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I do some nightphotography on my 5D3. It is still amateurish because one always can improve.
After having seen this tutoring video

Curves and Levels - Easy 123 - Photoshop Astrophotography Tutorial

I am keen to do this myself. It is about curves and levels in Photoshop to enhance the data. My version is CS 2.

But there arise a few questions:

I downloaded deep sky stacker. stacked seven colour pictures: copies of the same photograph to give it a try.

This guy in the video starts with a greyscaled stacked picture. Others I've seen worked at RGB mode.
How is he getting a greyscale type of stacked photographs as mine turned out to be colour? It never looked like his in the beginning. Here's my slightly enhanced original picture

Z96A3724bMASTER by Peter Hauri, on Flickr
I guess it kinda deals with RGB channels. But I have no clue how to do it, even my curves and levels don't react the same way as his.

Is it a presetting in PS which he applied without mentioning it?
How can I do it in CS 2?

Thanks for any technical help.

Just another question: at what ISOs are you taking nightsky photographs for stacking purposes?

I currently take them applying 600 rule at ISO 6400 to 12800, f/8 with a 16-35 USM II lens.

Cheers and thanks in advance, Peter

What exactly is a stacked photograph? How do you take one? I didn't see that in the video...




3. Bayphoto (I'll have to look that up, first I've heard of them)
4. Smugmug (new to me too).

How is it you have not heard of these?  Bayphoto's ads are literally all throughout every USA photo magazine...and smugmug has had a web presence for quite a few years.

Pick up a photography magazine every now and then, at least!

I'm a total noob. I've not really looked at any photog magazines, I get most of my info from the web on sites and forums like this....hence my questions.

I'm working to learn shooting, and PP...I've not printed any images (except one LARGE 36x48 from a special at a printing site I got a discount from on a CreativeLive seminar).....

So, I was asking here about other sites. reason I'd not gone for many photography magazines, is that I'd read that most of them these days are mostly ADs, and run short on actual helpful articles.

Anyway, I'd appreciate answers to my older original question about the different places I'd asked about from earlier mentions in the thread.

Ok, from this thread, I've gathered that the top places to get prints are (in no particular order):

1. Adorama
2. Costco
3. Bayphoto (I'll have to look that up, first I've heard of them)
4. Smugmug (new to me too).

Are these the top places you send your stuff? Would you add another to the list?

Where out of these are the best to send for just regular prints you'd give grandma?
Where are the best (for price and product) to get something for wall hanging (print, canvas, acrylic) if going bit up to maybe 36x48" ?


Ok, from this thread, I've gathered that the top places to get prints are (in no particular order):

1. Adorama
2. Costco
3. Bayphoto (I'll have to look that up, first I've heard of them)
4. Smugmug (new to me too).

Are these the top places you send your stuff? Would you add another to the list?

Where out of these are the best to send for just regular prints you'd give grandma?
Where are the best (for price and product) to get something for wall hanging (print, canvas, acrylic) if going bit up to maybe 36x48" ?

Thanks in advance,


UWA's are fun!  They aren't 'easy' to use because of the extreme perspective, but, they are quite useful for many types of shots!  You do have to consider the elements in the shot, where with something like a 50mm it's 'easier.'

Sometimes it's not just for tight spaces either...

Here's a few with people.  First is from a same sex wedding, the other 2 are from a very small wedding with the same group of people with 16-35, then a 50 1.4.  Last is from a larger wedding.

keep it or sell it?  It really depends on what your doing with it.  UWA's have a special look to them, but, you do have to know what your doing with them to get the most out of them, and you should have some other lenses for a more natural look.  If your just looking to get good shots of the fam on vacations, sell the 16-35 and snag a 24-105


I had to double take on the first one with two chicks kissing....


Anyone know of some good (cheaper) video recorders to use with that clean HDMI out that would be better than the compressed video on the SD card?

Not cheap, but one of the best:

What's your opinion on the Black Magic recorders that you can pop SSD drives in/out of?


Software & Accessories / Re: PP for realistic look - is DPP the best?
« on: April 17, 2013, 11:27:04 AM »
<snip>(I shoot in the "Faithful" scene mode). <snip>

I'm a little confused about this portion of your post. The 'mode' shouldn't have anything to do with what you view RAW files in, right? That just applies to jpegs I thought?

Or...possibly, since DPP is a Canon thing...perhaps in the previews it is showing the jpeg, processed with the 'Faithful Scene' mode..and you're looking at that and seeing a RAW file already adjusted, and when you import true RAW into Lightroom or other editors, you're only there seeing the true RAW image, that needs processing like the jpeg gets from the Failthful mode put on top of the true RAW image?

Can someone clear up my confusion on this?


Canon General / Re: How do you buy equipment?
« on: April 16, 2013, 05:32:50 PM »
Good morning everyone, I would like to know how most of you acquire your photo gear, do you pay cash for everything or is there a way to finace some gear at a lower rate than credit cards? I save money as much as I can but things come up and you have to pay for stuff, and so I put my photography purchases on hold and it seems like it stays there forever. I have a full time job and I make money here and there from photography but its annoying borrowing equipment or renting all the time and missing opportunities for great shots or business.

I buy  a lot from I have their store card, and for certain amounts of purchases, I get 6mos up to 12mos interest free. I do that and pay them off before interest sets in.

I've gotten some $$$ gear from Crutchfield, and entered their points rewards system. I bought my 5D3, kit lens and 85 f/1.8 from them...first purchase bonus points, plus found coupon code to double those rewards points.

Next time things went on sale, I got my 70-200 f/2.8 II USM L lens for about $1490 or so (i'd have to look up exact figure). Again, they offered 'instant financing' on site, I have on that one I thinik 6 mos interest free. I set up auto pay from my checking account and will have it paid off by close of deal date.

I order off the internet. No sales tax charged from any of the online sites to my state, and I take advantage of free shipping and interest free financing.

I'm the type of person that HAS the money in the bank before I buy things, I'll never get into credit card h*ll again, it took awhile years back to get out of it. But I will take advantage of interest free charge/financing...and keep my cash in the savings drawing interest and let those companies 'pay' for my financing of nice shiny toys.


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
« on: April 15, 2013, 12:20:53 PM »
The Blackmagic Design cameras are pretty awesome for what they are and how they've burst onto the video market, but for us Windows-based PC owners without a brand new Thunderbolt input device, they're useless. I don't even think that a stand-alone SSD reader exists, so that puts the kibosh on my interest. As if I have the cash-ola to spend anyways!  ::)

I'm a Windows-only user at the moment and have no problems working with my Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera (BMCC). You can read ProRes in Windows. BMD's DaVinci Resolve is on Windows. My BMCC uses exFat-formatted SSD drives. Thunderbolt is only used for monitoring and scopes while recording and is not necessary (or even used) for ingesting video from the camera.

All the praise of the BMCC and the anticipated new cameras that I'm reading here is well-deserved. My wife has a 5D Mark III for stills shooting. I borrowed it for video shooting quite a bit and was about ready to buy one until I started fancying a BMCC. I'm very glad I didn't buy another 5D Mark III. The BMCC is so far beyond a DSLR that I don't know if I'll ever pick up a DSLR for video again, especially after my BM Pocket Camera arrives.

As someone said earlier, ask a stills photog if they would ever give up raw. Once you have it in video, you won't want to either.

And, the 4:2:2 modes on the BMCC blow away my Canons in resolution and color.

I've ordered both new cameras, but will probably cancel the 4k. I really don't have a need for it. The Pocket cam will solve one issue that I don't like about the BMCC vs. a DSLR: the BMCC's form factor is not "handheld-friendly". Like Cayenne, I plan to buy one MFT lens (the Panny 12-35 with IS) and use the cam as a "walking around" cam. If an active-MFT to active-EF adapter comes out, all the better so I can use all my EF-mount glass.

A correction to something in this thread. The BMCC does suffer from moire. However, because it resolves so much detail, it is actually possible to reduce the effects of the moire and clean it up nicely, mostly through chroma blur. In doing so, the moire isn't bothersome to me on this camera, when it was something I just hated about some DSLRs.

There is a reason that BMD has stolen the show at NAB two years in a row. They're delivering what people want.

The next traditional companies that need to start worrying are the Adobe's and Apple's: BMD's DaVinci Resolve might end up replacing their post tools. Resolve is amazing.

Please give us a good review when you get the BM camera(s)!!

I've never been one to test the water with both feet so to, I'm gonna let a few of the pocket BM cameras come out, and find what people like about them, difficulties, and most importantly to me...what they find are the best lenses to get for it.

I would like to use as much of my EF glass with it I could (with an adaptor that hopefully would work), but I do realize that I'll need something MUCH wider to add with that to make the camera useful in more situations.


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
« on: April 11, 2013, 02:43:50 PM »
Is there an adapter that allows me to put my Canon lenses on this camera?

The answer is:

The camera will only be available in EF mount

So you won't need any adapter for your Canon lenses in combination with this camera. The 1000$ will come along with a mft-mount - so you can easily adapt your EF-lenses to the BM Cinema Pocket Camera too.

Well, as for the mini 'pocket' camera. It has a powered MFT mount. Now, from what I've heard, there is a MFT to EF adaptor. I'm curious if it will work with either autofocus or iris control?

The original BM camera, comes with a choice of powered EF, but the MFT on that camera, is NOT powered, so not only is focus manual, but so is iris control.

I'm curious with the pocket MFT, since it is powered...will work with EF lenses with an adaptor myself!!!

If so, I'm thinking ONE MFT lens..something in the 12mm-35mm, which on that sensor, would be about equivalent to 24-70mm on the EF side....that with my current cannon glass would be a great deal for me and I'd jump into the new camera immediately as a 2nd camera for my shots...


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
« on: April 10, 2013, 10:14:54 AM »
Can someone give a short primer on MFT lenses/mounts?

What is good/bad about them? What are good lenses? Does canon make MFT lenses?

I'm only familiar with EF lenses so far...wondering what to look for if I take the plunge on that new small BM camera. It says the MFT is powered, is there some adapter that I could put on that to use my Canon EF glass? Would it autofocus? Powered aperture?

What is pricing like on MFT lenses...what is the first one or two focal lengths to get for one?

Thanks in advance,


Lenses / Re: Focusing Advice on a Canon 24mm TS-E
« on: April 10, 2013, 10:05:25 AM »
I found that this video from Adorama explained a LOT..and it is using the new Canon 24mm tilt shift lens.

Using a Tilt Shift Lens: Ep 204: Digital Photography 1 on 1

I'm saving for one of these babies myself!!

Hope this helps ya,


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: The Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
« on: April 09, 2013, 09:56:47 PM »
The Blackmagic pocketcam also looks like a neat tool to add. A 1000 bucks is kinda cool.

THAT was the one that caught MY attention!!!

I'm thinking for under a grand, this is going to likely be my immediate 2nd camera for video...that with my 5D3 will work great for shoots I would think.

I need to research the MFT lenses tho...on the site BM seems to promote them as plentiful in manufacture and focal lengths, etc.

All I know about are Canon EF, needing to know what to find, how much this set of lenses will be and what focal lengths would be best to start with....

I did note that this mini BM camera, has powered MFT..which the original camera apparently does, on the original, there is no auto iris adjustment....

I'm wondering on this mini too..since it is there an adapter for MFT to EF canon I might could use some of the glass I currently have on the new mini BM camera.

Can anyone give me links or a small primer on MFT mounts, how they differ from EF...and what focal lengths work on it vs my 5D3?

Thanks in advance,


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Microphone recommendations?
« on: April 09, 2013, 09:50:11 PM »
Would purchasing an external recorder be a better solutioon to recording such as a tascam h1 or should i just buy a shotgun mic? I am using a t3i and a 6d

Well, starting out...if $$ is a concern, get the good rode mic to run off the camera. The video mic and video mic pro, are both nice shotgun type mics and I find it doesn't pick up noise from he camera and is quite directional and only pics up what it is pointed at.

I'd say start with that (I did).  I happen to have an older Zoom H2...which I'm going to be hooking to the Rode Stereo Video Mic Pro I recently purchased. So, I will be recording off camera with the stereo mic, but still using the on camera rode video mike as my reference sound.

I got  Pluraleyes3 free with that purchase of the Rode Stereo video, that makes sync'ing multiple sources of audio (and video too) a snap. 

If you are interested in seeing this product work, take a look:

My next purchases, especially if I start doing video for say weddings, or other uses..I'll buy maybe a couple of maybe roland digital recorders and good lavs, to hook to the talent / groom  hit record and let it go during the event..using my on camera and stand mounted rode mikes as backup...and external sound to mix as needed.

At least...this is this noobs plan of attack.




Great...I just bought the is in the mail, and they come out with a VF-4???


 Same here, but I'm happy with it none the less .

Mine just came in the box today. I've not opened it yet.

Is the Canon 5D3 a 3.2 viewer...that the new VF-4 would fit the 5D3 better?  In the videos I saw of the VF3..seemed it was a very tight fit but you could see the full viewfinder...?

Hmm...decisions, decisions. Also, guessing now...that this sale price (I got mine for $120) was due to this new version being released??  Is the VF4 available now? Price'?

I'll look too...but input appreciated.


Thanks again and please "like" the video on youtube as it's been entered in a contest =)

Done.  ;)

Done here too.


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