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Software & Accessories / Re: Use your phone as a cosmic ray detector!
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:18:25 PM »
Hi lintoni.
Seems like a cross between an April Fools joke and a mad scientist gig! Also apparently there isn't an app for that yet!

Cheers, Graham.

Technical Support / Re: Question about cleaning something off of sensor.
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:10:03 PM »
Hi Darkmatter.
I haven't seen the video here,
I think it used to be a detailed written description of a clean supported with images, I suspect this will be better than the original!
If it is ok for Roger, it is ok for us!
Thank you for keeping it current Roger.

Cheers, Graham.

Canon General / Re: Does "Banding" exist
« on: October 19, 2014, 08:15:23 AM »
Hi Zim.
Thanks for the laugh, happy holiday.

Cheers, Graham.

Nope, no banding here, just a big black rectangle  ;D

But then I am pool side on holiday typing on a hudl and its beer o'clock  ;D ;D

Environmental variables  ;)

Hi jepabst.
I just had a look at your blog, love your forthright style of if you don't like it get over it!

Cheers, Graham.

I just had a look at your blog, love your forthright style of if you don't like it get over it!

Cheers, Graham.

Chicago Wedding Photographer here. Very cool site. I happen to shoot Canon, but I don't think it makes ANY difference. I love Chicago, but now we are entering our cold season :-(

Hi jthomson.
I can't believe you said that! How many brides, grooms, family members do you know that surfed the net, said oh that couple look just like us lets just use theirs, portrait Sir, how about this one, looks just like you could be your double?

Nature shots for a project, a book maybe, 50000 pictures of swans? Which shall I use?

Cheers, Graham.

I don't see the inherent difference in wedding photographs  one bride in a white dress looks pretty much the same as another.  Portraits - same thing one guy in a suit looks like every other guy in suit.   

Hi dhr.
Very good shots, I like the vapour on the hornet, and this shot of the Lancs is fantastic for the fact that they presented topside to you, it is a nice shot anyway up.

Cheers, Graham.

Been going through some shots from this years airshows tonight

Super Hornet

As requested, some shots of the two Lancs together. These are from Clacton when we had blue skies (and my composition was a bit better). The shots from Duxford really are bad, I can't see them being savable, exposure wildly off, not properly focussed as I would like, the clouds really ruined the photography aspect.

2. (I think I was massively lucky to get this shot from this angle)

British and Canadian Lancaster bombers by Matt Roberts101, on Flickr

Hi bluemoon.
It is an interesting shot of operational activities surrounding flight, I'm kind of interested, but only because I'd like to have seen more, being able to identify the type of plane might add interest, but only if it is a favourite of mine otherwise it would not help. Do you have a wider crop, then you could ask which one people prefer.
Crazy for liking it, no but it is your narrative that it enhances.

Cheers, Graham.

from a show few months back.

Great shot.

Welcome to CR.  :)


Here's a shot I really like, but am not getting any feedback on. Am I crazy for liking it?

Animal Kingdom / Re: Bears in the Wild
« on: October 10, 2014, 12:57:59 PM »
Hi ichetov.
Nice shot, good story too, one way to get some alone time! :o

Hi Brian.
Nice family portrait, mum is impressive stood up like that.

Cheers, Graham.

This guy sniffing out our sandwiches was how my wife learned that "They" can swim  ;)
Needless to say, it was the first and the last time she accompanied me on a bear walkabout...

Here is a family of Grizzlies I found in Yellowstone National Park.  A rather large crowd was watching them for an hour or so before they wandered off.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: October 10, 2014, 09:41:22 AM »
Hi Don.
Think I'll pass thanks for offering but I prefer my Thanksgiving / Christmas meals pork or beef or even chicken flavour!  ;D

Nice pair, which one did you choose for yer plate at the weekend?

Cheers, Graham.

And this weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving.... So we ask the traditional turkey question.... light or dark?

Hi Jarrod.
Some very emotive shots beautifully done.
Some really nice shots on this thread, please keep up the good work.
No excuse not to post Lancaster pics now, I've set the bar nice and low for others!
Here's a couple of other pics from the Goodwood Revival Airshow.

IMG_0626_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

Just so you know this Spitfire is not parked on the roof, confession, I did not realise until after that I'd achieved this alignment, I couldn't have done it if I'd tried!

IMG_0631_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0644_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0656_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0786_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0787_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0804_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

Merlin engined ME109.

IMG_0855_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0865_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

Way to view with style!

IMG_0892_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

Sorry they are all from below, can't help how they are presented!

Cheers, Graham.

Hi Tolusina.
I'll take your word for that, here are a couple of mine, taken at Goodwood, poor viewing position, poor sky! I went to the Bournmouth Air Festival to see them fly together, great viewing position, much better weather, the Canadian Lancaster was grounded by an engine issue! :(
I'm not terribly happy with the pics, but at least I saw them together. I will confess to finding it difficult to shoot with tears in my eyes, they cause me great emotion, possibly due to my father having been a Normandy veteran (foot slogger not fly boy).

Cheers, Graham.

Here are a few I took at Duxford recently. I felt the skies ruined nearly all my shots of the two Lancasters together. Have kept the shots to try to go back to one day, but I think they are beyond hope  :(

If your Lancaster photos are in focus and reasonably well exposed, please please post them.
I've been hoping some of you 'over there' would get to shoot those two together, their reunion being of historical interest.
Photos of the pair don't need to be art in order to be historic and iconic.

IMG_0684_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0690_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

IMG_0675_DxO by Valvebounce25, on Flickr

Cheers, Graham.

Sports / Re: Your favourite motorsports events
« on: October 09, 2014, 08:04:36 PM »
Hi Jock.
Thank you, that basically confirmed what I suspected, that racing resumes after (or precisely as) you pass the green flag. I have always thought it was a matter of physics and never understood the blazé attitude towards crash sites, if one car spun out and ended up there, why, when these guys are all doing almost exactly the same thing wouldn't another car follow almost the same trajectory, close enough to put them at great risk?
I should like to clarify I had no intention of wagging fingers, I was merely curious, and within the letter of the rule book the marshal was correct, rule book correct, not my call!

Cheers, Graham.

Hi Graham,

I immediately after watching the video asked the same question, having never been a flag marshal or receiving any training on sectors made me ignorant to the situation.
I hope this link helps explain it for everyone! http://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/yes-a-green-flag-was-waving-but-know-the-whole-story/?v=2&s=1&r=8281
End of the day, there’s always wagging fingers when the proverbial hits the fan!! :-\

Hi JD.
No my significant other doesn't clean, I do! She cooks! She did accuse me of disposing of or hiding her Radley umbrella, I found it weeks later when I moved her old handbag, it was sticking out of the bag! ::)
When I get fed up with the detritus of life I box it up and put it on her dining chair!

Cheers, Graham.

Hi Tabor.
So was that two pairs of shoes ruined, or she threw out the second shoe after you retrieved the first one?
Sorry couldn't help myself! ;D You managed to duplicate your post.

Cheers, Graham.

My wife threw away one of my shoes once. Keep in mind, ONE of my shoes. The other was found underneath the bed a couple of days later. Luckily, we both run the business so hopefully at least our equipment is safe.  :D

My wife threw away one of my shoes once. Keep in mind, ONE of my shoes. The other was found underneath the bed a couple of days later. Luckily, we both run the business so hopefully at least our equipment is safe.  :D


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