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EOS Bodies / Re: How much will the 5d3 cost at the end of 2012?
« on: July 04, 2012, 02:53:06 PM »
I think we'll see some sales (around $200) and/or rebates on MKIII at Christmas time. The official price drop will likely happen around spring of 2013 (most likely in the range of $300).

I don't see the "official" price dropping at all until the 5D mark IV comes out (if there even will ever be a 5D4). The 7D is still listed at $1699.00, even though you can buy it through B & H for $1549.00. The lowest I have ever seen the 7D (through B & H) was $1300.00 and that was a couple of months ago. The 5D3 is the "thing" right now, so I don't see the price dropping past $3000.00 through a reputable dealer any time soon.

This isn't to say that the price won't drop through some retailers but the "official" price will remain until it is replaced with another camera body or discontinued.


EOS Bodies / Re: How much will the 5d3 cost at the end of 2012?
« on: July 04, 2012, 02:35:47 PM »
The 5D3 can now be had for $3079. So end of this year, I'm predicting $2900 or less on eBay.



I have nothing against the sellers on eBay (as I am one myself) nor am I calling them dishonest, but I would have a really hard time spending $3100.00 on something through eBay. For something of that cost I would rather deal with a known dealer (B&H, Adorama...) or someone local. I usualy find that the extra money "saved" is not worth it if you ever have a problem.

Thankfully, even if you do have a warranty issue, you can send it straight to Canon, but who knows if the camera you are buying for $3100.00 isn't a refurb or worse?


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: July 03, 2012, 11:25:32 PM »
Baby roadrunners, one eating. T1i, 60mm macro, 380EX flash.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: July 01, 2012, 11:23:07 PM »
Richard...I love those hummingbird shots. There are no hummingbirds in Hawaii :'(
Here is one of a White Tern taken yesterday. 7D, 100-400L @400mm, f/7.1, 1/1600, ISO 400. Hand held and cropped and pp in DPP.

Thanks, I love having them here in Southern Arizona. Due to the migration paths of many of these little guys, we get to experience them here year round!


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 5D Mark III - Price Drop Details
« on: July 01, 2012, 07:10:45 PM »
I bought my 7D about 5 months ago and the price was about $1550.00. 2 months later it dropped to $1400.00. Now the price (at B&H) is back up to $1550.00. The 7 is holding it's value quite well even though it is almost 3 years old now. I don't regret buying it at the higher price because it was a fair price when I bought it so it isn't a big deal.

The 5D2 listed at $2200.00 shows that it still holds it's value really well. We just bought a lightly used 5D2 w/ grip from a friend who recently upgraded to his 5D3 and was really motivated to sell. We paid $1600.00 for our 5D2. We can't tell it from a new camera. (Less than 25K clicks)

I can't see paying full retail for anything (prices always change, rebates, sales, whatever) unless your NEED truly outweighs the costs. And if that is the case, pay what you need to pay. I have lots of friends who rushed out to get their 5D3's and are now dumping their "old" equipment to pay for it. :)

My camera stock is growing and I am paying half of the cost new! I love it!


Animal Kingdom / Re: Show your Bird Portraits
« on: June 30, 2012, 11:25:56 PM »
Here are a couple. Taken with my Xti/7D with 70-300 IS USM, 70-200 IS USM, 100 macro.

Software & Accessories / Re: Battery Grip for 7D - any suggestions?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:35:13 PM »
I have not yet used an aftermarket one for the 7D but after using my BG-E7 I am convinced that OEM is not always the best purchase on grips. I purchased mine used off of eBay for about 70 bucks. I won't pay full price for a grip. All of my grips have been bought used for a fraction of the price of new.

1) There is no "Canon" logo on the BG-E7 so no one would know an OEM grip from an aftermarket one without looking at it very closely.

2) The OEM shutter butter is VERY soft to the touch. If you are not really careful when you press half-way down to focus, you will find yourself cranking off about 4-6 shots before you realize what you have done. Very annoying and I understand some of the aftermarket grips have a stiffer button.

I know it's not a grip for the 7D but my wife has a Zeikos grip for her 5D2. It's of very nice quality and feels very solid (not quite as "heavy" as the OEM but for the savings, I can overlook that). I wouldn't hesitate buying one again if the need arose. The buttons are smooth and everything works perfect.


Oh, I dunno. I got my 430 EX to accept an external battery pack. :)



Not to trivialize anyones choices or investments I was just highlighting the biggest case representing the most likely IQ fanatics that have a sizable EF-S investment that would be most impacted by a move to FF and that Canon would be the most concerned about in their branding and upgrade paths.  What are the EF-S lenses you have?   

Well, seeing as how I shoot with BOTH APS-C and FF cameras I see no reason to NOT invest in EF-S lenses, if the need is there.

I love my 5D2 for what it can do and I love my 7D and NOBODY is taking my 7D away! My wife loves her T1i even though she has the 5D2 and 7D to play with. You see, each camera will appeal or not appeal to everyone differently. Just because one person swears by FF cameras, someone out there will disagree and they won't be wrong for doing so!

It's not really an issue to me and as to what lenses I own, that is a different subject that is not part of the 7D2/70D discussion we are having. I simply meant that Canon needs to take into account someone who has bought a APS-C camera and if they make an upgrade to it, it should be compatible with what equipment they already own. (EF, EF-s) Canon has maintained that tradition so far and I believe they will continue to do so with future camera bodies.

If there is a 70D, it WILL be APS-C

If there is a 7D2, it WILL be APS-C

If there is a T5i, it WILL be APS-C

If there is a 5D4, it WILL be FF

Any new cameras that do not conform to the existing formats will simply be named something new. (I.E. 3D, 6D... whatever) Pretty simple really.


aside from the three mentioned, what is your total investment in EF-S long glass? what long glass do you reach for when needed?

Who said my EF-s lenses were long reach? They make other EF-s lenses. If I choose to spend any amount of $$$ on ANY lens, regardless of EF or EF-s, you better believe I thought it out first and will use it until it dies!


EOS Bodies / Re: Would you do this for a Nikon?
« on: June 20, 2012, 11:37:38 PM »
I wouldn't do anything. 1) I wouldn't be shooting with one anyway, and 2) the punk can have it!


I think the logical conclusion to what you are saying is that if you buy APS-C then you are locked into it for life?
Only if you buy EF-S lenses. However, many of us buy EF (L) lenses and those work on FF as well. The advantage of APS-C (and the prosumer/pro 7D) is that you can get a much longer reach.

The "reach" APS-C argument doesn't really belong in the same room with the EF-S lens compatibility argument.  with the possible exception of the bargin zoom, 55-250 or whatever it is, the folks who want "reach" don't buy EF-S long lenses -- they buy long "L" glass,  and after market FF compatible long lenses.

  The only practical value to  the EF-S compatibility argument is for the WA and UWAs -- the 10-22s and the 17-55s and the 15-85s  -- where a significant investment has been already made, both in $ and in IQ, that cannot be utilized in FF.  These folks have to either sell their EF-S lenses and re-invest, or keep the old APS-C body.  If one has invested in long EF-S glass, that investment is not very sizable.

Tell that to Canon, they keep making EF-s glass and some of it is expensive! I own some EF-s glass that I wouldn't trade for anything!


I think everyone is forgetting that Canon APS-C, APS-H and full frame (35mm equivalent) sensors exist today for two reasons.

1) They correspond to existing film formats, making the switch from film to digital easier for those doing so. The logic behind Canon using these formats in digital sensors is clear.

2) The different sensors have different costs involved in production allowing Canon could offer budget minded entry level cameras ranging to the high performance professional cameras. APS-C sensors cost much less to produce than an equivalent MP full frame sensor!

Am I unhappy that the different formats exist? NO! They all offer something the other cannot. I use my 7D just as much as my 5DII! It all depends on what I want to shoot. I still throw my T1i (with my EF-s 60mm 2.8 macro) in my backpack when I want a throw-and-go camera that will consistently take awesome shots even though I have a sweet full frame 5DII to use whenever I need it! Now, I COULD throw my EF 100mm 2.8 macro on my 5DII, but the DOF (and sharpness, and ease of use) on the T1i/60mm is unmatched.

Now, will cameras exist one day that are all full frame? Maybe. Will Canon develop medium format digital sensors? That's very likely. There will be no end to the megapixel race as well as to the size of the sensor. (http://news.yahoo.com/supercameras-could-capture-never-seen-detail-171825569.html) For now, we have what we have.


I upgraded from a 50D to a 7D, because I felt the 60D wasn't an upgrade for my type of shooting.

When I had to upgrade from my 40D, the 60D wasn't even worth looking at in MO. I went straight for the 7!!!


or xxxxD disapear / become mirrorless APS-C

xxxD entry level DSLR

xxD or xD top level APS-C doesnt matter there can be only 1

if xxD is the top APS-C then they might get creative with the
xD and make it a Premium sports / wildlife body say maybe something along the lines of
a 1Dmk4 in a 5Dmk3 body :P

True... I would have to agree with this.


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