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EOS Bodies / Re: 7D vs 5D2???
« on: November 20, 2012, 08:48:39 PM »
The 550D uses a new, 18.7 (total) megapixel sensor that's similar, but not exactly the same as the one featured in the 7D (according to our sources at Canon).

That most probably only concerns the modified readout (dual digic4 on the 7d, single digic4 550d/600d/60d), so it's not exactly the same *physical* sensor - but it certainly has the same image quality.

Better autofocus capabilities yet - including f/8 - will be the main draw, though.

Until now the Kenko dgx extenders talk every camera into af'ing @f8 - I'd be surprised if the 6d was an exception, even if Canon surely won't support f8-af officially to make a point for the 5d3/1dx.

And don't forget: One drawback of high iso on the current sensors is reduced dynamic range, so you have less tolerance for exposure errors, recovering highlights or raising shadow - some less iso noise doesn't help here.

Lenses / Re: Help me choose a lens
« on: November 20, 2012, 07:48:40 PM »
Thanks, you've been extremely helpful!
Can't wait to read your thoughts after using the 17-40 on the 60D!

:-) Well, I can tell you right now it'll be great because until now I've been using a broken 1990s 28-105usm (gold ring) that is only so-so sharp @f8 on digital, even on crop. That's the good thing about my gear - there's lot of room for improvement w/o paying $10000+, so I'll try to keep my expenses in line with my abilities.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D vs 5D2???
« on: November 20, 2012, 05:45:38 PM »
Apart from hopefully having a better sensor, the replacement for the 7D would have better integration with some of Canon's latest accessories, like the Speedlite 600-EX-RT - for instance, only bodies of 2012 vintage or later integrate 100% with the use of the colour-correction gels supplied with the 600-EX-RT. 

That's the first time I've heard that's an issue, and many 600rt users wrote that Canon's gels are crap anyway and use other gels - which aren't calibrated even with the newest and shiniest 2012 bodies.

The 7D also requires a USB cable connection to integrate with a GPS receiver. - If any of these features mean anything to you, it may be another reason to wait.

Unless you want to log the direction the camera is pointing at just get a $40 external gps logger that lasts 24h w/o draining your eos battery, is very precise and keeps logging if the camera is off. And if you attach the data to the files later on you get the added value that with geosetter the real location names are written into the exif data.

Lenses / Re: Help me choose a lens
« on: November 20, 2012, 05:37:03 PM »
About the "cheap" thing... Well, to be honest I was a little embarrassed when writing this post, because most folks here seem to own at least a 5D_ camera and a whole bunch of $1,000+ L lenses...

Sounded like that, but this (nice) forum is heavily biased towards L lenses and ff (or 7d for wildlife), most regular posters wouldn't use a crop camera as a doorstopper. Just cross-post your question to a more general photog forum where people use Rebels and think the 60d is overkill...

You're right, a FF + thin DoF would help with my kid but not with events/group shots.

Another issue often confused is "how thin is a thin dof" ... depending on your focal length and the distance to your object f4 can be extremely thin - and even with your kids you probably want to have the eyes and nose in focus at the same time :-p ... I'd like to stop down much further often but cannot due to the iso noise, that's the main reason I'm going ff.

For now I've decided to keep the 60D and go with one of these:
- 17-40 + 50 1.4 + 85 1.8 (and sell the 18-135)
- 24-105 + 50 1.4 (and keep the 18-135 for WA needs, and sell it when I go FF)
- 17-55 2.8 + 50 1.4 + 85 1.8 (and sell the 18-135, and stick with APS-C)

For ef: Only you can answer how often you need a wide or ultrawide angle (look at the statistics of your shots so far on the wide and far end, it's easy in Lightroom and there are other apps around to calculate the stats). And only you know how many lenses you are ok to carry around and change them when needed.

For ef-s: I think the 17-55/2.8 is overpriced and I wouldn't pay that much for a non-sealed ef-s lens, and if you aren't set on f2.8 (and you aren't looking at the 17-40 option) then look at the very good but cheaper ef-s 15-85, too.

There are rumors flying around that parts of the 6D sensor are made using a new production technology.

Wow, that's exciting and exactly what a rumors site is supposed to be about - my theory: the new tech is something to cut back costs so that Canon can get a higher profit margin with the 6d over the 5d2!

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D vs 5D2???
« on: November 20, 2012, 04:22:11 PM »
I found my 7D to be one stop better for ISO than the T2

... um, but, but, they have the same sensor?! And looking at sample shots the 7d is probably worse because it has higher banding due to the dual readout channels.

Thus, the main difference is that with the 7D you have 18 MP, and with the 5DII you have 8 MP.
Help me out here, neuro. My 5DmkII has way more than 8MP...it's 21.1.  What do you mean by 8MP?

Let me interpret what our good Dr. Neuro is trying to say, it was a rather large textblock which tends to confuse people :-p ... if you crop back the 21mp shot to match the 1.6x crop factor, then there are 8mp left - if that's all you need you're ok with ff over crop because the iq is similar in this case (sharpness vs iso noise). I hope I've got it right :-p

Before we get too excited however the 1Dx has gap-less micro lenses, and I'm not sure if the same can be said for the other two?
At least the 5d3 does, I vividly remember people writing when realizing that the 5d3 sensor isn't a large leap as expected from the 5d2 "... but ... but ... it has gapless microlenses!" :-> ... Personally I don't care if it has orange-juice powered plutonium-afterburners as long as it delivers (or not).

See also here for the specs: http://www.bobatkins.com/photography/digital/canon_eos_5D_MkIII_preview.html

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D vs 5D2???
« on: November 20, 2012, 03:44:08 PM »
I'm sure this has been covered a dozen times before

Indeed ... but I can understand that these decisions are not easy so asking again is tempting :->

Except for absolutely stellar tele primes extenders are for occasional use and not for "always on" because they heavily depend on the iq of the base lens - the 100-400L isn't a promising choice for this and it'll be f8 which has af problems (I can tell, I've got the 70-300L which is sharper). That's why most budget wildlife shooters who want tracking and fast fps are on the 7d - the alternative is about $5000-$10000 more.

Upgrading from the 550d->7d with the same sensor also doesn't seem that smart to me unless you get a very good deal ... better wait for the 7d2 or 70d with probably a better sensor that'll solve your problem.

Btw: You should get a Kenko 1.4x anyway for even on crop, it's very nice on the macro :-)

More than likely the tiny difference in MP is due to design changes to increase wafer yields. It's even possible that 6D pixels are the same size as 5D3 pixels or a bit smaller if this is the case.

Actually the 6d sensor is a tiny bit smaller than the 5d3 one - if I wouldn't be that lazy I could do the maths and see if that's the difference between 22->20mp :-p

Lenses / Re: Help me choose a lens
« on: November 20, 2012, 02:57:14 PM »
Great, our favorite topic - spending other people's money :->

Although I don't have any expensive gear, a few friends of mine (P&S owners) keep asking me to shoot family events, like their kids' birthday parties (one-eyed man in the land of the blind...).

Your buddies seem to think the same - why buy gear for thousands of $$$ if we can talk someone else into it :-p

The "problem":
- 60D
- 18-135 kit lens
- 50 1.4 lens
- Speedlite 430 EX II

Cheap?!? Imho this is decent mid-range gear, maybe except for the lens. This should be absolutely sufficient for what you describe if you can handle the gear and don't want to do life-size prints. A ff camera with a thinner depth of field would even be more challenging...

- Keep the 60D, buy a 17-40 instead of the 10-22, and make do with the 17-40, 50 1.4 (and zooming with my feet) and the kit lens until I decide to take the plunge and go FF?

That would be my advice, actually I'm just out to get a 17-40 for my 60d myself and use it there until I grab a ff body.

Please: don't let yourself be talked into buying gear you cannot handle (yet!).

When I bought my 60d 2 years ago I thought about the 5d2, but I now know that it would have been wasted on me with my experience then. Just keep using the 60d with ef lenses until you maxed it out and really know that the limit is the camera and not your experience, and only then go get a new body. By that time, that'll be the 6d mk2 or 5d mk4 - and you'll have saved a lot of money and skipped piling up mediocre high-iq shots.

But it's your money, and Canon depends on people buying high end gear to feel more secure :->

Unless we see raw files taken at exactly the same studio conditions the only thing we learn is that the jpeg engine is better at 6D.

... and even that is uncertain because it's a comparison to the pre-release engine of the 5d3 which might have been optimized in the meantime.

I wish I have 6D on hand for side by side comparision. The match doesn't seem to add up, $2100 body is perform better than $3500 ::) in high ISO with same sensor.

The 6d will only be a little better because of the larger pixels... and as to the price: the reason would be that Canon cannot cut back the sensor in light of the Nikon competition - so they'll make sure to build in enough differences to the 5d3 elsewhere (1/4000s, 1/180s x-sync, body size, af, fw features like no raw hdr, ...).

Lenses / Re: Getting a used L lens in long-term production
« on: November 20, 2012, 02:01:17 PM »
I don't believe Canon does 'stealth' updates.

Not the hardware itself, but they might have ironed out some production variances (like more or less sharp corners) - the idea came to me when the discussion was if the 24-70 mk1 was sharp @f2.8 or not and some people said they couldn't be happier with recently produced samples.

But obviously nothing specific is known about the 17-40 so I'll just ignore the production date - thanks!

Interesting read indeed. I have a few 600rt's and both bodies, I am going to test side-by-side to see if I can replicate.

... and please test some lens & af setting configurations in different lighting conditions and object distances if you have the time :-p - there is definitely some FUD about this issue but even considering that there are enough "serious" reports it cannot be dismissed as imaginary.

Meh. If there is any tiny difference, it will be irrelevant in real world use.

Sure, though we'll only know for sure by looking at studio shots after a 6d raw converter is out. And concerning the dpreview shots: Actually I looked again and the focus on the 5d3/6d shots is a little different, so even @f11 that explains some differences.

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