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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 7100 has been anounced
« on: February 21, 2013, 05:12:01 PM »
Hopefully Canon is very scared - and taking Nikon's recent R&D push seriously.  They need to respond immediately...

Respond to what?  Sorry, but no, they really don't.  To those who say, "Nikon is handing Canon their asses," or "Canon should be scared," understand that at the most fundamental level, camera sales are what matter.  The finance and marketing divisons within a major corporation, especially a conservative one like Canon, are the voices that determine the ultimate output from the R&D side of the organization, in part because they control the input (i.e. funding) into that R&D. 


I usually agree with the majority of your posts on here, but with this one I have to vehemently disagree.  I have one word for you... "Microsoft."  They sat on their laurels for years, why?  Because according to you, "the ship [was] sailing along fine."  That's exactly when competition (eg, Apple, Google, Facebook, Firefox, etc.) comes and bites you in the ass.

Yes, Canon may still be a profit machine, but their products aren't what they once were.  The competition has noticed, the professional shooter has noticed, and better, more cost effective solutions, are starting to hit the market and make a legitimate fight for share. 

If Canon doesn't start mounting a serious defense, and that right soon, they may find themselves wandering around lost like Steve Ballmer at an app-developer conference. 

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 7100 has been anounced
« on: February 21, 2013, 11:07:11 AM »
Price IS an issue for me, and based on ALL factors regarding cameras, i haven't been too thrilled with Canon's releases.


Don't sweat the fanbois on here.  There are many of us loyal Canon users who think Canon's recent releases have been weak, in light of the competition.  I know many once-loyal Canon shooters who are now dual-brand shooters, waiting for Canon to start taking its customers seriously.  Heck, I have a D800 of my own.

I realize that many people here are quick to defend Canon at all costs, and will jump on anyone who makes ANY type of negative comment toward Canon (even if it's true).  That doesn't make them right.  The fact is, Nikon's sensor tech is owning Canon hands down.  And now, with the $1,195 D7100 offering, they just spanked the sh*t out of Canon's entire APS-C lineup.

Hopefully Canon is very scared - and taking Nikon's recent R&D push seriously.  They need to respond immediately... regardless of what the fanbois say.

Lenses / Re: How low will it go? (50L)
« on: February 19, 2013, 07:06:28 PM »
The 50 f/1.4 is a superlative lens that even generally outperforms the L. For double your money you get an extra fraction of a stop and "superior build quality." Big whoop. It has got to be the worst bang-for-the-buck in the Canon lineup.

Couldn't have said it better myself.  The fraction of a stop is not worth the slower focusing and slightly more bokehlicious bokeh.  Get the f/1.4 and call it a day.

EOS Bodies / Re: First Round of EOS 7D Mark II Specs [CR1]
« on: November 26, 2012, 05:15:15 PM »
I hope it comes with the same crappy AF performance as the 7D1, otherwise, I'm not interested.

A 7D without OOF issues is NOT a 7D!!!


Lenses / Re: New 50 Finally on the Way? [CR1]
« on: November 04, 2012, 07:47:45 AM »
Let me guess... the real one that hits the street will be f/4 and have no IS.

Oh, and cost $2,499.


Software & Accessories / Re: Need great Photo editing monitor
« on: October 24, 2012, 12:30:36 PM »
I picked up the Dell Ultrasharp U3011, it's a 30" monitor with a res of 2560x1600.  Check out the specs on Dell's site.

+1 for the Dell Ultrasharps!

They are IPS panels at fair prices.  I use the U2410 and couldn't be more happy.  Print colors are a perfect match.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are there 39mp & 50mp+ Test Bodies in the Wild? [CR1]
« on: October 22, 2012, 12:53:38 PM »
I have no doubt the big megapixel DSLRs are in the pipeline, but so far things are pointing to the professional market instead of the consumer market.

If it's true that the high MP Canons will launch in the $9k price range, I think it's safe to say we'll be entering the Nikon era for some many years to come.

The Canon ship seems to be lost at sea.

Lenses / Re: B&H Issues!!!
« on: October 12, 2012, 05:29:10 PM »
When you ship vast quantities by UPS, the tracking number and label are generated at the shipper's end - but go into the UPS computers from there, without UPS actually having gotten the package.  When UPS does its scheduled pickup, each box is scanned into the UPS system, and from there its forwarded to its destination.

Actually, this isn't entirely correct.  When you check a tracking number from a shipper, it usually states something vague before UPS actually picks it up.  I often see something along the lines of "shipping information received" when I check the tracking status on orders from, and other mass UPS shippers.

Only when UPS actually has the item in hand does the status get updated to something like "origin scan" or "arrival at sort facility".  Once those status tags have been added, you know that the package is indeed under UPS control.  If it still states "shipping information received," you may have cause for concern.  That means UPS never scanned the label.

But as others have posted, this may not be B&H's fault.  With many people moving to online ordering, outfits like FedEx and UPS are getting hammered.  I've often times seen my "estimated delivery date" pushed back or delayed a day or two.  It's not often, but I'd say for every 50 orders it happens once or twice.  That's just part of mail order these days; sometimes things just get lost in the sort.

EOS Bodies / Re: Is Canon EOS-1S the Name? [CR1]
« on: October 07, 2012, 05:11:21 PM »
If the new upcoming 46Mp beast is costing $9,000 ... Canon is sending a clear message to all its customers ... "If you want high MegaPix with medium format like quality and can't afford to pay .... Go .. Just go away .. And go with Nikon ... Canon does not want you as a customer ... Good Bye"!!!!

Canon has already clearly been sending that message.  I've been trying to hold tight the past few months - waiting to see how Canon responded to the d800.  But among friends and family, I've been starting to recommend Nikon bodies to new shooters.  The rumored $9,000 1DS just cements my evolving/changing attitude toward Canon.

Canon used to lead the dSLR market with innovative products that met photographers' needs and demands.  Now it just seems that they're throwing sh*t at the wall to see what sticks, with no clear path for progress/innovation.  Just take a look at the lineup... 60D, 60Da, EOS-M, 6D, 7D, 5D2, 5D3, 1DX... and with the rumored 7D2 and 1DS in the pipeline, I have absolutely no f*cking idea what Canon is doing.  Are NINE bodies really necessary to satisfy the high-end shooter market?  :o

Nikon seems to have a clear path with their D4 and D800 offerings, and their pricing is certainly attractive.  These last 6 months have been difficult for Canon fans, and as long as Canon continues to insult us with subpar offerings at insanely high prices, more and more shooters will be very seriously considering Nikon products.

I haven't abandoned Canon yet, but after my D800 arrives and I've had time to thoroughly evaluate the Nikon system, I may be making the permanent switch.

Sorry, Canon... but it's you, not me.

EOS Bodies / Re: 46.1mp Canon DSLR Previewed at PhotoPlus 2012? [CR1]
« on: September 22, 2012, 08:07:00 PM »
Let me guess - yet another recycling of the T2i/60D/7D/T3i/T4i/ pixels, just in a larger sensor.

18*(1.6*1.6) = 46.1

The limited ISOs would indicate you are correct.  It looks like Canon still can't touch Nikon's (Sony's) EXMOR sensor, otherwise the ISO range would be much greater.

I'd say Canon, for the first time in man years, has definitely taken a back seat in sensor performance to Nikon.  I'll wait to see the final product that hits the streets, but those who were waiting for Canon to respond to the D800 may be a little disappointed with the answer they get.  Me being one of them.

Here's hoping it's better than 12,800.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 4D reference in Wifi remote app video
« on: September 19, 2012, 09:11:34 PM »
I have no idea what the heck that is.  It doesn't look like a "4" an "I" or a "1".  It just looks whacky!  Maybe just a placeholder for an as-yet-unnamed DSLR body?  Beats me.

Also, has anyone else noticed that there are TWO status bars in the photo?  Clearly some funky photoshop was going on at Canon central.  Two clocks, two wifi symbols...

WTF?   :o

Lenses / Re: 7D Crop Factoer Question
« on: September 17, 2012, 01:12:56 AM »
The crop factor for Canon APS-C is 1.62, not 1.6.

Is this a serious post?


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Official Specs
« on: September 16, 2012, 11:29:56 PM »
I think we should withhold judgement until we see IQ and noise control from this 20.2 megapixel sensor. Because in the end, isn't that what really matters?

Let's say it's stellar IQ... as good as the 5D3 (it won't be better, Canon's not going to put their best in a 6D and second best in the 5D3).   Then so what?  It's a great sensor in a hobbled body for $2k... who's buying it?

The price gap is too large to entice an average consumer up from the Rebel line.  And the features are not up to spec for working pros.   There is no question that it's an entry level FF... but what are the features (other than the sensor) that make this better than a 60D?  And if the only benefit over a 60D is the sensor... then how many customers are going to pay that much more for a FF sensor when the vast majority of Rebel customers don't even know the difference.

Guy walks into Best Buy to buy a Canon DSLR.   Salesperson shows him a 60D for $900 and a 6D for $2000.  Same body and specs but 6D is FF... what's the customer going to buy?  Is the salesperson going to be able to explain the benefits of FF... many of the salespeople probably don't even know themselves.

Sure there are many folks on CR reading this right now salivating that they can get a FF camera for $2k.... but nobody on here is an average consumer... we are all camera enthusiasts reading up daily on how great FF is... so the person this is targeted for is a person that is lusting after FF, is unwilling/unable to pay $3500 for a 5D3, and doesn't need the AF and speed of a 7D.  How big is that market?

I disagree on your assessment of this body.  While I agree many people are underwhelmed by this offering, let's keep in mind that Canon is still in "catch up mode", trying to deal with how it will respond to the D800.  This was likely in the pipeline long before some high MP body was conceived, and I think it fits in to the Canon lineup quite nicely.

That said, I think this body has a place in the toolbox for many working pros.  I, for one, would much rather have an affordable full-frame back-up body for events/weddings.  Don't get me wrong, the 7D has worked as a solid back-up for me thus far, but it has left a lot to be desired in the realm of low-light situations where AF and noise management are critical.

With the ISOs and (most likely) reduced noise over the crop-sensor of the 60D, this will become a go-to back up for budget conscious pros.  I think it will be immensely popular with pros, and enthusiasts who are just looking for a little "more."

ROFL this is the funniest thread i have read in a while :)



PocketWizard fans REJOICE!!!

They've dropped the beta firmware for their Mini/Flex units with 5D3 support!

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