The OP might get paid a little by the booked photog if the bride orders his photos as prints, but other than that, don't expect money.

Having shot a few weddings for portfolio material, I gave all my shots to the booked photographer.  An honest photographer will not use someone else's shots in their portfolio, but will answer who captured a specific shot if asked by the bride.

Canon General / Re: Travel charger for Canon LP-E4N battery
« on: April 02, 2014, 07:46:34 PM »
Car charger an option?

Thanks, but no. The car charger just replaces the AC cord as a way to power the battery charger itself. The issue is that, uike the compact charger for many other batteries, the 1-series dual battery charger is the size of a paperback novel.

Oops, I seem to have overlooked the added requirement of the base unit anyway.  A proper 12v charger would be nice and small.  I'm kind of disappointed that a third party like Targus doesn't make a model that does laptop and camera charging.  Even a quasi-DC bus design that you can put 2-3 'ends' on  (laptop, camera, phone, etc). 

Photography Technique / Re: 1D X - 12 FPS or 14 FPS?
« on: April 02, 2014, 06:51:00 PM »
I would also see it being used for automated bird photography setups. Such as hummingbird flash photography...

Flash photography at 14 fps?   ???  How does that work?  Are there flashes that recycle that fast?  Also, you can't get 14 fps at max Xsync, you need at least 1/1000 s for 14 fps.

Yep, Profoto B4's will do 30 fps - but at low power of course.  Shortest flash duration at 1/25,000th


Landscape / Re: Photography in the Palouse
« on: April 02, 2014, 05:18:30 PM »
Looks like Art Wolfe is having his Palouse workshop literally the 3 days prior to the PODAS one - and while half the cost, it doesn't include the hotel, meals or the Phase One gear (which he does use).  http://www.artwolfeworkshops.com/n_american.php

Landscape / Re: Photography in the Palouse
« on: April 02, 2014, 05:04:13 PM »
The timing is interesting, and there are LOTS of folks doing tours and workshops in the Palouse.  For those who are making their own trip, check out http://palousemap.blogspot.com/ - Teri Lou has been out there lots of times and sometimes adventuring with a known frame is a good idea.

I love what PODAS offers in their adventures, and I may have to do this one just because it's close (I'd drive rather than fly).  Too bad their site is outdated ( http://podas.info ) and it looks like LuLa will be taking it over as of this year.  Spending 4+ days with MFD gear will really challenge your willpower to resist.

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