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EOS Bodies / Re: No DXO results on 1DX until at least September...?
« on: August 02, 2012, 01:30:55 PM »
I have a bit of inside info on this subject, can't really say too much but they're "resolving the issue of how to alter the test so that the 1d X doesn't beat the D4"

Hello Viggo,

I'll just give a quick summary, so as not to create any panic here.  I believe the reason the 5D, 5DII, and 7D acquired focus lock on the low contrast, low light, "stationary" towel in AI Servo was because they have a slower frame rate (the 7D lowers its frame rate automatically in low light) which seems to put the emphasis on focus acquisition.  The 7D, MKIV, 1DX also have the default feature for first Image focus priority, which also places an emphasis on slower focusing, as opposed to shutter release. We're not yet saying that the 1DX doesn't track well in AI Servo, we're just saying that the first focus lock of a stationary or slow moving subject in low light, low contrast situations is difficult to lock-on when higher than 10fps are in use.

Keep in mind though that when the frame rates of the MKIV and 1DX were lowered they did perform better than the 7D in my testing.  I don't own the 5D or 5DII, so I'm going by others findings with regards to this.  In case people didn't read the whole thread, at least in my test, these findings were occurring in low light, low contrast situations of a stationary object in AI Servo in order to lock on the target prior to it moving, to establish focus lock so that the camera will be ready to begin tracking once the subject started to move. Sycotek wanted to test the threshold limits of the 1DX's ability.

"I will say though, that in my experience in real world shooting with the MKIV, in low light, low contrast situations, and shooting at 10fps, I have never had a problem in AI Servo mode, and the 1Dx seemed to perform similarly under the testing conditions above, however, I haven't had a chance to test it in game situations yet.

Recommendations would be if the MKIV or 1DX couldn't lock on the first frame of a tracking burst in AI servo, then the shooter needs to make sure that they grab an edge of the subject to create more contrast (I do believe that this is common knowledge at this level) for focus lock, once the subject starts "moving" and the distance to the camera increases or decreases rapidly then this is supposed to aid the camera in AI Servo tracking.  The other point here, would be to lower the fps to less than 10fps if a problem did arise in real world shooting situations.

I think a good analogy would be if you had 2 race cars going through a slalom course, lets say that one car was limited to 50mph (7D) and the other car was limited to 100mph (1DX).  The drivers were told to make it through the course and around the cones as fast as they can without hitting any cones. The 50mph car would have the same chance as not hitting any cones as the 100mph car, because it's up to the drivers to not exceed the limits of the cars.  Just because the one driver can go 100mph, doesn't mean he should.  He also has the option of going 50mph, or he can go 75mph and win the challenge, or he go 100mph and drive off of the course.

Viggo, in further response to your concern, I don't think that this is as alarming as you think, because the 1DX can be slowed down to meet the needs of the shooting conditions, just because the 5D, 5DII, and 7D are already slowed down by default doesn't necessarily make them better.  I would also be curious to see how the 5DIII behaved, however, I expect that it would behave similarly to the 1DX would if we were to reduce the fps of the 1DX to match the frame rate of the 5DIII.

We also have to be careful when analyzing focus points on the monitor or LCD, because if the camera were to miss focus on the center low contrast point of a subject while holding down the focus button, and then we were to re-compose the shot to the edge of the target, the focus points may look like they were focusing on the higher contrast edge the entire time.


Thank you so much for your thourough reply.  :)

I used to own the 1d4 so I can clearly say the 5d3 kills it completely when it comes to AF, and that is not limited to when using higher framerate. I had my 1d4 set to 5fps in "L" mode, and it still sucked at indoor tracking compared to the 5d3. So my concern was that the 1d X performed similar to the 1d4, which would have been hugely dissapointing considering the 5d3 is that much better.

It must be some kind of math I don't really get, because I don't see why logic would support loss of inital focus could be caused by higher framerate. Sure, between frames, AF would struggle more at 12 fps than at 6 fps, that's a given, but when you lock focus and haven't shot a single frame, why does it matter how many frames the camera can shoot consecutively?

And to be honest I would much rather the 1d X slowed down to 10fps in such a situation causing this issue rather than keeping 12 fps and not work.

Btw, my 5d3, as my 1d4 used to be, is set to focus priority for 1st image and tracking for 2nd frame. I would rather have slower framerate and focus than 40 images oof. Although it REALLY annoyed me the 1d4 wouldn't fire at all when it was dim light.

I also set the camera to keep searching for focus if it couldn't be obtained. I accidently turned that off one time I shot macro and every AF operation just stopped.

Thanks again! After owning a VERY early 1d3, I'm not buying another 7k camera with AF issues.

We're talking about 7d and 5d2 here, against the 1d X, wow... this isn't very reassuring to say the least...

What if we compare to the 5d3? I'm not really sure how to test this issue with it, but I tried it against a 7d, just in general, and the 7d didn't stand a chance on any level....

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 135 f/1.8L IS
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:45:34 PM »
I really like the 135mm f/2.0L, however, I don't use it as much as I used to because it is starting to show its age. The lens isn't much faster focusing than the 85mm f/1.2L II (feels like it has slowed down over a few years) and I think the focusing speed needs to be improved to keep up with the 1DX. 135mm is one my favorite focal lengths for basketball so I'm looking forward to a new model. I don't need the extra 1/3 stop of light or IS but will happily take any improvements I can get my hands on.

Yeah, then you need another copy, the 135 is 8 times faster than my 85.... In fact I find the 135 faster than the 70-200 2,8mk1..

Lenses / Re: Canon EF 135 f/1.8L IS
« on: August 01, 2012, 03:41:15 PM »
I would sell both my 135 and 85 L II for this if it was real.

Anywho, even if they haven't designed it yet or have gone in to production, it will still take 6 years before we can actually hold and use one...

EOS Bodies / Re: 1Dx availability in the UK
« on: August 01, 2012, 02:32:22 PM »
I love the fact I no longer work for the camera shop I used to, so now I am looking at 9138 USD compared to 7476 USD.. Plus I can't get a hold of one...

Needles to say I am envious of you guys that have gotten yours...

Do you have problem trying to select the AF point with the multi-controller? It's not responsive with my 1Dx. Let me know if you have the same problem. I'm wondering if it's just my 1Dx or it's the same with all 1Dx


I can't say I have that issue - however You need to enable it - if you haven't then turn the unit on - hit [Q], custom config, select multicontroller (bottom right) and set it to af selector.

Great work keeping this thread alive, maybe Craig could push this issue out on the front page and stir it up also? Seems like this really needs all the attention it can get.

I'm still a tad mad for the silence from Canon on the 1d3 issues, so let's hope this isn't one of those things. They have been more open lately, let's hope they started a new way with that and keep it up!


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 1DX review!!!
« on: July 31, 2012, 02:53:54 PM »
Hello again from Archangel72  8)

Here is another nice review of Canon EOS 1Dx from world-renowned wildlife photographer (and Nikon shooter) Andy Rouse.


Amazing pictures !!!  :o

Can't wait for my piece of 1Dx beauty.
Almost there, almost there ...  ;D


SICK images!! Wow!! ;D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX vs 5D3
« on: July 30, 2012, 04:32:33 PM »
How's the wakeup time compared to the 5d3? I'm still very annoyed and puzzled the 5d needs a week to wake up...

I adjusted my lenses under artificial light, and had to skip it and after a few mails with the FoCal dudes, it turns out that the flickering in artificial light can create problems, for instance under fluorecent it was absolutely consistently in front by the same amount on all lenses. Outdoors, it was as consistent, but now they were all dead on.

On a side not, I got a heads up from the FoCal people that my 50 L would cause trouble to adjust. I went great with the 5d3, but on the 5d2 I spent nearly three hours as it kept loosing the target during testing.

Do not take advice from this man!

Portrait / Re: Heat Wave! 100 Liters of water + model + sunshine....
« on: July 30, 2012, 06:09:06 AM »
Let's not beat around the bush. It IS overexposed. Justifying that by saying you like bright images doesn't alter the fact that you went to all that trouble and got it wrong.
No problem though, you learnt for next time.

No, it's not. Haha, the very idea that exposure is a set rule and that it belongs dead in the center is a joke, so don't try to sell me such fabricated nonsense. It's exposed perfectly for the desired effect. If you believe that is too much, then I'm happy that you feel it's too much, however it was decided ahead of time, it was edited and shot as such, and published as such.

It's exactly how it was meant to be. The only thing that was "learnt" (not actually a word, by the way) was that I should bring more water for next time.
+10! I expose to my liking, if a stupid Sekonic plastic box tells me it was over I throw it away.. Hm, oh, that's right, I in fact did that with mine after three days of using it...

Keep up the good work and break the rules!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX vs 5D3
« on: July 29, 2012, 01:31:28 PM »
All right, I'm still out shooting, but so far my general observation is if you have the 1D Mark IV, the clear upgrade is the 1D X.  If you already have a 5D Mark III, you would not substitute the 1D X for the 5D Mark III.  So far I'm not seeing anything difference in regards to IQ.  I did a really far crop on one photo out in a field, and the depth of detail stops shorter in the 1D X photo, likely due to the less 4 mp than the 5D Mark III.  Well, now this is interesting.  Like Brian mentioned, the coloring looks different because I'm thinking the 1D X and 1D4 for that matter, you can even throw in the 1Ds3, seem to be metering more accurately and the colors look a bit more accurate.  Sometimes the auto ISO on the 5D3 is slightly off, even though it says the exposure is correct, whereas the 1D X, 1D4, and 1Ds3, are never wrong.  Photos to come.

Awesome, thanks for going out of your way to provide your experience, means a great deal!

The metering on my 5d makes me miss the 1-series option to adjust 0 ev on the scale... my 5d3 is usually off by at least one full stop to my liking, always +1 or up to 3 stops up in backlight situations...

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX vs 5D3
« on: July 29, 2012, 11:16:00 AM »
I am interested to hear from anyone who has used both cameras.  I have two 5D3s and I am a wedding photographer.  I love my cameras but I am always curious if there is something better that will help me do my job better.  I am interested if the AF is just a little faster and better and I have also read that the sensor may be a little better.  Anyone have any experience with the two cameras?
The focusing on the 1DX is faster and sharper. Only
By a 15% or so. Nothing major but noticeable.
I tested both with the same lightning setup and the same 24-70
f2.8L lens.
Also, listening to the machine gun-like sound of 12fps is
Amazing. Even the sound of the shutter is clean and sturdy. The old 5D II sounded horrible. I
Love the sound of the 1D X
The best advantage of the 1D X is the ergonomics and feel. Even with the grip, the 5D doesn't feel as sturdy and comfortable, but with the extra 4MP and $3000 price
Difference, the 5D is the clear choice.

Thanks, I seems that way to me also.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 1DX vs 5D3
« on: July 29, 2012, 04:16:09 AM »
Oh, I read it all what I can find about specs and know them by heart from.October last year, but I fail to see any proof the tracking is better, not just on paper...

The af and tracking is the main reason why I choose cameras, so I guess the 5d3 is the best choice...

And if we look at what USED to separate the 5d and 1d, I think it's very safe to say the 5d3 is by far the best Canon value for money...

And the difference between å 60d and å 5d is way bigger than the 5d3 and 1d x, so I don't get that point Neuro...

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