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I have a Canon 5DIII and a Canon 600EX-RT and am using a 24-105L.  I’m trying to take flash pictures of a backlit subject and bounce the flash of the ceiling.  When I do this using full-auto the subject is exposed perfectly.  When I try to take the same picture with the P (Program) setting , the subject comes out completely underexposed.  I then tried hitting the mn-funtion button because I am told this will expose correctly for the center of the frame (no indication of any setting being saved in the viewfinder).  No good, still completely under exposed.  I tried sport metering, still under exposed.  If I don’t bounce the flash the exposures are consistent between program and auto.  I tried an old 580 flash and have the same problem so I know there is nothing wrong with the flash.  My Question is why can’t I take pictures of backlit subjects and bounce the flash off the celling.  Works great in Auto, terribly backlit of program mode.

Macro / flash bracket suggestions for this setup
« on: April 18, 2013, 07:50:43 AM »
old photographer but just putting my toes into macro. I have quickly figured out that I may have to sometimes supplement natural light. I'd like to start with flower pictures. I have a Canon 5DIII, 100mm 288L macro and a first generation 580EX flash with the off camera cord. I'd like to get the flash closer to the front of the lens. I can figure out some method of diffusing the light. The Canon tripod ring looked expnsive for what you get. What flash bracket would you folks recommend that would allow the flash to be mounted a bit closer to the front of the lens?

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