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The street price of a new 24-105 L IS F/4 kit lens is a bit short of $650.

This EF 24-105 f/3.5-5.6 IS STM non-L lens better be really good to demand the price of $599........

Ok, at least they got the price point on the 7D II right........

I tested a handful of 28-300L and couple of dozens of Tamron 28-300mm VC (previous versions) for my clients.

In my personal opinion, the Tamron is not a close match to the Canon L. The image produced by the Tamron particular at the long end is awful. Not just soft, the overall feel is simply awful.  To quote a previous poster in the 16-270 thread:  ” a bit of a joke”.

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Deals: Canon EOS 5D Mark III and more
« on: September 12, 2013, 09:02:27 PM »
The feedback page you saw was a Filtered feedback link that Only shows negative feedbacks.......

I find it odd, that if you check their ebay feedback, the last 25 straight(didn't read past the first page) ALL of them are NEGATIVE feedback.
many state that the 5D3's they are selling, are actually not even new, but used bodies

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Deal: Canon EOS 5D Mark III Body for $2886 Shipped
« on: November 23, 2012, 03:19:39 AM »
As of 11/23/12,  The price just dropped to $2500 at their auctions.

ebay item number is 360512357497

Canon General / Re: Canon Suspends Operations at 3 Plants in China
« on: September 18, 2012, 08:49:28 PM »
Would you still consider Germany a trust worthy ally if their prime ministers, one after another, visit the underground bunker of Hitler to pay their respect????

That is exactly many recent Japanese prime ministers did. They visited their National Shrine where at least 14 Class A war criminals of Second World War had their Tablets displayed as Japanese National Heroes.

Yes, these current day Japanese ain’t the ones that slaughtered Thirty Million Chinese civilians during the Second World War, but they as a nation is not taking the war crimes they committed around the world including to many US citizens seriously.

As far as they want to believe, is that they were beaten in the Second World War. They as a nation is not willing to face the countless atrocities they committed during the wars. Actually they are gradually removing these already scarce contents there are willing to admit from their text books.

The level of denial is like if Germany says Auschwitz never existed.

Due to the current close relationship between US and Japan, these outrageous behaviors of the Japanese politicians were largely and conveniently “ignored” in US news.

But to the nations around Japan, including China and South Korea, etc, these blood debt will Never be forgotten until either Japan as a nation Sincerely repent for the crimes they committed during world war II and vow to never do that again, or we will have to sleep with one eye open as they may pull another pearl harbor in the future.

History says otherwise, and is one of the main reasons for what is happening in China now.
That is ****ing stupid.

So should we europeans still be furious at Germany for all the crimes their nazi regime did against us during WW2? Should we take to the streets and smash Mercedes and BMWs?

I hope Japan pulls out all their companies from China and relocate them to friendlier countries. Japan don't need China, but China needs and wants japanese factories and products.

Worst part is that these demonstrations and riots are silently supported by the chinese government.

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