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If you can take a flash for the sake of the AF assist lamp you might have more luck.  A 5D2 and a 16-35 had a hard time getting focus in what was a fairly well-lit bar.  The 5D3 might not need it as much but I have no data for comparison.


Remember, this is purely for video....not stills.



I'm going to be helping do a shoot for a charity which involves a bar crawl here in New Orleans.

I'm using my per another thread I've had going, I may be renting a 50L f/1.2 lens to round out what I have:

70-200L f/288
85mm  f/1.8
17-40L f/4

I have the 24-1-5L f/4 kit lens too. I was thinking of taking the first three if I don't get the 50L, which I might, if I did...I might drop the 85mm..maybe?  I will need the 70-200 for earlier in the evening when shooting in daylight to balconies in Jackson Square...

Anyway, I'm going to try to get permission to shoot sample footage in the bars over the next week..but can someone give me some good numbers to try to shoot for so as to get good exposed footage, minimize noise?

I'm going for 24fps.  Setting shutter speed to 50.  I know ISO should be in multiples of 160..does that hold true in HIGH ISO's?  What kind of ISO's am I looking what fstops?

Again, this will be in various bars..some better lit than others, but none of them are going to be terribly bright, lots of neon signs, etc.  I do want to get that ambiance a bit, but I want to also be able to see my people in these....

Again, I'm going to try to go scout and take notes, but looking for suggestions from others as to what settings worked for them in similar situations to give me a good starting point!!

Thanks in advance,


Lenses / Re: Why are Zeiss lenses manual?
« on: September 12, 2013, 03:13:10 PM »
Before the days of accurate camera AF, AFMA, and precise AF mechanisms in lenses there was a niche for good manual focus lenses. Those days weren't so long ago either: about five years ago. But now with all those things the real need for manual focus lenses has all but evaporated.

It wouldn't surprise me if we did start to see some AF Zeiss for Canon in the near future.

There will always be those few who want a proper manual focus for the pleasure of using it, but they are few and far between.

I hope so....I just can't see well enough anymore for manual focus.

I can't see good enough close up with my contacts, I rely on the AF when out and about shooting.

That's why my videos shot for my cooking vids all have me with my glasses on. I have to wear those so that it is quick and easy for me to pull them up and look with my VERY nearsighted eyes on live view and be able to manual focus there with the zoom feature.

But I rarely wear my glasses when, I really can't do manual focus when out and shooting something requiring fast accurate focus from shot to shot.

Lenses / Why are Zeiss lenses manual?
« on: September 12, 2013, 12:04:35 PM »
I hear about the great Zeiss lenses, and read the great reviews on them.

My question is, why do they ONLY seem to do manual focus lenses? Could they not really clean up on the high end market by making them work with the Canon/Nikon AF systems???

Thanks in advance,



Would the 85L be a little too long for small bars?

Since it is manual focus, I'd not have a problem with the 50L with any backfocus, right?

In addition to being too long for small bars, 85L has focus-by-wire which feels vague and requires way-long throws of focus ring to change focus.  It's also very heavy and without IS, simply not a good video lens. 

50L is better, with good focus ring, but if I were you, I'd check out Canon 35mm f/2 IS, which is wider for better environmental video with very useful IS for video hand-holding.

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions and info so far!!

Hmm....I'd forgotten about the 85L focus by wire thing, that might rule it out. And I do have the 85 f/1.8 I could use, so, maybe the 50L.

The 35L is a good suggestion I'd not thought of.....hmm.

I have the 17-40L lens, but it is only f/4, so I was thinking it might not be fast enough, but then again, being wide angle, that does seem to let in a bit more light, no?

So, maybe with what I  have...the 50L makes sense to rent for video, and frankly, I've been drooling over it to buy at some point, but this would be a good chance to see how it does for stills and if I have problems with the backfocus on it for stills, etc.

I'd likely rent it for 7 days so as to have plenty of time with it....

Does this seem like a good way to think about it?


I've got a video shoot coming up in about 2x weeks.

Some of the footage is going to be at night, in some bars here in the New Orleans area.

I was thinking that one of these fast lenses might be good to try out and use.

I've never tried either of them before for stills or video.

I was looking at lensrental come....4x day rental is comparable in rate between the two.

Since this is video primarily, I'll be doing manual focus.

But the shoot is only one day/night, and I'll be playing with it for stills too before I send it back, but I was wondering which might be best to try to video in a dark room and why?

Would the 85L be a little too long for small bars?

Since it is manual focus, I'd not have a problem with the 50L with any backfocus, right?

Also, is lensrental one of the good places to rent? Other suggestions?

This will be my first time to rent a lens.

Thanks in advance,


Pricewatch Deals / Re: Boo Amazon!!!
« on: September 11, 2013, 02:30:30 PM »
What state is that?!?!?Granted, I'm single, but I get pretty much a cadillac plan for about $50/mo.....Obamacare is gonna ruin that one for me however when it fully kicks in.


I would be very interested in learning more about this 50.00 per month health insurance plan.

Yeah, mee too.


Average US employer sponsored plans are $16,351. That includes the Walmarts and Exxons who can negotiate privately. Small businesses like mine pay a lot more at least until Obamacare's exchanges come to my area which will be soon hopefully. They will likely lower my premiums substantially. Theses numbers include all states like Arkansas and Alabama where costs are much lower than my area. Add to that a number of pre-existing conditions which are still factored into rates until 2014, and that's the number. My actual number is  $2453/month. It's $29,436 so I rounded a bit. I get a real Cadillac plan with no referrals needed and no deductibles. I could get a higher deductible plan with restrictions for much less.

I also opt for obstetrical benefits that I shouldn't need but I have an 18 year old daughter who's away on my policy and anything can happen.

I expect next year to pay substantially less under Obamacare since my pre-existing issues will not be considered.

Right now, I'm W2 and the $50/mo is company insurance (I get paid bi-monthly, maybe it is $100/mo and $50 per paycheck?  One or the other.

I preferred when I was doing 1099 work, that I got a high deductible insurance account only for emergencies (in the old days they called it "major medical").  I had like a $1200 deductible....monthly was about $200/mo or so (and I have pre-existing conditions too).

But with that, I could also open a HSA (Health Savings Account) into which I could sock away about $3K a year pre-tax, which I used for routine health needs (checkups, contacts, etc). The nice thing about those are...they are not use it or lose it like the employer offered FSA's. So, I was building year after year of my health dollars up.

If I had a balance (which hopefully I would) at retirement, those funds convert to retirement funds.

I liked this situation much better as that I was in charge of my medical dollars, it didn't break the bank, and I also found that when I went to many Drs or for exams (like one MRI) and I told them I didn't have insurance and was paying for it, they gave me like %15 cut right off what they originally were going to charge me.

I'd much prefer health care to not be tied to jobs/employment, and let people save like I described and shop with their medical dollars.

Before the bean counters and HMO's got into the scene, you did shop around for doctors that hung their shingle out as indie businessmen....and when I was growing up, it seemed to work and prices weren't nearly so bad as they are now.

I figure I save monthly for my basic needs (food, shelter.etc)...why should we not save also for health needs, at least the routine ones just like we save parts of our money for the basic necessities?


Pricewatch Deals / Re: Boo Amazon!!!
« on: September 11, 2013, 02:23:44 PM » might wanna look at getting different insurance??

Granted, I'm single, but I get pretty much a cadillac plan for about $50/mo.....Obamacare is gonna ruin that one for me however when it fully kicks in.


Is that an individual policy or one through your employer?


Insurance is Cigna....pays for pretty much anything I've ever asked (and of late, I've asked for some fairly extensive testing ).

Software & Accessories / Which of these battery grips for the 5D3?
« on: September 11, 2013, 01:46:17 PM »
I was browsing around on B&H, looking to spend money I don't have (what else is new, eh?)...

And I looked up battery grips for the Canon 5D3...and got 3x choices.

A Vello (I have their wireless intervalometer and it is great IMHO):

The Canon native grip:

And one by Vivitar:

The Vello and Canon have the most reviews, and seem to be rated about the same.

Hoping someone here could give me some insight on what makes the Canon one work almost 3x the price of the 3rd party Vello one?  Are there compatibility problems?

Thanks in advance,


Pricewatch Deals / Re: Boo Amazon!!!
« on: September 11, 2013, 08:22:52 AM »
Six percent? Is that all? Try paying 20% on purchases and 60% on fuel


What state is that?!?!?

His website is .UK so United Kingdom is my guess. As for the state he's in, I'd guess envious ;D
That's correct.
As for envious- I am. When you take in tax and exchange rates we pay a huge sting on gear. It really sucks.
In a direct dollars to GBP conversion from the USD price on B+H, the 1DX is £4330. The 1DX retail in the UK is £4849.
The batteries at $169 are £108 in conversion. The full retail of these is £150. That's around 40% extra (some dodgy maths there. It's late here.)

As for the whoever said that it's an apples to oranges comparison. I'm probably going to make myself unpopular with this, but it's incredibly naive to think that we might not pay very similar taxes.
tax on minimum wage is 30%. National insurance is around 10%. We then have council tax, 20% VAT (sales tax) 60% on fuel with VAT on top of that. We have road tax (based on fuel economy) and that's not to mention property prices.
With healthcare there nearly 20% of GDP-that sucks. But I (in a national healthcare system) have to pay for healthcare when I'm not sick. I have to pay for drunks to claim benefits and drink MY money away on benefits.
I feel the pain with the extra 6% on sales tax- it could seem a lot when you don't pay any. But realistically, look at the silver lining. I know there are people who pay more in other countries as well.
Before someone says it- I'm grateful for what I have. It could be worse. It could always be worse.

Amazon is cool, and I support them-they have a niche. As long as they don't close out the brick and mortars for good.

I'm the one who said "apples and oranges" and it is. The UK government provides a lot more for its citizens than does the US government. I never said I pay more. My meaning was that the services provided are different and therefore not comparable.

I have to pay for the drunks and the laggards who claim benefits too. I also pay for the (to use your term) "incredibly naïve" people who, like you evidently, think they don't need healthcare until they show up in the hospital with acute leukemia and get $1,000,000 worth of care for which I pay trough the "uninsured pool" payments made by my insurance company on every hospital bill. Acute leukemia comes without warning. So do heart attacks. So can acute glomerulonephritis that might require lifetime dialysis. We don't let people like this die. We treat them, and the cost is absorbed by the healthy people who buy insurance. Last I looked at bills from my family, that amounts to almost 30% of billings. So when I pay $30,000/year for a family plan, $9,000 is going to pay for that. I could use that $9K/year. If everyone waited until they were sick it wouldn't be insurance, now would it? Insurance is shared risk. Your payments go to pay for those who need it, whether it's you or someone else. The only people who don't need insurance are the independently wealthy who can afford a $1,000,000 bill. Otherwise the rest of us pay for their care because they thought they didn't need it. might wanna look at getting different insurance??

Granted, I'm single, but I get pretty much a cadillac plan for about $50/mo.....Obamacare is gonna ruin that one for me however when it fully kicks in.



If we hold out or let adobe know we won't take this sh*t they'll do the same. However, in our world there is no Adobe competitor. Adobe bought them all out. There's GIMP but I don't think that has enough power or features.

Well, if enough people stay with CS6 and don't migrate, Adobe might get nervous and reconsider.
Also, this give the opportunity for other players to now compete in this market. There is interest likely, in funding more professional GIMP development, with some work, it could be a contender, but like you said, it needs work.
There are other companies out there even now, that are starting to do some interesting work with image manipulation, I've seen links from people talking about them, like I think it is...interesting stuff.

But as I've mentioned before, being vocal about your displeasure *is* one way to make your thoughts known, but the most powerful voice you have, is your wallet.

The bottom line for Adobe is $$,and the expectations of the market on how much they make each quarter. If in a year or so, the $$ flow isn't as anticipated, well, something will give. I don't know what yet, but I will be happily sitting with all my CS6 tools that should last me for easily 2-5 years and I'll see what the lay of the land is then.


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Magic Lantern insecurities...
« on: September 10, 2013, 11:26:30 AM »
Magic lantern drains my batteries when the camera is off

Ugh?! How's that? If anything it's gps that drains battery on t he 6d, otherwise it's a bug and you should post it on the ml forum...

No, it's easily reversible so I doubt it could do permanent damage.

Wrong - the alpha of ml on the 5d3 is not reversible right now, you cannot remove the boot flag yet (like on all other supported camera models). So if you want the option to remove ml w/o trace, don't use the 5d3 build yet...

... but as Canon never bothered anyone about the bootflag you should try ml anyway, it's beyond awesome :-)

one of the CR Commandments is I am your Canon, thou shall have no other firmware before Me,

Actually we should thank Canon for allowing ml to use their internal devlopment hook to boot the ml firmware on the card - Panasonic recently disabled any 3rd party fw:

Can someone explain what this bootflag is, and what setting it with ML and not being able to get rid of it means to me?

Also..from what I know..Canon has never actually 'opened' the books/doors to the ML crew. From what I understand it is a completely 100% clean room reverse engineer?

Anyway, I saw that ML redid their site, but I'm still having problems finding a definitive guide showing:
1. How to install on 5D3
2. Workflow for RAW video
....without jumping over post after post at different dates piecemeal.




It seems like it has been like a year since I've seen any deals on memory cards.....

I'm needing to get some extra CF cards (I have a 5D3 and only use my SD cards as the failover cards for when CF fills)....but haven't seen any good deals be announced here.

Anyone know good deals? I'm looking for fast cards, about 32GB right now for non-ML video.



Pricewatch Deals / Re: Boo Amazon!!!
« on: September 09, 2013, 03:20:35 PM »
Six percent? Is that all? Try paying 20% on purchases and 60% on fuel


What state is that?!?!?

Fortunately, amazon still doesn't charge sales tax here in LA. In the New Orleans area, you have state, city and I think parish tax...just shy of 10% total.

I order as much as I can from amazon or other onlines while I still can.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about video...

Since your voice is the most important thing, I would get a mic on you.  It would save us from having to listen to the compressor on your refrigerator as well.

Great video though, I'm about 10 minutes in, and getting really hungry :D

LOL, well, thank you for watching and the input!!

I was using the Rode Videomic on top of the camera, it usually is pretty good at isolating sound from the source, but I did use it, now that you mentioned it...with it pointing at me in front of my refrigerator to collect "room tone"...which I did use to cover some edits with vocal and, likely I was injecting that into parts of the video on top of what I actually was recording in the scene.

Just this weekend, I (finally) got in the Rode smartlav....that plugs into my iphone to record with....on my next video I'll be trying to use that on myself, and will use pluraleyes3 to sync it with the sound from the rode mic on the camera, and will see if that works.

I'd not noticed the fridge compressor....but then again, I live there and likely just is normal background tone that my brain now tunes out, so, really nice to hear stuff like this from you!!

Thanks for subscribing and again, thanks for the input!!  That's how I learn!!



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