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Sorry if I am jumping in late and I am not sure if anyone has discussed this within all 10 pages (my 5D MK iii will be here Monday), but the work around I use on the 7D is this:  while in Manual Mode I can select the shutter, F stop and ISO such as 100.  I then pull up the Menu and on screen 2 go to Expo. comp/AEB.  There I can bracket any EC I want.  Sure, I wind up with 3 images but that is OK since we don't know in advance what the outcome is going to be in case I screw up.  I can set them 1/3 apart or 3 stops apart.  I put camera in High Continuous mode and problem is solved.  Note, while in M mode, you can also scroll through the M-Fn wheel and make these settings as well.  Best of all worlds.

I hope this helps solve the issue.

Bracketing for action shots? Sure. :D If there would be enough time i could set ISO manually. But there isnt.

Canon rumours talks about a feature-update firmware, i wonder if it will improve AutoIso.

Ahh! I know those a 1 series not series 1 :)

I guess my point is that I'm not buying one of those...

The problem in this thread is that all Canon bodies are being stated as not having P mode with auto iso and fine shutter speed adjustment nor AV/manual mode with ec. The 1D4 has this as will the 1DX. The eroneous facts are then being used to slate Canon and praise Nikon which have the function with the D800 and the D4

I am sure we could find functionality that is in the Canon but not in the Nikon if we were in to trolling

Actually this thread is about the 5D MIII, nothing else.

Chuck didnt mention our thing in the Planet5D video, we need to send him more mails...

Try it for your self. It has real-life impact on your photos if you use the cable remote control, because then the rubber cover is also lifted from the mic-input. Light falls directly on the sensor.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Waterproof Your Camera - What's best?
« on: April 10, 2012, 03:22:37 AM »
Dont forget that most tapes are not waterresistant and will come off. Velcro tape would be much better.

Im protecting my camare with LensCoat Bodyguard:®-p-1036.html

And one OpTech RAINSLEEVE:

The Rainsleeve comes first. It has a hole for the viewfinder wich i will fit arround it and then put the eyepiece back on for sealing. The below part where you can put you hand it simply gets folded together (i cut mine a little shorter even, but long enough so you can fold it over the tripod mount). Then i fit the Bodyguard over it, so the Rainsleeve fits really tight arround  the camera preventing condensation. As carrying strap i have a sunsniper in the tripod mount, this will go through all the protective layers and seal them (made a clean hole in the bodyguard for it, i also sew the openings for the regular carrying strap shut)

The Bodygaurd is not really for water protection. But for light rain and a short while it protects you camera very well too. If you dont need to worry about the lens. For the heavy stuff, put the rainsleeve under it.

I was shooting a waterfight for 3 hours with this combination and no one spared me ("hey his camera is protected, get him"). It worked perfectly with a water sensitive 5D MII and a "i dont care if it gets a few drops" 70-200 2.8 II. Even got some water loads directly and the lens while holding it to shoot.

Of course i dont know if you can get that in time. But a plastic back with some velcro tape will do the same. If you find something to fit it tighly arround the camera (the 50D is probably not that sensitive as the 5D MII, but its better to be on the safe side).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Waterproof Your Camera - What's best?
« on: April 09, 2012, 03:02:07 PM »
Get a L lens, bag everything but the lens-opening, keep it pointed down when the water comes and you should be fine. Watch that the plastic bag fits tight around your camera and lens, you dont want water to condensate from the air inside. This could become a problem.

Just curious, what are you goint to attend with your camera?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Manual Mode 5D mark iii
« on: March 25, 2012, 03:33:23 AM »
This is how to do it on a series 1 body - using AV mode,4367.msg89997.html#msg89997

The original complaint was about the 5d III, what a 1 series can do isnt much of a help.

You guys get any responses yet? I get that they will pass it on to their engineering guys..

Do you think that enough people directly complaining to Canon from even before the camera is in the hands of people will get them to provide a firmware fix?

Where does one even lodge such suggestions/complaints?

Also, in M mode, what dial would be used for EC?

It cant hurt to try, i allready filled out an online-contact-form asking them politely to consider including faster speeds. They did add autofocus for F8 in the 1Dx after user complaints didnt they?


OMG calm down and go buy a Nikon or something . Geez .

I would, but having invested 15k of money into Canon lenses wants me to have the smart stuff that Nikon does in my Canon. ;)

Just read the manual of the 5D III, 1/250 as fastest time for auto iso is bloody stupid. Still usless for sport and action. Might be of use for weddings but that its. Why are they doing this to us?


Stop arguing whether you need it or don't, no one cares, there are a lot of people who find it useful, if you don't you don't have to use it.

Fact is there are fast moving situations you want to shoot that might change from sunlight to shadow. And if you change ISO values you loose important moments. Sure you can just shoot everything with 6400 or higher to be on the save side. But its just damn convenient to have the camera user lower ISOs and faster times wich results in better quality if the light allows it.

And why not be angry about this feature? For me this would have been the main reason to upgrade from II to III. Because i shoot under those conditions a lot. And i thought they finally did it, then i read the manual and found that ridiculous limit for the shutter speed. As they said the II has Auto ISO i thought i can use it, and now 2 camera generations (7D was in between) later they still haven't figured it out

Using TV doesn't help either because you cant shoot everything with 2.8

And M, makes no sense at all Sure you could set your limit time, but in AV you could get faster if the light allows it. And in M, the camera has to use higher ISOs because 1/800 F4 just doesn't work in bright sunlight with ISO 200, and its not allowed to use faster times in M. So no gain in picture quality there.

Fact the camera is rubbish and useless in my opinion as a MII owner. And yes other people might like, want different features. Thats called freedom of thought.

If you also think this is rubbish, fill out a Canon online contact form and tell them, maybe they will do something about, they activated the F8 autofocus for the 1DX didnt they? Maybe there is still hope.

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