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Lenses / Re: Affordable, non-L, Prime Lenses from this century please!
« on: February 22, 2011, 07:23:40 PM »
I sold off my 17-55 2.8 and the 10-20 Sigma a few months ago (kept the 70-200 4IS) and changed over to Zeiss. Since then my "needs replacement"-40D hasn't spent much time in the bag... The fun of photography is back - it's like sticking a SSD into a Mac.
Before 'Zeiss' I often didn't even try some shots because I thought they wouldn't look well (lighting, detail, color etc). Now I must say almost everything, even a 'simple walk in the park', turns into a photo-tour. I know that everyone is fond of what he's got on the desk and I think it's just fine - I go more for landscape, portrait, macro than for journalism and sports (AF no big deal). But even action is possible there, if you know how to operate the lens. The other day I acceptably focused 3/4 of some 200 shots with the ZE 100 at f2 of buggy-boarding family members in on-coming ocean waves - you know how fast they go. I did another 200 with the 70-200 on sports-AF. Yes, the 70-200 focused more shots correctly, but I wouldn't keep as many of them... So, don't be put off by lack of AF (I used AF -good or bad- for 20 yrs on different Canons) and try out a Zeiss.
Zeiss ZE primes can't be called affordable but I payed 1620 AUD for the 17-55 3 yrs ago and 1580 for the 70-200 - so not quite cheap either. Can there be an 'affordable' & good prime lens?
I think there should be more affordable ones though too, so that more people start using them. I don't miss the two zooms at all. Primes and 'walk-zooming' taught me putting much more thought into framing. 
And for a fast prime - there's the 35 f1.4 coming in March. The flickr-prototype samples look very impressive. Unfortunately, not quite affordable - but look, inflation is everywhere...
Anyway, just wanted to share my opinion.

EOS Bodies / Re: Lenses for filming
« on: February 22, 2011, 06:24:14 PM »
If you use the same aperture is there a difference in DoF between a APS-C and a FF sensor - I know there is a big difference for stills but DSLR film uses just part of the sensor?

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