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Canon General / Re: Neutral Density Filters - HELP !
« on: July 31, 2014, 07:04:03 PM »
Hi brad-man.
If it were my new kit it wouldn't be about spoiled pictures so much as expensive gear not up to standard. It is not unusual for the anodising support wires to leave marks, but for gear at this price point, a second dip with a repositioned support would have alleviated the problem and proved the quality of the product!
If your going to play the big bucks game, you have to do big bucks quality, not just on bits of it but all of it!

Cheers Graham.

I just bought a Lee filter system and I am really shocked about the build quality of that system. The adapter ring has a faulty finish with markings on it, which then were fixed with a pen as a cover up. After returning that adapter ring I got another one just like it. I conacted the manufacturer which explained to me that these markings are caused in the manufacturing process, quote: "The marks inside the ring are voids left during the anodising process. The rings are suspended in the solution by small wire 'hangers' and these leave voids where they touch the metal."
This I never have seen from any other manufacturer.
See picture for this.
Above all my 0.9 ND pro glass came with tiny specles of yellow finish on the glass right under the yellow label. This goes well 30mm into the middle of the glass. On a glass worth of 200 Euros. Also not what I would call high end. This is just bad quality so far. I haven't given up on it completely but one more of this stuff not gone through the quality control or badly produced and I will send the whole shabbang back.

As you have supplied wonderful photos of Lees shoddy workmanship in the manufacturing of your filter system, could you please supply a photo that was ruined by this inferior system?

No? I didn't think so.

@ OP: Agree with others who recommend Lee Filter System. Though they are pricey at the start, if you're in this picture thing for the long haul, they are actually the best investment for quality and versatility.

Hi folks.
There is a water and object ingress standard at least in Europe, IP XX, where the first number stands for objects and the second for water, I  think it was something like IP 00 means you can get an industry standard finger in there, and water that runs in runs out and IP 67 means that dust has to be below so many microns and you can pressure wash the item and water won't get in.. This is just from memory so feel free to correct me!
Anyway back to the point if it doesn't say IP XX on the label it isn't weather or water resistant!

Cheers Graham.

Hi gintonic.
Welcome, only one problem, you have set the bar for your next post very high! ;D ;D it is going to be some shot that trumps that,  ;) not that you have to, keep posting.   

Cheers Graham.

Just came across this forum by accident - here is a Red Kite and a Crow in a mid-air fight

EOS 5D3, 100-400L @ 400

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Fun Arias rant on APS-C vs. FF
« on: July 31, 2014, 04:12:55 AM »
Hi DRR. 
I'm glad you raise that point, I thought it looked too large as well, the only difference is, I was by that point so annoyed with the presentation that I couldn't find the inclination to mess with it any more! If I had confirmed APS-C to FF I would have then been checking the ratios of the rest just in case, they were wrong too!  :o

Cheers Graham.

I have my preference and that's what I use. I don't disparage others who have different needs.

One thing I noticed though, when he's got his lightbox up and comparing sensor sizes, the one he refers to as "APS-C" is much too large in comparison to the FF sensor. Grab a still and compare for yourself.

While I don't necessarily disagree with the points he's trying to make, I don't think he should be cheating to get those points across. I have no evidence to prove that he did this intentionally, but go ahead and grab a frame if you don't believe me. The difference between the "APS-C" example he puts up and the "full frame" example are pretty minimal. It looks more like APS-H to me. Overlay with actual mm measurements of what an APS-C sensor should be, and you'll see the example he uses is about 20-30% larger than actual APS-C, whether it's Canon standard (1.6x) or Nikon standard (1.5x)

Software & Accessories / Re: Benbo Tripod?
« on: July 30, 2014, 04:50:12 PM »
Hi Mustafa.
When you say fit for purpose what do you mean? Are they only just good enough for the job, poor quality, have known issues? Could you elaborate a bit please?

Cheers Graham.

I have a Benbo.............. and a Benro!

Both are fit for purpose, and I would buy again.  Ditto for my Manfrottos!

Software & Accessories / Re: Benbo Tripod?
« on: July 30, 2014, 12:47:16 PM »
Hi AcutancePhotography.
I hope to visit the seller, try and buy maybe, it is a local free ad site usually has a lot of rubbish on it, currently a Canon ???? Digital camera broken £15 springs to mind!

Cheers Graham.

Personally, I would not feel comfortable buying any tripod unless I could get my grubby hands on it.  Do you know someone who has one or is there a store where you can fondle one?

Software & Accessories / Re: Benbo Tripod?
« on: July 30, 2014, 04:27:15 AM »
Hi Mt Spokane.
Thank you, I had read a similar review and am intrigued, but was hoping for someone with hands on over time feedback. I may just have to give it a whirl for either £10 or £40 depending on if they are still available, the adverts rarely get pulled after a sale as they time out after a month!

Cheers Graham.

Software & Accessories / Benbo Tripod?
« on: July 29, 2014, 08:30:07 PM »
Hi Folks.
Anyone used a Benbo Tripod, there is one for sale locally that might be toooo cheap to pass up if they are any good! In fact there are two now at pretty good prices if they are good!
Thanks for any feedback, btw that is Benbo (apparently stands for bent bolt) not Benro which I saw was not too good from recent posts.

Cheers Graham.

Software & Accessories / Re: Reikan Focal Target Setup - Help Please
« on: July 29, 2014, 08:16:22 PM »
Hi Mt Spokane.
Good point, I had forgotten I now have targets in A3 A4 and A5. I spray mounted them to card, learned after the first one to sandwich the assembly between two flat surfaces to stop the paper wrinkling as the glue cures, I used the table and books after covering the glued assembly with brown paper so as not to risk harm to the books, I now have nice self supporting targets for next time.

Cheers Graham. 

I've found that its best to use live view to center the focus and not the viewfinder.  The viewfinder is fine as a starting point, but for long focal lengths, its sometimes difficult. 

One trick is to increase the size of the target for long focal lengths.  Just be sure to enter the target dimension in the setup.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Fun Arias rant on APS-C vs. FF
« on: July 29, 2014, 01:57:09 PM »
Hi ahsansford.
Yep got neg-li-gi-ble, can't decipher the gi-ber-ish after neg-li-gi-ble, and to be honest I'm not sure I need or want to know, I quit watching it after that point, I just wanted to grab that stick and tap tap tap him on the head with it!

Cheers Graham.


Software & Accessories / Re: Reikan Focal Target Setup - Help Please
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:29:24 AM »
Hi ScubaX.
Probably too late now, but I used portable halogen work lights.

Be it work or leisure have a good trip!

Cheers Graham.

Technical Support / Re: Matte Photo Paper N?
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:18:35 AM »
Hi folks.
Just a thought, but don't apple have a pretty good helpline for their hardware and OS? I know that the son of a family friend works at one here in the UK, he is very knowledgeable, and willing to do research for answers he doesn't have in his head!
Worth a go?

Cheers Graham.

Canon General / Re: What do you Cheap Out On?
« on: July 29, 2014, 04:44:39 AM »
Hi folks.
Cheap out on hmmm.....
Batteries, Cheap Chinese including chipped for 7D, that reminds me ought to use the original occasionally! Work well so far!
Filter set, ND's colour grad and CPL by Cokin. Not the cheapest but not the best! Do what I want!
Long lens, Sigma 150-500mm, going to be a long time before I can afford that length in Canon. Better now AFMA'd!
Remotes, wireless and intervalometer both by Phottix. No real reason to call that a cheap out, they work well!
Tripod and heads, Manfrotto, not carbon fibre, not the best but does what I want so cheap out?
Ring flash, got me one of those prism things, works but not great and is pretty much too much hassle to carry and use! But I can't justify the cost of a real one for what I want it for.
Straps, still using Canon straps but going to get BR sling and Optech shoulder with quick disconnects.
Grip for 7D, Meike, had one little issue but remove and refit seems to have sorted it!
Centre pinch lens caps for older lenses, is that cheaping out as they really shouldn't be any more expensive just because canon sold them (after stamping their name on them?).

Cheers Graham.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Your best animal shots!
« on: July 28, 2014, 08:00:23 PM »
Hi Vincent.
I wasn't sure if the Vincent in your signature was you or the originator of the quote!
When we visited Az we were taken shooting by our friends, I learned I could shoot to kill, I killed an Nvidea graphics card with a Luger, an intel motherboard with an AK47 and you should have seen the Hifi lurch when it was hit by a musket ball from a replica civil war musket!  ;D
I could never shoot at an animal.

Cheers Graham.

Software & Accessories / Re: Reikan Focal Target Setup - Help Please
« on: July 28, 2014, 07:38:59 PM »
Hi ScubaX.
I found that the target verification was doing the same to me, I had drawn lines on my workshop floor and put a plumb line from the bottom of my tripod to get in line, so I was pretty certain it was spot on, had all sorts of arrows, up down slew right move left, no idea where to go, added some light after reading what the ideal exposure was, then added more light, and hey presto big green tick. Check you have enough light according to the instructions then add some!
I think with my 500 I could just get far enough away that the whole of the target was covered by the sensor, if it is not I think that causes problems too, I think I just about managed to get on the infinity setting with my 200.
I think if you are sure the target is correct you can just tell the software to continue but loose the function that tells you if you nudge the camera off line during adjustments, not a problem if your body will run full auto, you can just go sit down out of the way until it is done.
Good luck, it is well worth doing but the day before might be a bit ambitious!
Whatever you do check the results at the range you are shooting at and if not correct be prepared to reset to zero (or your previous setting determined by whichever method) if you will be happier with that situation.

Cheers Graham.

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