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Absolutely normal.  Look at the LCD, it even tells you - 1/8 for middle, 1/60 for low bracket and 1" for high.

If you change the bracket size you'll notice the speeds change appropriately.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Rebel T4i Review With Video Samples
« on: June 15, 2012, 04:41:53 PM »
the reviewer is playing around with fixed objects.  The camera was built for people like me with kids - he could not find any kids or dogs to vide so we could see AF work with moving objects?  What a poorly executed review video in my opinion.

Exactly!  I wanna see someone 20ft away from the camera walk directly toward the lens!

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Rebel T4i Review With Video Samples
« on: June 15, 2012, 01:58:44 PM »
The AF seemed to hunt - i.e. go beyond point of focus then backtrack. That wasn't very nice. AF is better with the STM lenses, and silent. I've seen it in action and it is pretty nice.

He was using the EF-S 55-250 which is pretty slow AF anyway.  Would have been nice to see with something faster... doesn't necessarily have to be the STM lenses which AFAICT are all about noise rather than speed.

EOS Bodies / Re: Here's the Canon EOS Rebel T4i/650D
« on: June 06, 2012, 04:17:36 PM »
Can anyone make out if there's a headphone port icon on the side? I tried zooming into the image, but can't tell. If it has audio monitoring via a headphone jack, this camera might be worth the upgrade from my T3i

Doesn't look like it. I can see a timer input and mic input and then on the other flap its HDMI and something else....possibly headphones there....

Pretty much identical to the 600D in terms of flaps on the side...

It looks that it is a stereo microphone is on top.

Is that the odd looking thing between the popup flash and hotshoe?  Looks like it might pop out itself...

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