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EOS Bodies / Bingo! New Canon 5Ds has 50.6 MP new rumored specs
« on: January 30, 2015, 04:29:58 AM »
Hi, just saw this at NL

"Two new 5D variants are suggested, both with a 50.6MP full frame CMOS sensor
An EOS 5DS R version will be without low-pass filter
Magnesium alloy body, dust and water sealed
ISO 100-6400
5 fps
High precision 61 AF points
150,000 pixel RGB + IR photometry sensor
New "fine detail" picture style
1.3x and 1.6x crop modes
Customisable "Quick Control Screen"
Time-lapse movie
Interval Timer, Bulb timer
This info (and pic) first appeared on the japanese site [DC - Google xlt]"



Note: I might have started a similar thread on this topic quite some moons ago. I am a no tech guy who is not familiar with the common technical terms and funcionality descriptions. Anyway, according to the last months and announcements, what is feasable in the high ISO IQ above 25k quality wise concerning the last evoluationary steps by Canon?
Sensorarchitecture surely will be a crucial if not essential component along with pixel count, etc. Hope it remains in the low 20s e.g. 24 MP max.
Thank you for any prognostical note from our technically more advanced fora participants!
Regards, Peter.

EOS Bodies / Suggestions of a Canon MF announcement at Photokina!
« on: August 11, 2014, 05:55:27 AM »
Found this over at NL
"Suggestions of a Canon MF announcement of some sort at Photokina [PB]
Although an actual product announcement seems unlikely, a 'technology demo' or concept camera might appear.
With the likely arrival of a replacement for the 7d, I' wonder if any other significant product would be held over, so as not to distract from the 'big event' ? - a 7D2 and a move to MF would certainly get the headlines though."


Hi, may I ask you a question?

On my flickr I have received this mail. What do you think about this offer?
Thanks and regards, Peter

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If you want to try, all you have to do is answer Yes and I will send your photos’ link in crowdmedia.co when it is done.

EOS Bodies / 1DX2 5D4 to be announced in January/ February 2015
« on: June 22, 2014, 03:13:52 PM »
Over at NL I just read:
21st Both the 5D4 and 1D X mk2 are to be announced January/February of next year, we're told (thanks).
The 1D X mk2 will be announced first (potentially late this year), but will ship later.
Both will incorporate significant advances in sensor design, which mean that there will be no high MP '3D' class body this year.

The info suggested that this was what was being tested in the studios we heard about last month,
(we've read it here: http://www.canonrumors.com/forum/index.php?topic=21078.0)
and that elements of it woud appear in the upcoming 7D mk2, but that the real advance would not be seen until next year.

@CR guy: did you receive any other, supplementing news by sources which were accurate in the past?


What could the specs of a 5D4 be in ISOs? "native 51K"? Let's say ISO 25.6k like my ISO 12.8 on the 5D3 today? I just hope in case of the 5D4 they don't raise the MP count but improve the great allround cam significantly in IQ high ISO wise.

I really like that. But I guess we are lightyears away from such a device...Or Sony could take us by surprise by 2016?


Well, this is as crazy as it gets...
"Is Amazon attempting to patent an age old photography lighting technique? A recently published patent seems to suggest that, and it’s getting some photographers up in arms. Multiple readers have sent us (rather angry and bewildered) tips about the patent, which was first reported on by Shoot the Centerfold. The document itself was published on March 18, 2014, is titled “Studio Arrangement,” and features the diagram above showing a lighting setup."


EOS Bodies / Canon pricing e.g. 1Dx vs D4s
« on: March 18, 2014, 05:16:31 PM »
Hi, maybe it's an odd question to some of you. Just observed, that retail shops in Switzerland sell the 1Dx at CHF 6760 while the new Nikon D4s is at CHF 6125 body only. Do you see a similar tendency in your parts of the world and what is the reason to sell the at least 2 years old flagship cam at this price? Just curious, I am a happy 5D3 shooter...;-)

A friend of mine and early adopter of the D4s dropped me this link

Hi, now that the D4s is a fact, what is to be expected by Canon?
We are living in a crazy age. ISO 409600. Looking forward to see some RAW samples...

EOS Bodies / Chinese Chat forum mentions 4K Canon...
« on: February 21, 2014, 03:12:55 AM »
As seen over at NR
"There appears to be more chat on the Chinese Xitek forum about a camera from Canon that will do 4k and pushing 40MP, but once again, no details. Of course, I'm subjected to the vagaries of Google translate for this, so who knows what it could really be about..."


@CR guy: hope you'll get some additional info soon ;-)

Third Party Manufacturers / New Foveon Sensor Patent by Sigma
« on: February 19, 2014, 02:37:50 AM »
Hi, just stumbled upon this.

What is the Canon equivalent to it in this field?


Looking forward to the late 2014 DSLR announcement(s) at least sensor tech wise. No need for a new cam. 5D3 is still great and kicking ;-)

Regards, Peter

Hi, there was some movement on the "dark side", so what's next for us "Canonites"?


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