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Photography Technique / Re: Would electrical tape damage the red ring?
« on: November 23, 2014, 09:05:24 PM »
I don't tape but if I did I would use Gaffers

Gaffers tape is designed to be cleanly removed after a short period of use indoors.  I have multiple rolls of the expensive stuff.  I use it to seal my windows around my air conditioners during the summer. After about a month, it loosens or falls off, and adhesive residue is sometimes left behind.  The tape gets rock hard.  It still works better than ordinary duct tape over the same period.
For short term use, its excellent, but check it and replace it periodically if you need it installed for a long time.

I haven't had the time to read everything but DITTO.  Use Gaffers Tape.  Get a cutting mat, a X-Acto or other sharp cutting tool and a metal straight edge and cut the strips to fit.

I also tape my lenses, I don't care what others think, it protects the shiny plastic (and the red ring) that Canon thought would be a good idea to put right on the outer end edge of the lens where it hits and scrapes when the camera is put down.  Theft prevention aside, it helps protect the lens and hides the red ring in the process.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Switching to Full Frame
« on: November 23, 2014, 08:55:47 PM »
Quick Answer:  Canon's Lens Lineup is 2nd to NONE.

That decides it for most without any other questions.

However, without knowing more...  You are 'semi-pro' now and plan to be 'pro' in 6-9 months?  If that's the case, why not have 2 bodies?  Why not keep the 7D and add another Canon body that shares lenses?  OR, sell almost everything (maybe keep the 28 and 85 primes) and get a 7D2 that is very well reviewed and also a 5D3 which is also very well reviewed?  Then get a 24-70 v2 + 70-200 v2.  Buy the bags, insurance, flashes, memory cards and computer/software necessary to be a 'pro'.

Please don't misunderstand, I'm not trying to mock your post.  But since you don't say what you shoot or how, no one here can effectively answer the question.  So I answered with a general purpose answer that makes sense for ANY pro.  With a 7D2 and 5D3, you can shoot weddings, sports, candid, journalism, etc.  And many pros have sold many of their primes in favor of the convenience and equivalent IQ of the two lenses I mentioned.  And either of those bodies stand well on their own as a single body.  (I'd go with the 5D3 as a single body first though.)

Hope that helps.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom 5.7 Now Available
« on: November 19, 2014, 11:49:42 AM »
I hope they fixed all performance issues they introduced in 5.6 for spot removal and selective brush.

Keep your expectations low, auto correction on this version of lightroom have been the worst so far. Hopefully next version will be better in this regard.

Ditto.  Knowing Adobe, most of their updates break more than they fix.  In fact, it's a total crap shoot every time you install anything from Adobe.  I cringe every time...

You know, if you are planning to do shooting while in/around the water, a Pentax K series might be something to consider.  They are very rugged and weather sealed.  Much more so than any other DSLR except the little Nikon AW1 which is actually supposed to be submersible.  (Come on Canon!  Release a better EOS M that will compete with the Nikon AW1!)


I agree that it's very uncool that Canon doesn't include the tripod collar with the 70-300L lens and charges a ridiculous amount for it separately.  However, I haven't missed the collar since the lens is pretty light and also since the focus and zoom rings are swapped.  If I had the collar on the lens, I wouldn't be able to hold and zoom it the same way I can with the 70-200L.

And FYI, I use a Kenko 1.4X DGX TC with my 70-300L often with good results.  So you can do it, just not with the Canon TC.
How good is that 70-300L + Kenko 1.4 combo?  I tried it once with a second hand Kenko but it just wouldn't work at all, assume the Kenko was defective and sent it back.  Would be interested in trying it again though.

And as I've said before, I think Canon made the right call on balance NOT including the tripod collar with the 70-300L.  However, I won't back them on how much they charge for it as a separate item!

When I used the 70-300L + Kenko 1.4x TC Combo I was shooting with the 5D3.  Hence the need for more reach.  I was satisfied with the results.  I didn't feel like the AF was terrible but I was shooting swimmers in a pool in crappy indoor sodium vapor lights so I had to do plenty of post editing anyway.  I haven't used that combo for other types of action in outdoor light, etc.

The Tamrom 1.4x TC I have DID NOT work correctly with the 70-300L.  It caused weird noises and weird jumping of the IS when the AF occurred so I didn't put the lens on that TC anymore after the first short test.

EOS Bodies / Re: Upgrade current body or wait?
« on: November 17, 2014, 10:26:21 AM »
My suggestion is don't waitGet the 6D + 24-105L Kit in the next month or two in a killer sale deal and never look back.  Enjoy them both.  Very good combo and a very good value.

RAID systems in a state of rebuilding, and you remove the wrong disk and not a spare - also a seriously long and bad day.
Checking redundancy in the main cooling system on the same day as they are working on the redundant cooling system - Yupp, bad bad day.

Things can go wrong in far more ways than they can go right. It's live and learn in this industry.
Off-topic but I've got to ask: What type of RAID array did you pull the wrong disk out of?
Yeah, I wouldn't mind knowing too although almost any RAID will fail if you yank a drive at the wrong time.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Uneven Battery Usage in 580EXII
« on: November 17, 2014, 10:09:08 AM »
The batteries are in series and get used equally, but there are some possibilities.
1.  A bad battery.  Remove the bad one.  This would be a 99% + probability
2.  Bad battery charger not fully charging batteries.
3.  Current leakage in the battery compartment or related bus bars of the flash that affects only one battery.  Look for any contaminants.
4.  Excessive heat in the flash right next to one cell that is causing a problem with it.
That's all that immediately comes to mind.

Yep, I agree with the above suggestions, esp the ones I put in bold.  Clean those contacts with a pencil eraser.  But don't grind/wear off the protective layer or the underlying copper/metal will oxidize/rust rapidly.  I would also try a different charger just for grins.

And I love seeing how Surapon does things!  If carrying 2 extra sets of batteries is good, carrying 10 sets in a handy sandwich container is better (and heavier)!  I sense a theme in Mr. Surapon's strategy, if it can be made to be heavier to carry, he's gonna do it!   :D  I think Mr. Surapon would walk us all into the ground if we tried to keep up with him and his gear!!  (And I hiked 90 miles at Philmont this summer!)

I've made a similar decision. Just bought the 7dmkII, advertised my 70-300L for sale because I know I'll get more benefit from the new 100-400L when it becomes available here (December?). If the IQ of the new lens is as good as the 70-300 (early indications are it should be a little better) and it comes with a tripod collar, and is compatible with the extenders it'll be a winner for me. The two major problems I had with the 70-300 was the exorbitant price Canon wanted for the tripod collar and the fact it wouldn't take a Canon extender.

I was watching closely the discussions about the new Sigma 150-600, and the similar Tamron. The Sigma especially is very heavy (2.9Kg?) and there are questions about its autofocus performance. My new body (Camera body....) has fantastic autofocus capability and I don't want to compromise that with a lens that might not keep up. Also the 100-400 is half the weight of the Sigma - and the 1.4x won't add much weight to that. I'm on tenterhooks to read the reviews that will tell me whether the Canon lens with extender can match the IQ of the Sigma lens without.

I agree that it's very uncool that Canon doesn't include the tripod collar with the 70-300L lens and charges a ridiculous amount for it separately.  However, I haven't missed the collar since the lens is pretty light and also since the focus and zoom rings are swapped.  If I had the collar on the lens, I wouldn't be able to hold and zoom it the same way I can with the 70-200L.

And FYI, I use a Kenko 1.4X DGX TC with my 70-300L often with good results.  So you can do it, just not with the Canon TC.

It's obvious that you have put a lot of thought into the plan.

I wouldn't let the 70-200 go, it's way too versatile.  You'll likely regret it.

I also think the 15-85 may be a better all purpose zoom than the 17-55.  The 15-85 will essentially be your 24-105 equivalent lens.  I hate to see anyone sell the versatile 24-105L but on a crop camera, I understand.  I just like the lens, it has a nice f/4 constant aperture, IS and L quality in a good size and weight.

I have the 7D2, upgrading to that is a solid decision that you will LOVE.

The 135L is a beautiful lens but the 70-200 f/2.8 vII has replaced it for many photographers.

And if you keep the 70-200, I doubt you'll need the 85 unless you just really love the lens.  Again, many photogs have reduced their collections of primes because the 70-200 is so good.  I have the 70-200 f/4 IS and while it is a stellar lens and much lighter, I almost never use it anymore.  There is also a lot to be said for the bokeh that the f/2.8 version produces in a portrait.  Add to that the compression advantage and the f/2.8 is hard to beat for portraits!  Finally, if you have to shoot something indoors, in a gym or otherwise, you'll wish you had the f/2.8.

I would definitely sell the 50L, it is a touchy lens that I think isn't worth the trouble for its cost unless you are a huge fan of it.

Good luck!  This is a great thread.  It's a good example of why I love CR.  There is the potential for many of us to get some good insight into what/why we have the kits we do.  (And if those kits should perhaps be changed a bit!!)

« on: November 17, 2014, 09:02:13 AM »
Well!  That was easy!  We didn't even have to make it to page 2 to convince Mr. Surapon to buy the lens he honestly really wanted in the first place!   :D

Can't wait to see your first pictures!!   8)

Oh, and I relate on the keeping old equipment.  After so many great images and experiences with the gear, it's easy to grow attached to it.  However, I have finally started to let some of it go.  I think there comes a time that all of us with cronic GAS eventually realize that buying a bigger house will cost us precious money that could be better spent on more photography gear.  So the collection must be reduced!!

Software & Accessories / Re: My HP Laptop getting too hot!
« on: November 17, 2014, 08:09:27 AM »
I would agree with everything above.  In general, HP has made some real crap in recent years when it comes to laptops.  Some models are fine but others are nightmares.  It usually comes from a design mistake where they used the same heat sink for both the CPU and the Graphics chips.

Aside from that, I fix a lot of heat problems by simply blowing out the main heatsink with compressed air.  If you get a huge cloud of dirt/dust then that is probably the problem.  Heat thresholds are pretty slim on most laptops so it doesn't take much to start triggering thermal shutdown.

Let us know how it goes!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 6D & 1.4X -or- 7D Mk II?
« on: November 16, 2014, 06:07:30 PM »
For those that say you can't use a 1.4 TC with 50mm lenses, you can.  Simply use a 3rd Party Kenko TC.

I just installed about 10 different lenses on my 5D3 using the Kenko DGX 1.4 TC.  This includes the following lenses and their results...

-  50mm f/1.4                       WORKS FINE
-  50mm f/1.8                       WORKS FINE
-  70-200L f/4 IS                   WORKS FINE
-  70-200L f/2.8 IS-II            WORKS FINE
-  24-105L f/4 IS                   WORKS FINE
-  70-300L IS                         WORKS FINE
-  16-35L f/2.8 v1                  WORKS FINE
-  28mm f/1.8                        WORKS FINE

-  24-70L f/2.8 -II                  THROWS 'IRREGULAR' ERROR (Says something like "What the Heck are you doing fool!?")
-  15mm f/2.8 FishEye          LENS WILL NOT TURN TO LOCK  (Yes, silly to try to use a TC with a FishEye but I thought it was funny to try.)

I've got a few other lenses but I lost interest at this point.  I was actually surprised that the 24-70 v-II lens didn't work.  Something about the pins or the electronics because it mounts fine.  Whatever.  Obviously not a big deal.  The point is, you can mount just about any lens on a 3rd party TC and it will most likely work fine.  The actual benefit gained is still up for debate however.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: The structure of a CR2 file
« on: November 16, 2014, 04:18:37 PM »
Since I have a large format printer I've realized that raw processed with ACR are very noisy while the same raw processed with DPP can be enlarged without  problem.

You're definitely doing something wrong there. ACR has very good denoising, as far as I remember it has even improved in the latest version(s). Denoising and sharpening parameters cant take some trial&error tweaking, and you might to have the denoise brush for some areas. And DxO's PRIME might be better for high iso. But having said that, I'm sure dpp cannot be that superior.

I decided to buy the printer when the lab said "12 mpx is not enough, you have to buy another camera".

As far as large print go - yes, I guess for 90x135cm (~a1+) 12mp is bordering on too low resolution, but it really depends on how much detail your scene has and from how far away you view it. Lucky me I never go beyond a3, so my 18mp is enough even after some amount of cropping.

This is what I thought before having the printer in my house.

Where do you live?  I might have to drop by unannounced with a few 'test files'!   :D

Canon General / Re: Forum Decorum....Deshmorum?
« on: November 16, 2014, 04:14:54 PM »

So when I submit a post, I often consider my signature line and I ask myself, "Yes, but what would surapon say?".  Get it?   ;)

Or more important,  how would Surapon word a post.

I don't always agree with Surapon's opinions, but I do respect and appreciate his manners on this forum.

You never know, for all we know the kind and humble Mr. Surapon could be a major crime syndicate kingpin boss but we'll never know because he's so unassuming and nice.  It's amazing what a few good manners will do for someone!

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