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So I updated my 5D3 with the new firmware and now I can't seem to select any focus point groupings other then: "Single-point AF.  I can move the Single-point AF around but I can only select the "Single-point AF" ( the little soft cornered square).  I have poured over pages 72-73 of the manual but nothin' :o

Am I the only one?

EOS Bodies - For Video / 30p and shutter speed- 1/30 or 1/60 and why?
« on: March 31, 2012, 12:19:15 PM »
I'll be shooting video with my new 5D III and I keep reading that I should double the frames per second
30p/25p/24p to get the proper shutter speed:  30p->1/60 25p->1/50(PAL) and 24p->1/50 (closest speed).
SO my question is why and  that I might better understand, what is the logic behind this?

Shooting 1080/30p I find that shutter speeds over 1/60 look very Jittery and I know that that can be used as an effect or look. I guess I find 1/60 a little jittery as well, so I windup shooting at 1/30- am I making a mistake?

A long time ago I thought I remembered, reading or hearing, that 8MP was the goal or benchmark. That at 8MP this was the number that would be most analogous to film.

What IS the MP count- or is the question more complicated then this?

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