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What about a "Nikon-D7100-like" crop-shooting mode?
To me it would make definitely more sense on a FF body: shooting @ 14 MPixel rather than 24 (=APS-H)with much faster FPS and AFpoints covering all the reduced frame.

The 17-40mm zoom may not be the very best of wide angle choices, but it isn't so bad either. I primarily shoot wide angle primes (14mm L, 17mm TS-E and 24mm L), but sometimes the need for versatility makes me pick up my 17-40mm zoom and no it doesn't kill me to use it, not on a 1D-X nor on a 5D Mark III.

Actually the 17-40mm zoom provides a much nicer zoom range on full frame than it does on crop, so yes, this lens will come into its own on a full frame body. It has not been designed for crop cameras. I expect you will be happy with it despite its flaws. In case you are desperate for better optical quality, you can still follow my route and collect wide angle primes ;) .

When I use my "17-40mm F/4" on my 5Dc as if it was a "20-40mm F/8", most of the concerns about sharpness (and distortion) disappear .
BTW, F/8 is not a weird aperture for a mostly-landscape-oriented lens.

EOS-M / Re: Canon EOS M II
« on: July 11, 2013, 07:07:05 PM »
I personally think that we do not need a new M body that urgent.  What we need is a more comprehensive M system – more lenses and accessories available.  The EOS M should not be only a backup camera for the EOS DSLR.  It is nice that I can put the L lenses to my M body once in a while, but I prefer to use it with more choice of smaller lenses as my daily camera.

+1 on the need for more lenses.  In that regard, Canon USA's decision not to launch the one recently announced lens (11-22mm) completely baffles me.

Is this "to rub salt in the wounds"? The EF-S 10-22 costs twice as much at

A good reason for a trip to Europe!  ;)

Lenses / Re: Dxo tests canon/nikon/sony 500mm's
« on: July 11, 2013, 06:47:35 PM »
This comparison of DXO's results is what makes me EXTREMELY SUSPICIOUS of them. The Nikkor 500mm scores 25, when every single trait that factors into that score is worse than the Canon 500mm...which also scores 25. That is just plain wrong. The Canon has zero distortion, higher sharpness, less vignetting, less CA, and the same transmission...on a LOWER RESOLUTION BODY! It should have a higher score than the Nikon.

The hidden row (see my attachment) includes a technical parameter  :o which determines the overall score.

An intriguing offer has appeared on an Italian site:
EOS M + EFM 18-55mm + EFM 22mm + 90 EX + EF Mount adapter = "Full Kit EOS M" = 565€.
The vendor (galaxiastore) does not belong to my "preferred list"  :(  (which includes and two other shops) but other Italian people checked it and were happy about it.

Same store, another sudden price drop.
EOS M + EFM 18-55mm IS STM + EFM 22mm  STM + 90 EX + EF Mount adapter = "Full Kit EOS M" = 535€.   :o   :o   :o

I must confess that I am tempted now. I'll talk to the Board of Directors (i.e. my wife  ;D ) about it.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II in 2014 [CR2]
« on: July 10, 2013, 10:08:32 AM »
3. As I've said for YEARS: APS-H is dead. Please don't keep resurrecting it.   ::) APS-H is now an unnecessary 'half way house' between APS-C and FF.  The 6D particularly demonstrates that.  Leave it to RIP, please!
 - APS-C for budget sensor, on camera flash, 'reach' (ie pixel density for certain applications - eg birding, some sports), and to make use of the wonderful array of EF-S lenses (many of which are L class in terms of image quality.
 - FF for more depth of field (DOF) control and per pixel sharpness, lower noise, and possibly in the (near) future, an overall much higher resolution photo - already competing with Medium Format.

Maybe you're right, APS-H is an unnecessary compromise between FF and APS-C.
If you're right, we can consider G15 is an unnecessary compromise between standard point&shoot cameras and EOS M.
And maybe APS-C sensor is an unnecessary compromise between P&Ss and FF.
And maybe P&Ss are unnecessary compromises between smartphones and FF.
And ...
Well, I think that a few compromises deserve to survive.

EOS Bodies / Re: How good is 70D AF system compared to 50D?
« on: July 10, 2013, 02:08:44 AM »
Much better at servo tracking. Similar with one shot (too bad the 70D seemingly won't have Spot AF).

Who knows, it could even be better than 7D [CR-100!!!] if we consider that the specs don't tell everything: the non-cross outer AF points of the 6D have been reported to be better than the ones in the 5D2, although the specs were the same.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II in 2014 [CR2]
« on: July 09, 2013, 01:37:54 PM »
I'm curious about the 2 "pro" bodies - one of will be the high megapixel camera but the other will be?.....

Maybe two high megapixel? 5D3big (3D?) and 1DXbig?
Or will the APS-H surprise us and come back to a new life?

An intriguing offer has appeared on an Italian site:
EOS M + EFM 18-55mm + EFM 22mm + 90 EX + EF Mount adapter = "Full Kit EOS M" = 565€.
The vendor (galaxiastore) does not belong to my "preferred list"  :(  (which includes and two other shops) but other Italian people checked it and were happy about it.
P.S. EOS M + EF-M 22mm sells for 455€; EOS M + EF-M 18-55 + 90 EX = 395€

EOS Bodies / Re: The Next EOS M Camera(s) [CR1]
« on: July 08, 2013, 01:47:13 AM »

"Also in development is a focal length reducer for EF lenses, this will be announced with the 20mp EOS M camera"

That is something you hear about more in astronomy.  But a 0.8 focal reducer that would turn your 10-22 3.5-4.5 into, say, a 8-18 2.8 - 3.6 would be interesting.  A Meade or Celestron focal reducer costs in the neighborhood of $100.  Count on the Canon being $300, maybe.  Because it is Canon, and because it has the EOS electronic connections. 

Let's see -- a .8 reducer would make the 85 1.8 a 68 1.4.  But the efl would still be a bit over 100mm because of the crop factor.   This sounds intriguing, but will probably not be inexpensive.

A reducer factor of 0.63 would restore EF lenses to their full frame optical values. (0.63 = 1/1.6).  I wonder if that's it....

I would expect a factor of .707 (sqrt(2)/2) mainly because it would be an even 1 stop difference, whereas a factor of .63 comes out to a very odd 5/4ths stops.

85/1.8 would become a 60/1.3
24-70/2.8 would become 17-50/2
70-200/4 would become 50-140/2.8

I think that would be enough to make focal lengths that are only so-so on crop (24-anything) quite attractive.

...and the 60/1.3 would become a 85/1.8 equivalent,
the 17-50/2 would become a 24-70/2.8 equivalent,
the 50-140/2.8 would become a 70-200/4 equivalent,
on a crop body.

Site Information / Re: Minimum CR Forum IQ?
« on: June 14, 2013, 12:49:09 PM »
No offense offence intended.  It appears my attempt at humour may have fallen apartment flat.

Hmm I believe spelling differences are becoming the centre er ... center of this thread  ;D

This is one of the most Intellgent Useful Threads I ever read in my life.
BTW, I told my Australian English (*) teacher that the British pronounciation of "director" is different from the American one but she denied.
According to wordreference, I am right.

Going back to the topic, the lowest eligible IQ number should be the square root of 2 imho.

Footnotes (Useful for low-IQ members)
(*) I don't mean I'm being taught how to speak English in Australia: I mean a teacher coming from Australia who teaches me English - in Italy).

I went to Paris last year (also) to test my new 17-40.

Dang... I just walk around my neighborhood to test mine...  ;D

I hope your neighbours are less French than French people.  ;)


According to my wife's yesterday's resolution, the combo 5Dc + 24-105 does not conflict with the idea of light traveling!

I can add a spare battery + battery charger + this tool + a polarizing filter + a 430 EX2 and forget the M or SL1 or whatever else!


BTW, I want to share something I found on an italian forum: an official list of Canon Lenses which could take longer to focus or be unable to focus with the M exists.

The list includes my beloved 100mm Macro F/2.8 IS L. :(
"Fuori produzione" means "Discontinued".

[/size]Let's hope the new firmware will partially fix this..
[/size]Sorry for the OT but I also want to share that I read that , for the same lenses mounted on the Canon 6D, it is recommended to focus in live-view choosing the Quick Mode option: Flexy-Zone and Face-Detection could focus very slow or not focus at all. again for your suggestions, my fellows! :)

Thanks for your suggestions.  :)
The matter is complicated.
I love my 5D but...
  • I do like the idea of buying a light body plus a kit lens (18-55) to take with me all the times I'm not sure a DSLR is strictly needed. Maybe I could even get used to a even lighter, faster but less versatile fixed focal lenght EF-M 22mm or EF 40mm.
  • I do like the idea of having a chance to shoot occasional videos (e.g. for my daughter's synchronized swimming: two minutes every six months) with a (slightly) higher quality and more controls with respect to my daughter's 1100D (T3).
  • I would try occasional live-view shooting (macro photography, for instance).
 :(  I would also avoid wasting money in 2013 for new gear that I will seldom use, in order to have a more understanding wife I switch to the 5D3 in 2014.
Unless the 100D / SL1 price drops suddenly, the two remaining options are 600D (T3i) and M.
Considering that the 600D (T3i) costs about the same as the M, the choice is between ergonomy + better autofocus + viewfinder + rotating LCD and weight + size + understatement.
Do you really want to get into a new series of lenses?  Buying lenses for a M that only work on a M?? You can adapt EOS lenses to a M, but then you lose the benefit of size.
AF is also very slow. 

That's a good point.
My thoughts led me to consider the M + 18-55 as a luxury "point and shoot", so I was not considering further EF-M lenses.
Actually, I think the heaviest part of your gear are the lenses. So, maybe buy a 50mm f/1.8 or 35mm f/2 for the 5D camera? The nice thing about your 5D is that it is not so temperamental regarding older lenses.

Good suggestion but... is there scientific evidence that people using 5 (five) non-circular aperture blades lenses can survive?  :-\
this is the compromise we all face - weight vs IQ. What's more important to the OP?

A second body could allow to choose the most appropriate in different situations.
Not much more odd than my 5Dc and 6D.

I would spend my money on a bag that will take your 5Dc with 24-105 and your 17-40 and 70-200 (and other accessories).  That is traveling light (your wife may need some convincing).  I know you love your 100, but for a trip like this it is the one to leave at home --- the others aren't.  For what it's worth, last year I went to Rome and Venice with the 5Dc, 24-105 and 70-200.  That kit worked for almost everything.  At that time, I didn't yet have the 17-40.  Now, I would bring it. 

Where did you go wrong with your second daughter?

I wish my Italian was as good as your English.

i. I went to Paris last year (also) to test my new 17-40. In the beginnin it felt weird, and I remember how happy I was as I switched to the 100mm. I don't need to take sharp pictures of Paris when I can blur the Arc de Triomphe behind my wife.  ::)
ii. My second daughter liked the pink Nikon (she was 8 when she bought it) but I  think I can convert her to the light side of the Force by lending her my old Powershot S5.
iii. Thank you
I just bought the EOS M for an up coming trip to Perth, Australia.
Decided to travel light and leave my 40D and lenses at home.
It's a easier choice for me as I don't have the 5D+24-105.

 :o  Please let us know if you survive to this risky experiment! I could be a second tester.
Take your 5D come hell and high waters.  It's worth it.  Pair it with a 40mm F2.8 (just get it!) and your 17-40L for landscapes and you're set.  For most of the time, 5D + 40mm would be sufficient and light enough.  Just bring your flash and 17-40 inside a bag and you're set.

I learnt something new (
I like your approach.  :)
Did I mention that my family and I took two 250 km trips by bike along the Donau river (2010) and Drava river (2011)? I took my Powershot S5 in 2010 and 5D+24-105 in 2011.
One point&shoot picture I took in 2010:

Thanks! :)
It depends on what kind of stuff you like to photograph. If traveling light as possible is your aim then just use your smartphone (iPhone 5?) otherwise get the right gear for the job. If you want to cover a large range of subjects AND travel light then the EOS M is a pretty good choice, especially once this firmware comes out.

What's wrong with just taking the 5D c? What lenses do you have? You might find a 17-40L a bit too wide for capturing street shots of people or portraits. You could pair it up with a short tele, like an 85 1.8, otherwise a 24-105L covers just about everything - maybe rent one?

For traveling I personally think one or two lens max plus a speedlite is best. No tripod as long as you have an IS lens.

My lenses: 17-40 F/4 L, 24-105mm F/4 IS L, 100mm F/2.8 IS L, 70-200 F/4 IS L.
The 24-105 is surely the best all-purpose lens I have, but I think that in cities like Istanbul it could be interesting to shoot wider than 24.
My smartphone is a Samsung Galaxy III. I like to see pictures on it much more  than using it as a camera (zero DOF control).

Buy a Fuji x100s and you're set.

I'm not sure I'm a fixed focal lenght guy :(.
Yes the fuji x100s is a very good suggestion! and it was on my shortlist but now that I have the Eos M I wonder if it can be so much better for double the price....But the Eos M will integrate nicely with the rest of your Canon stuff and can work well as a backup camera. I bought the kit here in South Africa for the equivalent of about 600usd and that included the 22mm f2, lens adapter and flash. Now, I, could easily travel the world with this kit...oh and yes I consider an ovf as a must have with this kit.( Although I use the rear lcd a lot more than I would care to admit...!) The zoom will give you IS and a bit more reach on either side and from what I have heard is very good quality. The Eos M kit is half the price of the X100s over here...

So yes I will say go ahead! just take two extra batteries. I bought two Wasabis from amazon but have not yet received them ...was only about 20-25 usd for the pair. There is a lot to be said for travelling light...

Interesting... offers genuine Canon Lp-E12 batteries for 53 Eur and other brands for 14 / 15 Eur.
I'd take the 5D simply because it makes gorgeous files.

Absolutely true!
I'm faithful to Granma 5D, but I was thinking about situations in which weight and (almost) pocketability are important and my wife's G12 has not enough IQ (dim light, for instance).
Another question.
I read a very positive review on Canon EF-S 18-55 STM IS on Photozone.
I wonder if the EF-M 18-55 STM IS is optically similar. Is it that sharp?

EOS-M / Sinful thought: pairing my ancient 5D classic with a EOS M
« on: June 10, 2013, 08:24:18 AM »
My wife suggests (i.e. orders  :(  ) light baggage/luggage for our next holidays (Turkey in August, if the country doesn't collapse in the meantime).
Possible solutions:
i. Take only 5D classic + 17-40mm: 1.2 Kg plus spare battery, battery charger, CFs, sensor cleaning pump; something more if I carry my 430 EX 2 too
ii. No 5D. Borrow G12 from wife.
iii. No 5D, buy something lighter.
In case (iii):
- amateur DSLR (600D-T3i)? 0.5Kg, basic lens 1 or 2 hectograms. Not a huge difference.
- G1X? High IQ, but slow lens and slow AF
- Canon 100D (SL1)? 4 hectograms; too recently launched -> too expensive (in Italy the kit costs as much as a 60D body)
- my most sinful thought: the mirrorless EOS M. In Italy, its price has dropped below 400 Eur including 18-55 STM IS and 90EX (plus 140 for the EF adapter... plus a spare battery or two...).

Some owner (not just reviewer) claims that its autofocus is not that bad and Canon will release a new firmware at the end of June which will more than double its speed in flex zone; let's hope it works better in other settings, too.

My obsolete but beloved 5Dclassic and the M would certainly be an Odd Couple;D
Year: 2005-2008 vs 2012-....
Sensor: Full-Frame vs APS-C
Cards: CompactFlash vs SD
Software: Digic 2 vs Digic 5
Raw files: 12bit vs 14 bit
Automatic sensor cleaning: No vs Yes
Weight (Body): 8 hectograms vs 3.
MP: 12.8 vs 18
Autofocus: good with the center point, reasonable with the outer points vs ?
Rear screen: 270,000 soft pixel vs 1,040,000 sharp ones, with multitouch touch screen
Optical Viewfinder: Yes (large and bright) vs No
FPS: 3 vs 4.3 (3 if using AF)
Live view: No vs Yes
Video: No vs Full-HD @ 30,25 o 24 FPS
External Mic: No vs Yes
Built in flash: No vs No
Faster shutter speed: 1/8,000 vs 1/4,000
ISO Range: who cares?

I own a 430EX2 flash, and it would be intriguing to use the 90EX as a master and the 430EX2 as a slave on the 5D: I suppose the 430EX2 would be too heavy for the M, even though I tried it on the G12.

The two "sisters" (or grandma and granddaughter?) could share my flashes, my tripod and grandma would lend the lenses to her granddaughter.
In any case, if I buy the M and find it disgusting, I think I can sell it losing just 30 to 50 Euros: a kind of "rental fee".
What do you think, fellow members from Canonrumors?
P.S. Feel free to rate my English too, besides my sinful proposal: if the score is good, I'll tell my teacher  :)  ; otherwise I will not talk about this experiment on a foreign forum.

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