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Lenses / Re: Focusing motor broken on EF 28mm f/1.8?
« on: October 22, 2012, 08:11:22 PM »
The USM motor shouldn't have a problem, but the drive can, and I'm thinking its got crap in the works.  My 28/2.8 did - not USM of course, and didn't want to focus to infinity.  I was able to slide a thin card down in in the front, and out came all sorts of lint on gummy lube.  After I worked it all free, it focused well, didn't miss a beat... still doesn't, as I've got that lens now, and use it every so often.

So maybe, its just crap in the works, not busted.

This gets into a bit of a sticky wicket.....

You must have alignment of the lens mount to image sensor. 
Lens mount to mirror.
Mirror to image sensor
Mirror to focusing screen
Focusing screen to image sensor
Mirror to AF sensor
etc etc etc

Canon can fix it, but it might not be the lens mount.

Never aligned a digital body.  Have aligned Nikon F's, F2's, Canon F1's.  Its a pain.  A real pain.
Sure with the right equipment... its not that bad, but outside of factory conditions... its a pain.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: I need some help my Canon friends!
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:30:55 PM »
I still shoot the occasional wedding... lugging a 500c/m and 60mm lens, and softbox and pair of 283's that still work great.  And film.

I may switch to the 5Dmk2.  I've got to do a lot of testing.  I have a local lab that still does creditable work, at ... increasingly higher, but still ok prices.   Nobody wants to pay for it any more.  Sad.

EOS Bodies / Re: do crop sensors really add reach?
« on: October 18, 2012, 07:19:47 PM »
So the basic question -

Is the FF with some crop applied, as good, the same, or better than a 1.6 crop body shooting whole sensor.....

I think you'll find that a 5Dmk2 cropped, will be much better than your T2i.  Not tested the same, but just having a feel for cropping with my own 5Dmk2.

Having said that - Profeel.com has 5Dmk2 for $1750 - not totally bad price.  And they have the 7D for $1229 - which I just got from them.  Both are "with shipping".  They shipped my 7d the same day.

I plan on using the  7D as my crop body - mostly for the focusing and FPS, not so much for the reach.  I chose it because it control layout closely matches the 5Dmk2 and because the battery is the same (and I'd have two chargers the same, to charge up a pair of batteries at once).  Maybe less than spectacular reasons...  but it will work for me.  I didn't really want to bank on the any replacement having a totally different control layout.  It matters to me that things are almost fluidly integrated, no thought to use one or the other.

Lenses / Re: IQ of 24-105 and 700-300 lenses
« on: October 17, 2012, 11:19:03 PM »
Here's my comparison -


The 28/1.8 is hands down sharper with less CA at f/4
The 50/1.4 is the same at f/4
the 100/2.8USM (non-L) is the same and then some... at f/4

But I still find the 24-105L a good lens.... mostly because of its utility and the IS (even the older IS)

So there ya go.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: radio poppers with a 5d3
« on: October 16, 2012, 07:22:52 PM »
Yongnuo does 'em cheap, and ok quality.

There are a variety of models.  Search Yongnuo here... you'll get lots of results.

Lenses / Re: "Zoom Creep" on the 24-105L : My Solution
« on: October 14, 2012, 06:21:26 PM »
Four words:


That black tape is vinyl.  There are two issues.  One - the adhesive does not "dry up" quickly, but instead it creeps.  The other issue is both the tape and insulation will eventually get brittle... possibly leaving crap in your lens at worst, and leaving residue on the barrel at best.

My 24-105 creeps a bit... it doesn't bother me.   I dunno if I'd wrap it in vinyl electrical tape though.

Lenses / Re: B&H Issues!!!
« on: October 14, 2012, 01:35:21 PM »
There were no people in the picture.  But, I know what a picture of green brick walls, USPS stickers on shelves and carts, and overhead catwalks with peep-slits and visors look like, and I know where they're found.

My guess, someone was going to make themselves a present.  I was on it, and insistent, and somebody got looked at closely, so the package got "unlost" rapidly.   For all I know, "someone" may have "delivered" the package in non-USPO uniform, and non-USPO vehicle, on non-USPO time, just to avoid any problem.  They did not know enough to reformat the card.

I'll confess... hehehe... when I saw the card in the camera, I thought there was a possibility of something "juicy"... or really just curious as to why things were, as they were.  Thats what got me to peep the card and unerase the file.   

I got two cameras, one silver for the GF, and one black for moi.  Use - on motorcycle.  Don't care if they get wet, get knocked about, get abused.  Really don't care for the best image quality.  The cameras primary purpose - survive and make reasonably ok snapshots.  The Fuji's have lousy detail resolution due to anti-noise softening, but have above average color and contrast, will shoot in B&W mode without fiddling, and... important... have LCD's you can actually see in daylight, with a "boost" LCD button for momentary full brightness mode if needed.

That chapter is over... move on.  Sorry to drift the OP's thread a bit.   Just... he's not alone.  Shipping mysteries... remain such for the most part, in my experience.

Lenses / Re: B&H Issues!!!
« on: October 13, 2012, 08:50:40 PM »
If its any consolation - I just got two waterproof Fuji cameras from Amazon.

Shipped by Amazon, not 3rd party.  Amazon handed off to FedEx.

FedEx handed off to the US Post Office.   Tracking on FedEx says out for delivery.

No delivery, I had folks at the house, waiting for the package.  No slip left... no nothing.

Finally - at 10pm, FedEx reports "Delivery Attempt Made".

So, I call FedEx.  They say, sorry call the Post Office.  Post Office says... Sorry, call FedEx.

I go to the local Post Office.  Guy at the counter takes the info, says it ought to be in the back.  He looks for about half an hour.  Nope.  No clue where it is.   Then he says... they're only supposed to make one delivery attempt, but "it may have gone back out".   Ok, so we wait again.  Nothing.  Next day, I go back to the Post Office.  Same guy looks again.  Nothing.  So I ask... "is it lost".  No, its not lost, since its still in their system.  He says, don't file a claim, give it another day.   Went home, and its raining really hard at that point.   Cats go nuts at the front.  I look out.  Nothing, no vehicle.  Open the door, and stuffed down inside my bougainvillaea bush (thorns!) is an Amazon box... soaked.    Inside,  I open the box and it has OBVIOUSLY been tampered with.  First off, an Amazon box is a sort of fold up affair that doesn't even have tape all the way around it.  You can slide out a "wing" and get to the contents.  In fact, small contents can fall out.   So I'm going thru things... one memory card had been opened, and inserted into the one camera, as also its battery.  Hang tag gone.  Sticker in the box with empty battery plastic bag.  There was one shot on the memory card - which had been erased, but ... was recoverable.   Shot of the inside of the Post Office!   

I probably have some sort of case, but I thought for a second... I got the cameras, and they're disposable to me anyway.  Not worth me losing more money taking off from work to go fight the Post Office.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Unreliable AF on 7D with FW 2.0.3?
« on: October 13, 2012, 11:04:53 AM »
Is the cause known?

I've read reports elsewhere that extensive AFMA settings were returned to "zero", and when reset, were off by a wide margin.  I'm clueless as to their architecture but... I've experienced the same in programming issues... compounded values etc.

The hunting part...  I didn't find a lot on the web about that, but auto-off issues, and AFMA issues... they're out there.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Unreliable AF on 7D with FW 2.0.3?
« on: October 13, 2012, 09:46:32 AM »
With limited, and perhaps somewhat dangerous knowledge of things...  some precautions may be in order.

Sorry to say - writing down your AFMA settings, any other "must be set" CF's, and then resetting the camera to its default BEFORE doing the upgrade, may be a safer way.

Software & Accessories / Re: Lens coat, any good?
« on: October 12, 2012, 09:50:40 PM »
Tell ya what works on my 300/4.0USM

I've got a length of camo cloth - tiger stripe camo to be exact - got it sewn into a "tube" and elastic put in both ends.  Done.  Works great.

I've also got a "green ghost" woodland camo personal blind, with extension for as long a lens as you might want, also with elastic on the end.  Its open in back (thank the breeze Gods!) and other than being hotter than two rats humpin' in a wool sock, is a great personal blind.  It fits head to toe, even while on a chair, sitting behind a tripod.... a nice personal piece of cover.... and it works (for the most part).

Software & Accessories / Re: 7D Maximum burst after FW v 2.0.0
« on: October 12, 2012, 09:27:54 PM »
Sigh... typical.

Tell ya what.... I don't look at the gosh-darn number in the display. 

Instead, I try to know the nature of the beat (the camera), as if it were an extension of me.

In that manner of familiarity, I just know I'm going to get a lot, or just a few frames, depending on how things were set.

I don't have a 7D, but I have had a 350D and 400D, and a 5DmkII... each has their own unique personality.

I may be geting a 7D soon... have not decided yet on which to get.   So, its nice to know there is an "issue", but its not a deal breaker for me.  Every camera has issues.....

Lenses / Re: B&H Issues!!!
« on: October 12, 2012, 04:54:22 PM »
When you ship vast quantities by UPS, the tracking number and label are generated at the shipper's end - but go into the UPS computers from there, without UPS actually having gotten the package.  When UPS does its scheduled pickup, each box is scanned into the UPS system, and from there its forwarded to its destination.

Realize that they COULD be a whole day between shipping entry and UPS getting from B&H.  Once its in UPS hands, the "next day" takes place.  Thats why there is usually a disclaimer about "orders placed by 1pm will be shipped the same day" (or other qualifying disclaimer).

So... if you called after their cutoff time, the order may be IN the system, but the box might not be there yet.

I go thru this daily in our industry (non - photo related)

Just Hoping on Some Suggestions for booms, stands, soft-boxes (for speed lights) and other bits like sync cables and cheaper solutions to lighting effectors.

what are you using?

I've gotten Photflex and Chimera softboxes.... I wont ever get another Photoflex though.  They use a PVC interior coating that deteriorates.  My very old Chimera banks are still going strong.... Photoflex... has yellowed a bit, so I restrict them to monochrome use.

I'm using Matthews Beefy Baby stands.  They make some nice booms too.   If you can swing it financially, you want a big yoke, heavy stand for a boom.   Small stands like the BB are just fine for non boom use.   Can't have enough MatthClamps.

I started with PCBuff White Lightning Ultras, and have been picking them up used ever since.  Still going strong, with occasional tube replacements.  They do take a funky modeling light, not too bright, but you can sub in household bulbs if the pattern is not super critical (such as umbrella or box use).

I've used 36x48 boxes a lot, but am also using some 60" umbrellas, and some Matthews silks.  Shooting thru a silk or double silk is very flattering.   I can set up two 60x60 silks about six inches apart from each other, and put a monolight behind it about six feet.  You get a huge wall of light that is very soft.  Then you can single silk a smaller frame say... 48 square and use that with another light as a main light.

There's no end to stuff.  Get a Matthews catalog and you'll get some ideas.

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