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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon is getting owned in sensor technology
« on: April 19, 2012, 04:07:52 PM »
Both the 1DX and the 5D mk3 seem to be limated in resolution by processing speed being able to achieve the required FPS rather than Canon's ability to make a higher MP sensor.

btw processing speed is SLOWER in the 5D3,  compared to the Nikon D800: 6 * 22 vs 4 * 36

Well NO, even when I reduced the D800 resolution, the overall speed and responsiveness of the Canon was FASTER.
And I'm not even talking about the buffer....

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon is getting owned in sensor technology
« on: April 19, 2012, 03:37:32 PM »
While reading this thread I felt like mentioning my 2 cents too.

I was on vacation with my wife and had the chance to try out the D800 and the 5D3 (again, this time production models),
and beside all the specs on paper and the new released DxO sensor test results I saw today, I (we) significantly prefered the 5D3.
It was just a better Allrounder, custom settings C1..., far better grip, faster setting changes, dial + touch dial, used high ISO very often, better placed ISO button, nicer-punchy color, better WB in artificial dim light conditions, better AF, far(!)better Displays, faster menu response, faster overall, very silent, quicker buffer cleaning, better pics on 27''screen (non scientific comparison  ;) ) etc
I could use the Canon for all our purposes (even Street, BIF or Church and similar.....), the Nikon only for Landscape and Wild but not moving.
So yes on paper the Nikon looked great, but when using...aaargh
for us taking fotos must be fun,
using(!) the Nikon was arkward while taking fotos and even more so in PP!

By the way, El Corte Ingles Palma de Mallorca had several Body D800, 5D3s and 5D3 Kits on stock, yet at very high prices (over list prices...).  :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Um... is there a 30mpix camera on the way and when?
« on: April 15, 2012, 10:29:10 PM »
Well written, couldn't agree more.


EOS Bodies / Re: Um... is there a 30mpix camera on the way and when?
« on: April 15, 2012, 12:41:52 PM »
Maybe the up coming 24 & 28mm f2.8 are a hint too.
Why would they add an IS to those?

From my perspective, this is pointless.
I'm not even clicking anymore on a link, from a reviewer, who is not even taking his time to fully read a manual.
I have lost all respect for Ken.
I would call "this" an internet parasite.  :)


On a side note,

seeing that Nikon is starting to increase pricing in UK, I'm wondering if this is really due to a calculation error they made (at least thats what Nikon officially said)
if the demand is really "unprecedented" and they noticed they jumped into the market with a to low pricing (probably expecting Canon to be at a different price point...)

just a thought  ::)

Just to give you an idea for other regions.
A quick calculation for Germany, with some "average best" prices on the web today seen in Germany
(all prices plus shipping costs, domestic)

D800 - 2574 EUR
AF-S 24-120mm - 969 EUR
SB-910 - 396 EUR

5D mark III Kit with 24-105 - 3999 EUR
600EX-RT - 599EUR

I do not calculate Software in, this is only valid if you start "from scratch", and even if I would add it
its not changing the overall picture.
But to complete it:
NX2 - 145 EUR
Camera Control Pro - 128 EUR
(Personally I have enough, Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, DxO OpticsPro, DxO FilmPack & DPP of course)

If I would change the calc to the 24-70, its
Nikkor 1459 EUR vs Canon 2299 EUR! for V2 
(V1 is around 1098 EUR though)

I know, thats just a quick look at it, but it shows Canon pricing is unusually higher at the start of the product introduction to the market compared to Nikon! Thats how likely a large number of potential customers are looking at it too.
So there is lots of room to reduce prices in Germany for Canon…

I'm certainly going to wait some time until everything settles…  :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon marketing may be working overtime soon
« on: March 24, 2012, 10:35:01 AM »
The truth is the are only four group of people who care about what brand of camera we are using; other photographers, our dealers, our insurance agents and the security guards who keep saying " you can't bring that thing in here"

To everyone else they are all just big black heavy cameras that cost 100 times more than their cell phones.

Good one!

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon marketing may be working overtime soon
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:25:21 AM »
well internet forums are only a small part of the "reality".
they are full of trolls, fanboys and wannabes.

a great deal of complains you see about the 5D MK3 comes from people who would/could not afford it anyway.

it´s like apple vs. microsoft.
if you believe the trolls neither of these companys are good enough to make some money.

Yes I agree on that point.
Well, we'll see what happens.  :)
I just hope this comparison between 5DMark3 and D800 stops, because I would consider them to different. AllRounder against Landscaping/Studio.

I want a Canon FF AllRounder... ;D

So I stop here now too  :-X :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon marketing may be working overtime soon
« on: March 24, 2012, 09:17:03 AM »
Regarding momentum:
When you release a long awaited product to the market, expectations are always high, Canon Marketing failed to make use of it and or counter it (depending on the product).
Instead they were overrun by Nikon, which got quicker and more attention.
And more important more positive attention.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon marketing may be working overtime soon
« on: March 24, 2012, 08:59:25 AM »
I think XanuFoto may have hit the nail on the head.

The 5D2 was considered a good camera for studio and landscape use, where the ancient autofocus and slow FPS were less important, but they have now changed their tack a little by giving us solid improvements in those areas, and also making the low light capabilities so much better.

Nikon have now gone from a relatively low-res sensor to one bursting with megapickles, but the FPS is still slow, and from the comparisons that I've seen, it's not as good in low light as the 5D3.
So, they are different horses for different courses.

Personally, I think Canon did itself a diss-service by not giving the 5D3 a new name and they should have tried to distance themselves from the 5D2, as the 5D3 is, to me at any rate, more a cut-down 1Dx.
If they would have called it a 2D for example, or a 4D (I wouldn't call a camera a 3D unless it was a real 3D camera) a lot of the crap that is floating out there would have hit the road by now and be forgotten.

Personally, I'm definitely going to get one, but I'll wait a couple of months for all the dust to be settled when I'll be able to drive a hard bargain on one, because the retailers will have them sititng on the shelves and al the dust would have clreaed away.
They would have probably done one or 2 firmware upgrades by then too.

I think Canon have been smart. Instead of giving us a camera that is really only suitable for one or 2 genres, they've given us a really usefull and competant all-round camera that can still be used in the studio, or for landscapes, but can still cut the mustard with action and low-light shooting too.
Where the 5D2 was more for serious landscapers and studio work, the 5D3 is great for advanced amateurs like me who want a camera that can do everything.
Because of its new found speed and low light abilities, I reckon the wedding photographers will also be standing in line to get them too.


I agree with your observation. The camera is good, a nice "Allrounder". Which shouldn't be compared with the D800, but thats whats happening right now, due to the poor Marketing.
The Canon Marketing failed big time in this case.
Mistakes done so far:
The time of release to the market (the cam looks like it was designed for an earlier release like 8-12 months go or so),
the product name - they should have called her 6D and announce a high MP Cam too,
the decision to milk the 5D MarkII cow even longer
and the pricing itself of course should have been far lower, at least for the EMEA market (EUR & GBP);(they gonna get it back via the lenses anyway).
They lost the momentum, which is crucial when releasing a long awaited product.

Anyhow, I'm very curious how Canon will react to the situation. With price decreases, discounts, vouchers, tons of advertising and bought reviews, announce a high MP Cam in advance, or release a 5dMark3v2 in 18months... we'll see?  :o
The worst thing they could do is just sit and wait, like they have done often in the past, when you loose the momentum you need to action.
I'm also going to wait until the dust settled and hope for a nice price around christmas...  ;D

my 2 cents  :-X

PS and still, the D800 would suit me better I fear, if there wouldn't be this awful Nikon grip and GUI, the Canon just feels perfect in my hands...  :)
PS2 lets see what happens when they ship the 1D X ....

Wonderful, thanks for sharing the news.

Thats what I was looking for, really an allpurpose camera.  :D
I won't miss a "poppy uppy flash"  ;D

I'm wondering why Amazon Germany is still not even offering the 5D Mark III?

8. I think I'm going to like the WFT-E7 ...

"With the use of the WFT-E7’s built-in WFT Server the EOS 5D Mark III can be controlled wirelessly over an HTTP connection using a web browser. This means you can see what your camera sees and control the settings and shooting functions through a web browser (or a device like a smart phone or tablet). You can also browse and download captured images."


7. ALL-i

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