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Hi JC.
I'm having trouble getting to grips with your two contradictory statements, as in you haven't felt the need to upgrade your decade old P&S until now, but feel that you will outgrow a far more complex and capable DSLR in a year or so?
Any one of the cameras you have compared should provide you a lifetime of fantastic images based on how long it took to outgrow a G6! As others have said, waiting is a long wait for the next greatest thing since bread came sliced!
Others may prove me wrong here, but it seems that the incremental improvements between versions are getting smaller, perhaps with the exception of the 7DII.

Good luck choosing.

Cheers, Graham.
Well said!

Coming from a P&S to a full frame (regardless of the model) you will enjoy discovering what a full frame can do.
Forget about having the best ever, that is just a headache: unnecessary debate.
Fun is in shooting and not in having the best gear.
Buy a 5D MK III, a good lens and enjoy!
I moved from Ti1 to 5D III 2 or 3 years ago and discovered  heaven.

Lenses / Re: DANGIT! I rented the 85 1.2ii
« on: Today at 10:38:06 AM »
It will melt 85mm f1.8 and 135L in second.

Your next best is 200mm f2 IS

I disagree that the bokeh you posted cannot be achieved with a 135L. You should try a comparison with yours :)
What the 85L can do is achieve that with a much wider field of view

I wish I had brought 135L and taken same shot to compare the two ::)

I'm going to skip the debate about bokeh between 85L II Vs 135L - we all know which lens has upper hand. The photo was to demonstrate how 85L II can be at f1.2 in low light. This photo was taken at f1.2 1/125 I believe ISO is about 2000.

With 135L, I'm more likely to be f2  1/160min ISO=????
Own both and the 135 gets used only when shooting fast moving subject and need to jump from MFD to infinity quite often.
Otherwise, 85 all the time. Both bokeh and focal length match my needs way better.

Thanks everyone. So far I am pleased with the results everyone has obtained with this new lens. Mine is due for delivery today. Looking forward to putting it through its paces over the next few days.
Great thanks to all who has posted and commented on it. So far, I like what I am seeing. Will wait until January before pulling the trigger.

Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L Mark II
« on: December 17, 2014, 03:16:10 PM »
Thank you very much Mt Spokane Photography for the effort.
I am very much interested in this lens. Please post more as you go, especially with any TC you have.
Renting wouldn't be possible for a while, have to rely on your opinions to decide this time.

Hope this helps some of you.

Please post more comments when you have spent more times with it. I like to hear more from someone who has worked with both lenses. Would appreciate it very much. Would like one during the first quarter.

Lenses / Re: DANGIT! I rented the 85 1.2ii
« on: December 17, 2014, 11:46:33 AM »
I have been dreaming about the 85mm L for years now and I finally got it.
It is a lovely piece of magical engineering. It is way too expensive, too heavy, slow focusing and not very useful for other purposes than taking portraits of people you like and who like you.

I am happy with it.
You can take photos of people who don't like you too, you show them the picture and you become friends.

I use mine to shoot boxing, yes boxing and basketball. But I am with 1DX. It is my go to lens for these disciplines.
Just don't try to focus from infinity to MFD.

Lenses / Re: buying advice: canon 85mm f1.2 II or f1.8?
« on: December 17, 2014, 11:34:19 AM »
The 85 f/1.8 is not even close to the 85L

Try these on a 85 f/1.8 :P:
These are nice! Well done!

Lenses / Re: DANGIT! I rented the 85 1.2ii
« on: December 16, 2014, 08:55:11 PM »
it´s a nice lens sure.

i like mine.. even with it´s slow focus.

but soft bokeh is often just an excuse for photographers with no ideas.

some people seem to think "i use the 85mm f1.2 and the portrait will be great".
well no....

Good advice but not in the case of the OP.
Looking at what he has, he passed already that stage.
I am sure he knows what he wants.

If money can afford it, buy it.
This is the reason I am with Canon.
Paired with 1DX, words can't express the feeling.
As opposed to what said above, it can make a somehow photo to one that makes people watch it - you are not a novice.
As for examples; go to
Just talk to the wife, if you have one, before pulling the trigger. She may not share your GAS; because if you really pay attention to what you already have it is really a GAS. Good news is, you are not alone.

If you pull the trigger, my suggestion: assign some time for special projects where you shoot whole events only with it (i mean unpaid events). You will get to know it better; then you will make the right choice when choosing the right tool for the right moment.

Lenses / Re: buying advice: canon 85mm f1.2 II or f1.8?
« on: December 16, 2014, 03:12:14 PM »
Excellent all-around responses! Thanks all! It looks like one of my main concerns wasn't made clear the first time, so allow me to add this wrinkle to my question: is the focus fast enough at for me to shoot reliably at f1.2 during a wedding event? Not at the altar where everybody is basically stationary, but when the bride is coming down the aisle or when she's tossing the bouquet or everyone is dancing at the reception... you know the drill. I'm all for big aperture and sweet bokeh, but is my subject going to be in focus? An all-bokeh pic of the bride's face (exaggerated) isn't going to sell money.

Thanks again!
Now that you are asking a specific precise question, the answer is no.
I used it on two weddings and keeper was around 50% during the walking down the aisle and bouquet tossing.
For these two specific moments you better go with the 70-200 2.8. No joking during these two moments. Please don't take your chances during wedding. It is a one in a lifetime moment.

EOS Bodies / Re: Noise - maybe it's good?
« on: December 16, 2014, 12:27:21 PM »
oof, thats a horrible picture.
You are nice! You want to be sincere but still nice to him.

OP; let's make a deal: if you want me to critique what you say then please read further,

But if you cannot take critique then please stop right now.I won't be nice.

Most likely you heard when they said that the first step in healing process is for the patient to realize that he is sick.
In order of importance, in portrait I value light, focus, expression, background and noise.
For sport and macro that would be different.

If you have heard someone saying that photography is about lighting, believe me he was not lying.
When I assess a portrait, that is the first thing I look at.
Your photo has the ugliest lighting ever.
Because of bad light, you should acquire courage and ask your subject to move to somewhere else, with a better light or where you can modify existing light (quantity, quality and direction).
In worst case scenario, you would pose him in such a way that lighting is the most flattering possible. In shooting concert for example, you wait for the expression as well as the right direction of light.
Dude, you could have asked him to chin up a bit so that the eyes were lit, or better yet use off-camera or bounce flash. Don't be shy. You are a photographer.
Your lighting technique sucks - available lighting !!!!

What is your focusing point? The nose? You shoot at f 1.4 that is shallow, you better be precise.

Expression is great. Not sure if that is your doing or just the subject was great. If it is yours then continue - good stuff, otherwise work on it hard.

Background: you suck again. You could have waited until that thing in green was gone. He is walking. Or simply, ask nicely for him to move.

Noise; you are at 35mm focal length, the subject is not moving, and yet you are at 1/200s - Justify it with non-importance of noise but I won't hear you. To me, that is just a lack of technique.

Maybe the subject likes this photo, but in my eyes, this is a total failure in all plans of my photography.
I wouldn't be surprised if your future bride sues you with this quality of photo.

As I said, the first step is in realizing that you are sick. Noise has no right to be good. It is not for nothing that everybody tries to shoot at ISO 100 whether they are from Camera Rumors or not. Creativity comes later.

I hope, you are not angry.
I am telling you what I see.
If you said, it is a good photo, I wouldn't argue. It is a matter of taste.
It is really ok to take good photos. I do that most of the time (if not almost).
But qualifying this as one of your favorites was too much for me; giving yourself the right to criticize people who do all to reduce noise in their photos just added salt to the wound.

Wanted to share one of my favorite shots from 2014 - that my wife took - while I was shooting a wedding on Michigan ave in Chicago, IL. She said she was trying to get some blur action behind us, then saw this crazy vehicle coming and was frantically adjusting her camera to try to capture the madness.  She got her settings just in time.

1/20 sec
ISO 400
You sure she isn't better than you?
Just joking ....
The first is one of a kind.

Lenses / Re: buying advice: canon 85mm f1.2 II or f1.8?
« on: December 15, 2014, 11:15:30 AM »
Hi all, I'm here again with a buy question: lots of online reviews state that the 85mm f1.8 is nearly identical to the f1.2 II in terms of image quality when stopped down to f2. It even focuses faster than the L version. All that the f1.2 version has going for it seems to be that it is very sharp wide open, and has slightly better sharpness and contract than the f1.8 version. Again, money is not an issue here. Is the f1.2 II worth my money with nearly identical visuals and even slower focus, to be offset with f1.2 for low light conditions? Let me know your real-world thoughts! Thanks!
Before buying any lens, rent one first.
Unless it is difficult to do so where you are, I see no reason to buy one before renting (unless you have the current version or very similar one).

You didn't specify what you need the lens for.
The good news is that you did already the good first step, by reading the internet. Now, go and rent each one of the three in order to see for yourself (including the 70-200), then ask questions. You will be able to determine the right answer from wrong, based on your personality and need.
Don't forget, specialized lenses dictate a lot on your photography style.

The 1.2 is not for everybody. It is my go to lens and I see no other lens that can replace it in my bag for now.
I never had it alone, though. I always have a general purpose lens with it.

As soon as my G.A.S even comes close to the amount of money The Wife Unit spends on shoes and handbags, then we can talk.   ;D
Sounds fair, not helping with GAS though.

I do both photos and wedding videos (in different events), and never liked staged attitudes grooms.

For photos, okay pretend that the bouquet will play three times, and then actually do. But video, I advise the couple not to make staged actions, which always seem poor taste.
Agree, I prefer taking the real emotion and add photos whenever I missed or miss-handled. I leave staging to pro-cinema.

Good read, thanks for sharing.
Worth reading, drink a coffee, reading, drink a hot chocolate, reading, look at the snow outside the window and reading over and over again; hoping to get cured from GAS.

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