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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5D III Dynamic Range
« on: February 08, 2013, 04:48:45 PM »
IF you want a real answer- the answer is, the read out noise in the Canon cameras is high due theirs read out from the sensor edge  to the ADC, as long the read out noise is 14 times higher than the Sony/Nikon cameras at base iso there will be problem for Canon to get a large DR at base iso as  Sony have with theirs column wise ADC onboard the sensor chip. And add that the Canon sensor has banding issues/pattern noise in the lower levels.
Simple facts

Now who could have foreseen this?


but there is supposed to be a new 4/3 camera coming out soon that would retain the good user interface of the 4/3 bodies and promisses slightly better than APS-c IQ and ISO.

Wow, great news! From Olympus?

Edit: now I see, from Olympus. Sorry for the dumb question, I didn't pay enough attention. What's it going to be called? Are there any rumours to be read?

Look at micro 4/3..... lots of sales there. Look at the Rebel lineup.... lots of sales there.

One would have to be a fool to argue that the image quality from a current high end FF camera and top quality lens is not better than that out of a reduced sensor size camera with an EF-S or micro 4/3 lens, but image quality is not everything to everyone.

Most consumers are not willing to pay $3000+ for a camera body or $1000+ for a lens. Most consumers want something physically smaller that they can carry around. Most consumers will be happy with "good enough", not "absolute best" image because they are not prepared to pay the penalty to go to the next level.

Of course the future will change..... does anyone think that things will stay the same with technology?

I really don't understasnd how some people have read into this that APS-C will change into FF. The bulk of the camera buying public is far more interested in smaller and lighter and more megapixels...WiFi and GPS and shooting video have more appeal to them than debates over pixel well sizes, bayer filters, 180nm manufacturing technology, or whatever. Face up to it.... we are the geeks, we are the abnormal ones, we are the ones out of touch with what the majority see as reality.

So what is the future of APS-C? The future is that it will be the bulk of Canon sales. Most of those sales will be Rebels and mirrorless.... there will be various models with various capacities and whatever the higher end one does or is called, it will be the "Pro-APS-C" model.

I am myself looking forward to trying the Fuji X-E1 or maybe X-E2 (or the Olympus OM-D EM-5), and will definitely buy the Fuji X20 when it's out. The EOS-M would be great, but both the lack of a viewfinder and the reported slow AF put me off. I love my 60D and will keep it for now (if fact I'll probably buy a 7D, be it mk1 or 2, and sell the 60D because it lacks AFMA), but if I have a smaller camera that can give me usable ISO 3200 I'll probably use it 80+% of the time. By then, I'll be able to decide whether I should keep the 60D/7D or not.

Wow, it looks like the trial didn't end, after all...
It feels like attempting to persuade Sheldon to sit in another spot on the couch.

Ok, I think everyone needs a time out here.

Mikael, I am sure you mean well, and have excellent points to back up your claims, but please start your own thread discussing DR, banding, comparing sensors and such. It is NOT on-topic here.

The rest of you, don't bite. It turns into a flame war every time.

AND, I would ask you all to keep the tone polite. I know that it is hard when you get emotionally engaged, but for the rest of the forum's sake, please constrain yourselves. :)

Now, back on-topic: I think 70D and 7D2 will both be APS-C, as will all their successors. When the day comes and Canon goes 5 FF-models, they will no longer be successors of these lines, but rather something new. Like the 6D. (Canon could ofc reuse the names).

I think there will always be a place for pro "sub-FF" sensors, just because of the reach. Canon knows this, and for them, putting a APS-C sensor in the same body as a FF camera is a cost-effective way to create a new camera.

So, I would prepare for APS-C 7D2 and 7D3. I think it is only a question of what they improve every time, not change in sensor size.

I'm glad that the people versus Mikael trial seems to have come to an end.
Regarding the new 7D: I'm in fact considering buying the current model ("mk1"), as it's better in almost every aspect than my 60D and will be cheaper when the mk2 is out. Even though better AF and low-light capabilities would be great, the current one is sure good enough for my needs (chasing my kid around being probably the most challenging situation I face). But... What do you more experienced guys think will be the price of the 7Dmk2? I might instead wait for the new model, if not too expensive.

What if Canon simply ditched the 5D3's sensor and put the 6D's sensor in it?

From the reviews I read and the raw samples I looked at myself you're absolutely overestimating the 5d3/6d difference - the 6d might have 1/3 stop less iso noise, but the 5d3 also has improved banding, has more resolution and is sharper (even with a much stronger aa filter!) than the 6d. Except maybe for iso12800 (favors 6d) or low iso studio shots (favors 5d3) the differences won't show.

I agree about the overestimation thing -- I'm thinking of selling my 60D and getting a 7D (mark 1!) because of AFMA. A FF would be great, indeed much better than my 60D or my "new" 7D, but what's keeping my photos from being better is definitely not my camera.
Going FF with Canon would mean losing the built-in flash as a commander (I have only one flash) and becoming restricted to on-camera flash, when what I need is just the opposite: quit being such a lazy ass and get the flash off-camera more often. Sure, I could just buy another flash, but going FF, buying new lenses and accessories is expensive and probably wouldn't make my photos much better, if any. I'm the limiting factor... :)
And, as jrista pointed out recently, there are softwares with incredible NR capabilities available nowadays. I've found that ISO 1600 and 3200 are really good after adequate NR on the RAW files of my 60D, and for what I shoot it's really enough.

What if Canon simply ditched the 5D3's sensor and put the 6D's sensor in it? I mean, same body, same AF system, everything, but made all 5D3s with the 6D's sensor from now on... Same sensor size, same company... Is it feasible, on the technical side?

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: D7000 replacement in April...
« on: February 07, 2013, 10:06:37 AM »
I'd say moderators should close this thread, as it's no longer helpful in any way.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: D7000 replacement in April...
« on: February 06, 2013, 09:08:32 PM »
Maybe we all should go sleep and then start a new thread tomorrow. This one is better off left alone.
Good night everyone.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: D7000 replacement in April...
« on: February 06, 2013, 07:10:29 PM »
Even though it seems to me that this thread is leading nowhere anymore, it has become so much fun to watch!  ::)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: D7000 replacement in April...
« on: February 06, 2013, 04:25:03 PM »
Damn, I can see clearly now: complete lack of sense of humor

Of course, it's true to say if I can't make the shot look good on the 7D, A FF body is not going to magically make my pictures look wonderful.

In spite of the unresolved personal issues some folks seem to have  :-X, it's been a very informative topic. Jrista's and Neuro's comments are always great and pertinent; plenty to learn from them. Thank you!  :)
I've been struggling to decide whether to go FF or not, and although I can afford it, maybe I should not. There are photos taken 50 yrs ago with very limited equipment that I still can't take with my 60D, TTL, AF and so on. I couldn't agree more with WildBill and insanitybeard; going FF will not improve my photos. The thing is, I seem to get carried away much too easily by new technology and by forum threads, as if hoping that someone else will make me a better photographer. I could own a 1DX and would still be the same lazy-ass photographer I am, taking the same crappy pics. It's like buying some AB toner and vibrating platform crap and hoping to get thin with only 7 mins a day, so I can spend the rest of the afternoon on the couch finishing that package of Chunks Ahoy I opened in the morning.
(Hmm, guess I just got hungry...)
I agree with jrista's comments on Topaz DeNoise. All of a sudden, my 60D is great at ISO 1600 and very good for my kid's pics at 3200. Don't need more. I'll upgrade my 60D to a 7D (mark 1!) so I can have AFMA for a little over $1,000, better AF and still have built-in flash for using as a commander with my only 430EXII. My 17-55 f/2.8 is on its way already.
(Funny to think that only a few months ago people were hoping for Canon to put the 7D's AF system on the 6D, and now it's just not good enough.)
I want more, but I don't need more; more clearly put: I don't deserve more just yet. (Plus, my wife won't let me... :) )

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Confirms 70D; Future of Semi-Pro DSLR is FF
« on: February 01, 2013, 09:12:35 AM »
...and that's why I'm keeping my humble 60D, 17-55, 50 1.4 and flash kit, and buying myself a Fuji X20 or ax X100s, with all its "limitations", for carrying around and for family events. In the future I'll probably get the successor of the X-Pro1 or X-E1, or even the successor of the Olympus OM-D EM-5, and carry lighter gear. The 60D is great and serves me pretty well -- I'm keeping it --, but my razor-thin DoF fever is cooling off pretty quickly and it looks like Fuji's line of thinking fits the bill better than Canon's for my needs.
Anyone else considering Fuji or Olympus?

Canon General / Re: Why did you choose Canon?
« on: January 30, 2013, 03:02:55 PM »
Even though I wish I had better, deeper technical arguments, the actual reason was that the Canon 60D was cheaper than the Nikon D7000 when I bought my first DSLR, and it felt just right in my hands.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 6D reviewed by PhotographyBlog
« on: January 07, 2013, 02:32:52 PM »
Another one

Yada yada yada - I think all the bloggers just read other reviews and write a new one, what I'm waiting for is dpreview.com that strangely takes a lot of time, but imho is one of the best for reviews that really tell you where the hidden catches are.

We can either (1) wait on the dpreview, then, or (2) do as everyone and start our own review webpage!
(May I suggest ctrl_c_ctrl_v_reviews.com?)

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