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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon 7DII - Did you preorder?
« on: September 18, 2014, 12:03:29 PM »
YES I preordered.

I think the 6D, 5D3 and 7D2 make a solid arsenal.

Photography Technique / Re: photographing motorsport particularly F1
« on: March 25, 2014, 04:58:14 PM »
I did a blog post on shooting motorcycles a few years back...

I hope this helps!

PS:  Have fun at the races!!!   woots :)

EOS Bodies / Re: Calumet Photo Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
« on: March 17, 2014, 11:30:54 AM »
I'll be brutally honest, I'm not sad to see them go.

I had a terrible experience with them regarding a BP1500 pack I purchased from them a couple of years ago.  Long story short, the zippers tore out 4 months after purchase (and a total of 35-40 field uses), and it required an act of Congress to get my backpack back from them.

Here's the long story... After the zipper tore out I was disappointed, but patient, and called Calumet regarding their "lifetime warranty."  To my surprise I was quickly helped and immediately given an RMA number.  Cool deal!  I sent the bag in for repair and was told I'd have it back in 2-3 weeks.  Three weeks went by.  Then five, and six.  After 8 weeks I called inquiring about my bag, and it became clear that they had lost my RMA info.  On numerous phone calls I was told "we'll call you back tomorrow," and I never heard from anyone.  I was never contacted once.  I finally had to get angry, and after not accepting the "call back" offer, I was put on hold while some one searched for my file.  The employee I spoke with told me, "we think your bag is at our OEM supplier for repair - we'll send it back to you when we get it from them."

No estimate for time.  Just, "we'll get it to you when we get it" kind of a deal.  I realized I had no other option, so I just waited.  During this time I submitted a review for the BP1500 backpack to the Calumet website.  It was negative, but honest and objective.  A few days after I posted my review, it was deleted from the Calumet website.  Wow - classy.  My backpack finally arrived about 90-days after I sent it in for repair,  and about 10 weeks after Calumet promised I would have it. 

After this incident I personally blacklisted Calumet, refusing to ever give them any of my money again.  I'm all about supporting brick and mortar and specialty camera shops (for example I much prefer buying from B&H over Amazon), however, I can't justify spending money on incompetence.  Especially when that incompetence impacts how I do MY job.

Just my $0.02.

Look Canon, no view finder and no flash? Fuck it, I'm going to have to buy my wife a Sony Nex 6. Damn it.

Why do you think I just bought a Fuji x100?  Canon is asleep at the wheel, and hopped up on Ambien and booze at the same time, while texting and driving.


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Fuji x100s + Canon Speedlites?
« on: November 11, 2013, 03:53:06 PM »
Took this about a half hour ago with the yn622 and 580exii at 1/8th.

Do you know if the 600ex-rt work with the yn622?

I just got an x100 and would love to incorporate some off-camera flash, but I dumped all my 580s for 600s this past summer.  :/

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS-1 Announcement Q2 2014? [CR1]
« on: November 01, 2013, 12:23:49 PM »
So Nikon produces a large mega pixel (36mp) camera for $3k. If and when Canon produces a large mega pixel (speculated 47mp) camera it's looking to be around $7k in an EOS-1 boy type.  ::)

Right?  I just don't know what Canon is doing anymore.  My long held belief of, "I'm tied to Canon because of all the glass I own," may actually be starting to fade.  For the first time I am considering the possibility of moving on, or at least taking on another brand full time.

And as for the $3k price of the Nikon 36mp, don't forget that Sony will be launching their version come December 1 for $2,300 ...

Really makes you wonder what you could possibly get in the $7,000 version from Canon.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS-1 Announcement Q2 2014? [CR1]
« on: November 01, 2013, 11:45:32 AM »
TBH, I actually don't care all that much now.

What we have is good enough for (most of) our needs.


Maybe I'm just old and cranky, but Canon's approach to "innovation" of cranking out $2,500 bodies every two years with minor tweaks is getting a little old.  And in the case of the 1D series, we're talking $7,000 bodies.

Reminds me of the iPad Air launch; "Really - that's it?  Thanks, but no thanks."

  Heck, the 8 year old 10MP 40D is still more than plenty for the average enthusiast, and one of the first bodies I recommend to new dSLR shooters.

yep.. a decade ago most people could only dream to have a digital SLR (i was one of them).
today most who are interested in a DSLR have one .. or two..or three.. or.. :)

and as you wrote, 10x15cm prints from a 8 year old camera don´t look much different then from a 1D X.  :)

and that´s what most people do... 10x15 or 13x18 prints. if they print out photos at all.
that´s why my uncle is still happy with his D90.

this market can´t grow forever.

im also not really interested in a mirrorless DSLR.
not yet... i have seen all the latest EVF and im still not 100% happy with them.

the size advantages of a mirroless is not that important for me.
the current canon DSLR´s have the right size for my hands.
handling feels natural. i don´t want a tiny camera body.

So, your argument is what, then... there's no innovation left?  dSLRs are dead?  That sounds like what you're saying since you're not offering any alternatives. 

And do you really want to argue that some markets can't grow forever?

You might want to talk to Apple about that.  There has been no major change in their phones in ages, yet they crank them out at top tier prices and continuously break sales records.  If they start stealing dSLR market share with a handheld 1/8" sensor mirrorless "camera" that's built into a mobile phone device, you'll be darn tootin' that Canon will be right there with a new product to compete.

I think there is plenty of innovation left, Canon just chooses to rest on its laurels. 

Of the products you highlight, only Apple laptops exceed the price of entry-level dSLRs.  Not a terribly valid economic argument.

Given that the entire article points to consumers using $600 iPhones in place of $600 entry-level dSLRs, I think it's an incredibly valid point.  And one that I'm sure Canon's market strategist won't be as quick to ignore.

The reality is simple: the 5DIII is the competing body to the D800, and it's outselling the D800 by a wide margin. 

That's all fine and dandy, but the 5D3 still can't hold a candle to the dynamic range of the D800.  Sure, when you throw in DUAL-ISO hacks you can get there, but out of the box shadow performance is far from equal.

Well, they're ignoring him, anyway.  I find that my needs are being met just fine.  :P

That's fine, I just don't think ignoring those who are not 100% satisfied by Canon is a logical approach.  And telling them to go to another forum seems downright condescending and rude.  I think the best use of forums is to discuss opposing viewpoints, not banish them. 

It would behoove you to understand the mentality of the dissatisfied user base.  For there are many of us who still continue to use Canon loyally, on a daily basis as part of our business.  We just find their approach to their product line "evolution" to be somewhat, how shall I say this, disingenuous with respect to the advanced shooter.

so yes times are changing.. but the problem is... the innovations you guys want will not solve the problem.

I agree with you on many of your points, Lichtgestalt, but the problem is one of Canon (and the entire dSLR industry's) own making.  Cranking out an "updated" camera every three years at an exorbitant price-premium with minimal, if any, feature changes, is not a way to run a business or get brand loyalty.  Yes, it's worked for Apple, but they are the lone wolf in this regard and can run their business that way due to their rabid fanbase.  dSLR users by nature, are a much more finicky bunch that won't be duped by minor spec improvements.  The "check out our new dual-pixel AF!!  Now give us 1,200 of your hard earned dollars!!" marketing approach just doesn't work on the majority of us.  We're simply not that impressed by the cost per feature.  And as you stated, many of us already have dSLRs and the image quality is fine, so getting us to shell out $3,200 for the next FF consumer model is a tough sell.  Heck, the 8 year old 10MP 40D is still more than plenty for the average enthusiast, and one of the first bodies I recommend to new dSLR shooters.

That said, I still think massive innovations can be made.  I, for one, am still clamoring for a sensor that mimic's the dynamic range of film.  I don't need 40+ MP, but having better shadow performance would be something I would gladly pay for.  (and something I am still envious of regarding the D800)

But this is all nit-picking silliness that only demonstrates the point I think we all agree on... the dSLR manufacturers are on an unsustainable trajectory.  Without major shifts, and I'm not sure what those shifts should be, they will only hasten their own loss of market share.

Therefore CaNikon are both receiving their well-deserved punishment.

So, who is punishing who?  ::)

Actually, the answer is the global economy is punishing everyone.  Your assertion that FuSonOly is punishing Canon would be like saying Canon's camera sales are the cause of Fuji's announced cut in the forecast for Subaru car sales.

Feel free to peddle your doom-speak and unfounded, biased opinions somewhere else...might I suggest DPR?   :P

Considering that many outfits are posting record profits, your "global economy" argument is actually the one that is unfounded.  Just because Canon writes "negative impact of economic deterioration" in a quarterly report, does not make it fact.  Many businesses are booming right now, selling luxury items at high costs (see Google, Apple iPhones/laptops, Sony Playstation, Xbox, etc.).

The reality is simple:  consumer trends are changing, and Canon has not tacked to follow those market shifts.  Many people have complained here in recent months/years (me being one of them), often times to the chagrin of the "long term" forum members.  See your own post, for example: "might I suggest DPR?"  You and the Canon-faithful are welcome to employ a dismissive attitude towards consumer complaints, but this is where it gets you; a deteriorating company stuck in a rut and unable to quickly respond to market factors.  Here we are, almost two years out from the D800 launch with no competing body in sight!  That is shameful.  And just ask Microsoft how well an entrenched/consumer-unfriendly mentality is working out for them with Windows8.

In the post above, AvTvM really nailed it - these companies simply decided to ignore consumers, and now they are suffering as a result.  The companies that evolved and innovated are thriving - even in a less than ideal global economy.  Those that don't implement dramatic shifts in corporate direction will either stagnate or wither and fade away.  Only time will tell.

For me, I remain a Canon enthusiast.  I'm well invested in glass and have three bodies that serve me well on a professional level (5D3, 6D and 60D).  However, for my recent overseas travel adventure, I just picked up a Fuji x100 on eBay.  I must say it has forced me to re-evaluate my position regarding brand-loyalty.  As long as other camera users (both professionals and enthusiasts) continue to evaluate competing equipment, and as long as Canon refuses to accept the incredibly competitive marketplace, they will only further erode their position as leader in the dSLR sector.

I hope they can right the ship.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 17, 2013, 05:19:44 PM »
I'd love to see an EOS M2 with dual pixel AF and an EFV.  I've stared at the EOS-M deals on Amazon and B&H over the last few months, and was a mouse-click away from pushing that "order" button a half dozen times or so.  But I just can't bear the thought of using one without an EFV, and without the AF shown off in the 70D.  The Fuji X-E1 kind of owns the mirrorless scene for now, but I wish Canon had a competitor to it.

Tarzan want EOS M2, now!   :P
Its still 2 - 3 years until Canon even dares to think about competing with Sony or Fuji on the mirrorless market.

Canon could do it right now, but they are terrified that a high end mirrorless (let's say a compact high resolution FF), will seriously hurt their DSLR sales. :P That's the only explanation I can think of when it comes to their piss poor EOS M. They are not even trying! .. But if Canon won't do it, others will eat their lunch. Mirrorless cameras are on the uprise, and Canon can't hide from it.

You hit the nail on the head.  I think I'm going to have to go with Fuji for my travels upcoming in December; the EOS-M is just sad.  If Canon can't give me what I need, I'll spend my hard earned money elsewhere.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 17, 2013, 03:39:41 PM »
I'd love to see an EOS M2 with dual pixel AF and an EFV.  I've stared at the EOS-M deals on Amazon and B&H over the last few months, and was a mouse-click away from pushing that "order" button a half dozen times or so.  But I just can't bear the thought of using one without an EFV, and without the AF shown off in the 70D.  The Fuji X-E1 kind of owns the mirrorless scene for now, but I wish Canon had a competitor to it.

Tarzan want EOS M2, now!   :P

EOS Bodies / Re: Wait for the Canon 5D Mark IV or get the Mark III?
« on: October 11, 2013, 01:13:21 PM »
I'm waiting for the Canon 12Z Mark9, with onboard Mac OS, 6" retina display LCD, and octo-card support (triple CF, triple SD, 1 microSD, and 1 nanocard [not yet invented]).  It will have a direct link up to the Hubble space telescope for snapping shots of nebulae from my bedroom.   It will definitely have a 10TB wireless network connection to mah laptop, and 250,000mah LiPo batteries for continuous use.  And if it doesn't shoot at 49 FPS... I'm throwing it on the ground and waiting for the Mark10.  Oh, and the sensor better have 790megapixels, or I won't even look at it.

5DMark3?  When you compare it to the specs I've listed, you realize that it is a total joke of a camera.  I don't know how photographers get by with such junk.

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