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EOS Bodies / Re: refurbished 5d III, what do you think?
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:37:31 PM »

Also, Canon refurbs aren't necessarily returns of defective or demo units; they can be units that failed some QC check during the actual manufacturing process, and were deemed feasible to adjust to factory specifications (i.e., you could very well have a brand new camera that just took a minor adjustment to make it through the process of being built).

Sorry, but if a camera doesn't pass a QC test during production, it is sent to rework, repaired, and sold as a new camera (which it is).  This is the case with Cameras, TV sets, automobiles, airplanes, satellites, ... virtually everything.
Even food is reworked and sold as new and is only sometimes marked as reprocessed.
Canon has a refurb facility in the USA which does testing and repacking.  You should get a camera in very nice condition, but the battery will be used, and the manuals likely also used.  I've bought a few and they were excellent cameras and never had a problem, but they were not new.

EOS Bodies / Re: replacing 7d with 5d3
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:29:40 PM »
Capturing wildlife usually means fast shutter speeds, which means high ISO.  Having more but noisy pixels on the subject does not mean better quality when compared to a crop.   At low ISO, thats not a issue.
Personally, I think a 1D MK IV with its APS-H sensor was a good compromise for wildlife, and, they were available for less than a 5D MK III for a while, at least (I sold mine and haven't checked lately).
I sold my 7D after it was just sitting around with my 5D MK III getting all the use.

I wouldn't worry too much, photographers managed to photograph sports with manual focus lenses for far more years than AF bodies have existed.
You can potentially do fancy things like track a moving player and keep him in focus with a 7D, and AF in low light is very good, but not great.
A Refurb 7D is a excellent value, and may hold its value better than a 60D.  It is certainnly a more capable camera.

Lenses / Re: Any difference bw used and new 24-105mm lens?
« on: March 05, 2013, 01:14:21 PM »
I've had my 24-105mmL now for several years, its excellent and has no zoom creep or even a sign of it.
As Neuro said, do a AFMA on the new lens as well as making sure it does not zoom creep.  Keep the best one, which would likely be the new one.  If the new one does have zoom creep, ask Canon to repair it under the warranty.

If all manufacturers used exactly the same model and computer program, maybe, but they don't. You can understand it all, it isn't that difficult ( ), but unless the graphs are drawn from the same testing equipment using actual lenses MTF graphs are very limited in value. As for manufacturer supplied figures, don't forget it is the sales department that is showing you this stuff  :)

Manufacturers MTF curves are accurate enough, but they are for the lens, and not for a lens-camera combination.  So far, all the online lens reviewers including DXO do not measure lens MTF.  They measure a combination camera body - lens MTF which will always be poorer.  Lots of factors enter into this, but you can never achieve the lens mtf when its on a camera body because the camera body degrades the image significantly.
With film bodies, the film had a MTF as well, and degraded the image.  MTF's were published for cinema film. 

Lenses / Re: What happened to DO?
« on: March 05, 2013, 12:57:04 PM »
I seem to remember there was a load of chatter about a whole new range of DO lenses from canon, but I havent heard anything since, and no one ever seems to show any interest in the exsisting Do lens's, what are your thoughts on them?
Although Canon has filed a number of patents for radial dispersed DO lens elements made by embedding fine particles in a resin matrix, that does not mean its a money making venture to produce them.  As Canon noted in the patents, the issue with DO lens elements is to get the particle dispersion even and perfectly spaced so that the correct spectrum is diffracted.  Apparently the yield is too low, or else they are waiting for some future date to announce one.
The existing lenses use a diffraction grating sandwiched between regular glass elements as shown below.

If they can make a particle dispersed radial diffraction lens more practical, they will have a potentially higher performance.  The price is a question mark.

I would not expect Canon to announce a new 100-400 before the 200-400.  The 200-400 has been a long time coming (I hard on this forum that the 2000400 was first rumored in 1044 as the Normans invaded England).
But the 100-400mmL has been rumored longer than that.  Didn't they find a Payryus rumoring it in with the dead sea scrolls?

EOS Bodies / Re: refurbished 5d III, what do you think?
« on: March 04, 2013, 11:04:06 PM »
Still, if you are prepared to jump on a one day sale, you can do very well.  I bought my 5D MK III from Adorama on ebay last fall for $2750 and got a spare OEM battery out of the deal from my ebay bucks.  Recently, there have been some very good short term sales.

this refurb camera from canon is a sale. I haven't seen anything lower for a 5d 3, perhaps I'm not looking in the right places?

Like I said, you have to be willing to wait and jump on a sale when it happens.  Usually, they sell out in a few hours.  You have to be patient and maybe wait for a few weeks, and there is no guarantee that will happen.
The Canon refurb price sounds good to me, you will not likely find one for less, unless, of course, you were to consider the cost of a third party extended warranty, and that might not be available for refurbs.

Lenses / Re: Camera & Lens Focus Calibration
« on: March 04, 2013, 10:37:33 PM »
The latest version (1.8) of Reikan Focal has a Turbocal setting that will AFMA a Canon lens in 20-30 seconds.  However, some cameras like the 5D MK III are semi-automatic and will take a little longer.
I've read that the 1D MK III is not recognized, so there will be a fix to 1.8.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Learn me on the use of filters!
« on: March 04, 2013, 10:04:41 PM »
Get a book for film photographers, Digital is totally different in their use.
Check your local library or photo club, no use buying unless you really need one. 
However, there is a literal ton of information about filters on the internet.  Their big use was for black and white film, but there are some usages of colored filters with color film as well.
Here is a running start

Lenses / Re: Blue cast in shadows
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:57:21 PM »
Just shoot raw and batch adjust the ones that have the issue in Lightroom or one of the many fine raw processors.  You can do 500 or 1000 of them in less than 30 seconds.

EOS Bodies / Re: refurbished 5d III, what do you think?
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:55:02 PM »
Refurbed does not mean repaired.  The cameras are usually demos or ones that were returned and working fine.  A lot of people returned perfectly good cameras over the light leak issue, so canon added a piece of tape.
You can purchase a Mack Warranty to extend coverage, but realistically, most problems with a camera happen within a month or two.
Still, if you are prepared to jump on a one day sale, you can do very well.  I bought my 5D MK III from Adorama on ebay last fall for $2750 and got a spare OEM battery out of the deal from my ebay bucks.  Recently, there have been some very good short term sales.

You cannot buy a prototype, the lens is still under development and not in production.  Everyone is waiting for a announcement and release date, but apparently some re-design was done after prototypes were used in the Olympics and some issues uncovered.
However, if you want one, plan on North of $10,000.

Mt Spokane

Once out, I'm sure it will drop after the first year plus, not a lot, but enough to wait patiently  :)
Its very unlikely that prices will drop until a few years have passed, if then.  Price drops for the supertelephoto lenses just do not happen.  No rebates either.  There are only a few made, and a lot of buyers waiting to get them.

Lenses / Re: Photozone spanks the 24-70 F4 USM L IS
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:36:55 PM »

When Roger Cicla of lens reviews tests 50 lenses out of his stock, the results are going to be more meaningful.

I would doubt that lensrentals would get 50 copies of this lens.  I would guess that most renters would go for a 2.8 lens either the Canon or the Tamron.

Still I agree with your basic point that Photozone occaisonally gets a poor copy while Lensrentals gives more statistically meaningful data.

You are right, I'd rent a 24-70mm f/2.8L first myself.  However, I'm very happy with my 24-105mmL and would not be even looking at the 24-70 f/4.
I keep thinking of getting the 24-70mm L f/2.8 version, but the zoom range is not what I'd like, I now use primes from 35mm to 135mm and at f/2 or wider apertures.  For the cases where I need wider, I have the 16-35mmL, but would like a faster aperture.
I would definitely like a 28-135mm f/2, but its not coming so I'm not waiting for it.

Lenses / Re: 200-400 f/4 L IS vs 100-400 vII (hypothetical)
« on: March 04, 2013, 09:26:40 PM »
The 100-400mm L has been coming for the last 7 or 8 years.  The new Nikon 80-400 may turn out to be excellent, or just another disappointment with better IS.  In that case, we won't see a 100-400mm MK II.
Do not expect a $3000 lens to be equal to a $11,000 lens.  However, a lens that can be hand carried rather than require a truck load of accessories will likely get a lot more use.
I sold my 600mm L and the Wimberly Head and heavy tripod in favor of the 100mmL for that very reason.

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