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Lenses / Re: Which extender is best
« on: November 13, 2012, 02:58:23 PM »
Strangely, my 3 year old DG version gives me correct EXIF info. l just checked an image and it reports the lens as " EF70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM +2.0x", focal length as 380mm and max aperture as 5.7. Is this only because it's a version II lens?

As I wrote, the Kenko confusion is growing :-p ... obviously the older "dg" tries to emulate the Canon one by adding +2.0x to the lens info, the newer dgx only modifies the focal length, at least with my 70-300L + 1.4x ... maybe to get around the disabled f8 af.

Sorry.  Whatever the case, I got enough consensus to determine I should try returning my copy and hope for a better copy next week.

I am amazed that this issue pops up now after so much time - maybe people are just now realizing that it's the camera's and not their fault? In any case I don't understand why switching 5d3 copies should solve anything, either the firmware/camera/flash-combination has broken low-light af or it hasn't. Go, 6d, go :-p

So now instead of having the subjects wait 3-4 seconds for the AF Lock to work with the flash attached, I have to have them wait even longer while I detach or attach the flash and fumble with it or change a menu setting before I can take the shot.

I guess turning the flash off should suffice - isn't it? Maybe even turning off the af assist feature in camera and disabling the flash to fire (on the 600rt, that's a dedicated button).

I did notice those problems with my 5D3 and a 580EXII flash. It just takes too long to focus.

The really surprising issue is that even with the new 600rt flash which is the same product generation this problem seems to occur - and Canon adjusted the af assist to match the 1dx/5d3 af spread, so if they didn't fix it then they probably simply aren't able to.

Since this is an issue affecting many pros it would be nice to get some first-hand information from Canon, their pro support is said to be good and responsive to the customers?

Lenses / Re: Which extender is best
« on: November 13, 2012, 12:24:41 PM »
I've got a Canon extender and only added advantage I'd add is that it reports accurate focal length information in the EXIF.

That's the older dg version, the newer dgx version reports correct exif. There's always a lot of confusion about the different Kenko genrations, just get the latest one :-p

Can Kenko glass even come close to Canon's optics?

That's a definitive "yes" - as for how close they are, from what I've read the 1.4x don't show much of a difference, but everyone can google the reviews for him/herself. Personally, I didn't have a choice anyway since the Canon doesn't fit Canon (the 70-300L) and I really like the Kenko on the 100L macro, too.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: D600 Review with images
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:49:02 AM »
Nikonrumors: Website where people whine about Nikon and threaten to switch to Canon

I don't read that site :-> but while of course Nikon will have made some cuts to the d600, I cannot imagine Nikon users are really contemplating switching to Canon atm with the latest delays and specs ... and prices, but maybe Canon is a viable alternative if money doesn't matter...

Lenses / Re: Which extender is best
« on: November 13, 2012, 04:45:59 AM »
Shooting all kinds of subjects, so no particular purpose for the TC other then  "just extending" :).

I've got the Kenko 1.4x dgx tc which is "just fine"... in comparison to Canon...

... advantages are a) it fits *every* lens, b) it's smaller, c) it's cheaper, d) af works with f8 (the Canon tcs need a 1d body or a 5d3 with the April (!) 2013 (!) update).

... disadvantages are afaik a) not weather sealed, b) not white :->

IQ seems to be on par with Canon, the latter might be better for some lenses because it moderates (i.e. slows) af speed to give more precise results. But as a "just extend" solution the Kenko is very good, I use it with my 70-300L and 100L macro.

Generally you should stay clear of 2x extenders unless the lens itself is absolutely stellar - otherwise sharpness might be better with cropping, though with higher iso noise.

I do not understand why it takes so long for the focus indicator to light, but since I get in-focus shots quickly by just holding and pressing the shutter, thats what I do.

This thread is getting a little confusion because the title is about af assist but now it's about low light af in general... the fix "just full-press the shutter" is valid for shots with flash and af assist, too?

EOS Bodies / Re: Hands On with the 6D at Photoplus CPS Lounge
« on: November 12, 2012, 12:42:17 PM »
Or has it been reviewed and I just missed it?

Unlike other big manufacturers, Canon obviously doesn't have buddies that get the new gear first in return for favorable reviews - but it's indeed a bit irritation that the 6d is shown but no reviews are permitted. My guess is that the gps/wifi firmware isn't out of beta yet, but that still doesn't explain why no test shots can be taken. Let's hope Canon has nothing to hide, the specs are weak and the price is high enough :-o

I was thinking the same thing but if the 1Dx and 5D3 exhibit a similar fundamental problem, what are the chances that the 6D won't also have trouble?

... simply because of this:

Perhaps they are larger AF points and the center cross point is the magic point for low light performance.  Hmmm....

Canon actually stated that one reason (except for marketing, that is) for them giving the 6d so few af points is that you need larger af points for better low light performance - and the 6d is supposed to be able to focus at 1/2 the light of 1dx/5d3 which is near darkness.

Smaller af points might be more accurate in good light and you can track better with many of them, af points expansion is nice - but now we might know the tradeoff.

I'm very interested to see the first real (non-"hands on") 6d review and if the performance with or w/o af assist is better. For me, if I shell out €3000 for a camera body it has to be 110% reliable for what I intend to do - maybe it's better to have the small 6d that does focus than a 5d3 that is beaten by p&s cameras... the 5d2 is not a real alternative because the specs say its af stops working at much more lit conditions? And all that with the d800 @2400€ and the d600 @1800€, harrrrgnnnn...

Hope more folks report their experiences with the 5d3 so we might be able to figure out the exact problems - before I actually do buy my first ff body :-o

EOS Bodies / Re: Hands On with the 6D at Photoplus CPS Lounge
« on: November 12, 2012, 01:40:12 AM »
I'm wondering how the non-center AF points on the 6D compare to the corresponding AF points on my 550D. Will they be any better? Because in my dark bedroom with only the TV on and a small light behind it, my 550D (with 50mm F/1.8 II @ F/2.8 on it) regularly has trouble achieving focus at all when using any AF point except for the center one.
The pattern detection of the 6d will be as bad as the 550d - non-cross points except for the center one. This is different from low light af performance, and here afaik Canon hasn't released any specs for the outer af points except that they are not as capable as the center one - so only real life reviews might be able to tell us.

So you honestly think the AF of the 5D2 is better then the 6D's?
Why should someone need the 5D3's AF (or even 1DX) if he doesn't do sports?
The 5d3 (or 1dx) af doesn't seem to be that stellar in low light situations because it's slow - so the 6d might be more attractive than it seemed at first, see

Bottom LineMy 5D3 low light focus performance SUCKSHeck, my 5Dc focuses better in low light.  Aaargh!!

As a potential 5d3 customer I am completely confused by this whole discussion, because it's now moved from slow lock with af assist (even with 600rt) to complaints about general bad low light af performance?!

So is the 5d3 now a capable wedding-event camera or isn't it because of these issues? How is it possible that many people seem to get it working, or are they simply lucky and their receptions were better lit?

If this is a problem and Canon cannot solve it (just like the non-working af indicators in servo, obviously they only will be added to the 1dx) I'm really considering either getting a much cheaper 5d2 or maybe the 6d that is esp. marketed as having better low light af than the "old" 5d3/1dx system.

Software & Accessories / Re: Lightroom 4.1 Running SLOW!
« on: November 11, 2012, 03:56:32 PM »
So my experience tells me that the dng file is indeed the problem.

Did you use LR4's dng version with "Embed Fast Load Data"? That's exactly made to speed up rendering, though at the cost of a bit larger filesize - and still smaller than the original cr2.

Lenses / Re: EF 24-70 f/4L IS & EF 35 f/2 IS
« on: November 11, 2012, 10:41:58 AM »
Question - when you need fast SS to freeze action is it better to switch IS off? Does it get in the way? I usually just leave my IS on all the time, should i switch it off if my SS is 1/focal length, crop factor adjusted?

Say you were to shoot a landscape at 1/200s at 24mm (obviously don't need IS) but is is there any reason why I should switch it off? Assume I have no tripod.

At what point does IS have a noticeable effect? Like what is the threshold?

Good questions - I asked the same one some time ago and no one came up with a conclusive answer. My 2 cents for handheld (for tripod turn IS off and mlu on esp. for longer exposure times):

At very high shutter speeds turn IS off because the vibration might decrease iq (also see here: For other higher shutter speeds turn it off unless you require the stabilized viewfinder to track an object or set the af point just where you want it. Another reason for turning off IS when it's not really required is simply that it doesn't wear down that way - Canon doesn't give us a 6 year warranty like Tamron :-o

Personally I think IS is unnecessary @ 1-2 stops faster than 1/(focal lenght * crop factor).

Where do you see the price drop?
Since it is rumored that there is life out the U.S. :-p ... I probably have to correct my former prediction about the stable price, the 24-70ii in Germany/Amazon has dropped from €2200 to €2040, and that just after release - the (ridiculous) official price is €2300.
2000,75 now  :)

That's really unexpected (at least by me) - so probably I'll go for this lens after all if it drops some more. As for the reason - maybe it's the unstable European economy, or maybe the simple fact that there aren't that many enthusiasts and pros that are ready to pay €2000+ for a standard zoom w/o IS after all.

But I guess the price will stop to drop under the psychological €2k barrier - just like the 5d3 might stick €2950 for some time @Amazon.

And regrettably none of Canon's wireless mastering options offers 2nd curtain sync whereas all of Nikons's wireless CLS options do provide 1st, 2nd curtain and HSS in wireless mode - but they got no radio wireless as of yet. ;-)

I'm still amazed why Canon didn't add 2nd curtain wireless at least to the new 600rt protocol - since rt is not backward compatible anyway, it would have been easy to add this feature as ettl-iii. But maybe it'll be on the 660rt :-p ?

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