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FOR SALE Photo Equipment / Re: Canon 70-200mm f4L is
« on: Today at 09:54:48 PM »
As of today, it is sold.  Thanks for taking a look. 

Software & Accessories / Re: Shuttercount Now Available for Windows
« on: August 28, 2014, 10:40:08 PM »
I'll buy it the next time I sell a used body.  I've used eoscount twice... so this would be nice, having that functionality in perpetuity.

EOS Bodies / Re: Are you planning to purchase a 7D2
« on: August 27, 2014, 12:32:16 PM »
I might mull over a1dx after the replacement has come out, but the 7d mkii... no. 

Actually, the camera I want should have 120 fps for video, better low light performance than the 5d mkiii, and dual pixel and a touch screen.  I don't do much video, but when I do... It is not pretty on my slr.

I bought a used Manfrotto carbon fiber monopod on ebay for $75.  Love it.  Hefty, but not heavy.  No head.  I shoot my 400mm f2.8 from it and don't need a head.

One time I bought a $12 Vivitar monotpod at walmart.  Figured i'd use it on my smaller gear.  cracked and the crew go stuck in my camera.  took hours to remove.

I didn't think about eBay... I'll search soon.

I have had two... the same one actually, but I think I lost the first one... the reason I think I lost the first one is because my house is a Mess with a capital M.  It very well could just be hiding under that pile of dead cats.  :/

Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but I don't kill the cats after taking their pictures.

I have a cat allergy... so that might explain it. 

And I do appreciate ya'lls help... I'm sure I don't say it enough... but I do.

It sounds almost like you want something as cheap as this

But with the build quality and features of a more expensive brand/model.

Ive used cheap monopods and they work fine for short term use, as well as using expensive monopods.
Sure the more expensive ones made shooting easier but it comes down to what you have on hand at the time and is the amount you are going to use it going to justify the cost over its lifetime.

Otherwise we can tell you what we recommend all we like, end of the day its your $$ and your decision.

The Sirui is $10 less than the the Manfrotto 560b-1... So I don't think I'm cheaping out if you will.  Though if you want to argue I'm spending the same amount of money one something that isn't as well made... I think that might be a reasonable argument...

The manfrotto is off my list because of the screw and the attachment so you can put on a head.  I just really REALLY don't like that.  To me... that feels cheap.  If they had a flip-able screw like I've seen on quite a few other high end tripods... I would probably go with the manfrotto...

And I realize I can get a carbon fiber monopod for less than I'm paying, though it wouldn't have the feet.  Brand name and everything... but I really want the feet.  The first time I saw that... I thought it was a little slice of genius.  Maybe I'm wrong... but at least I'm not mortgaging the house on a risk. 

Y'all have a much different definition of cheap than I do.  I think of cheap as my $20 dolica. 

I was comparing the carbon fiber to the aluminum... I'm spending an extra $80 to save 0.2 lbs of weight.  F--- that. 

At least per Amazon... but yeah... .2 lbs.

Photography Technique / Re: Is RAW worth it?
« on: August 25, 2014, 09:04:12 PM »
I screwed up a really cute shot of my daughter.  It was horribly underexposed, but I shoot in raw.  I adjusted the exposure in Lightroom and I was amazed and grateful for the 5d mkiii and the raw image that resulted. 

I don't know that a jpg image would have been salvageable. 

The short answer is probably no... but the long answer is absolutely.

I have used flip locks in the past and do not consider them suitable/trustworthy for tripods and mono pods. Both the Gitzo and Sirui twist locks are far superior and much easier to use, as well as being MUCH more secure.
As a complete inverse to your experience I have used twist locks in the past and find them slower and less trustworthy. I have used flip locks now for 15 years and wouldn't consider going back to twisties. Too slow when the pressure is on. What exactly is it that you find makes twist-locks MUCH more secure?

I've had twisties "sink" but never had a flip-lock sink under weight. Another advantage of a flip-lock is you have a visual confirm of the full-lock position. With a twistie, there is no visual cue. I've had legs on my twist-lock Gitzo tripod sag unexpectedly, but never my big flip-lock Manfrotto 075B. I'm a flippin' fan!


I've only had flip locks... and I've done stupid things like not flip it all the way back... but that's more me being stupid than twist v. flip.

I have 2 mono pods and find them both to be excellent for their designed purposes. The small one is a Gitzo GM2541, rather pricey but very strong and ridiculously light - also I don't think it will ever need replacing. The other is a Sirui P424. Not quite as well made as the Gitzo but more reasonably priced, pretty light and holds anything - this is what I use for my Canon 800mm.
I am not a fan of heads on mono pods but where I need significant vertical movement I use the Sirui L10 head which is pretty good with lenses up to a 300 F2.8 + a pro body.
If the Gitzo is too expensive then have a look at the Sirui P324 (my P424 is simply more than you need) as it is a fine robust mono pod that is reasonably light and not silly money.
You may notice that neither of my mono pods have flip locks (neither do my tripods) there is a reason for that - I have used flip locks in the past and do not consider them suitable/trustworthy for tripods and mono pods. Both the Gitzo and Sirui twist locks are far superior and much easier to use, as well as being MUCH more secure.

Between the p324 and the p 424, there is only a $30 price difference... If that's the case, I'd get the latter.  Having said that... I'm an aluminum kind of guy. Carbon fiber is nice... it is lighter, but not at twice the cost.

Lenses / Re: Would you buy the 35L now, or wait?
« on: August 25, 2014, 05:32:55 PM »
I'd buy used... that's my goto move.  So if you buy it today for 900... you can sell it for around that in 1 or 2 years... because if Canon isn't going to rush to bring a new 35L to the market after the 35 art came out, then chances are they aren't in any rush. 

The last five times I've used my tripod...

At home, at home, at home, at home, at home.

The last time I used the troops outside was when I was doing some mediocre astrophotography in a corn field.

I did take it to a softball tournament, but it stayed in the car.

I think I'm more likely to take a monopod (with feet) to places and More likely to use it... though I'm not certain...

My problem with the manfrotto is the screw.. I don't like that small hollow attachment to get the screw size right for the ball head.  I have lost one of those before and I'm sure it would happen again. 

I really appreciate the response, but I think the seusei is the leader in the clubhouse.

I watched some youtube videos last night... and I think the manfrotto and the sirui are definitely the leaders in the club house.  I have to shower now... but I'll go into further detail later.

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