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If Canon bring back the APS-H, It must be in the niche market and meet the following requirement.
1. Smaller than the 6D for portability
2. Same pixel density(or even smaller) than the 1Dx for low light/high ISO performance.
3. Very fast FPS for sports photographer due to lower MP.
4. At least half of the price of 1Dx
Question is at this day of age, how many photographer can live with a 10 to 12 mp camera as a general purpose camera?

Why does it have to match the 1dx?  can't the low light be better than the 70D but worse than the 6D/5D/1dx?  That seems to be its niche.

Look how many 1D4s are used by sports pros.  Many would prefer to not change their shooting styles by going from a APS-H to FF or APS-C.  Sports shooters are the most visible of Canon's IRL ads.  Studio shots are usually closed to casual observers but everyone sees the sports shooters on the sidelines.

I see the white lenses... I can't tell which  body they are using...

Yepp, the samyang 14mm lens is a hell of a lens for the price. Sharp and nice build. Just the barreldistortion is really strong. So don't try to make architectural pictures with it, at least no on film ;)

I guess I could try and fix it in post... but I just bought a 17-40 today for a song... I may wind up reselling it... but certainly if I keep it, the difference between 14 and 17 may be significant, but not to me.

Congrats JD!!

I am now off to google what Natty Lite is...  ;)
I wouldn't recommend that!  But then again after all the gear we buy, there's little money left for the good stuff ;)

Oh, I have some Johnnie walker blue... gold... black... green... and all the rest.  I was originally a collector of liquor before I ed a collector of gear...

And I can't drink to much at one sitting otherwise I get the hiccups... So the cabinet is full.

What an idiotic rumor. Look, some people like the reach of an APS-C, so Canon is going to appease them. If they want the bigger sensor, they'll go with the 1DX.

Canon's decisions with their new models are quite logical, and if you think from their point of view - in terms of sales, and what people want and expect - then it's clear this rumor is foolish. The original poster is now added to my lost of doofuses.

I think that is over starting out quite a bit.  The 7d mkii has to be better than the 70d, worse than the 1dx/ 5d mkiii/6d in image quality, but better fps than the mkiii/6d.  To reach that sweet spot, aps-h is a nice fit, so I don't entirely discredit the presumption.

It is unlikely... but not impossible.

It really makes no rhyme or reason... My pic of the day for this shoot was the 1st one below, I call it the "Wall  of Fame",  I really thought they'd love it.  Nope, they loved #2 much more... I don't get it...  ???
I definitely like #1 much better, too, but clients are always unpredictable like that.  Maybe we should start a "I can't believe they chose this (insert profanity of choice) photo" thread ;)
Maybe because he is tea bagging the helmet.  Though I do prefer the first... but what is that gold at the bottom right?

So it would have been a 1D IV replacement, wouldn't it?

While we are on the topic of stating our dreams as facts, Canon will bring out an actual model called EOS 3D which will take 3-dimensional photos and videos that can be projected in space like in the Star Wars. It will give an impression of 'being there'.

You know Wesley Crushed would spend all of his free time in the holodeck... all his time.

I think it should be aps-h as well... It would be a perfect fit between the current lineup... but I don't think they can call it a1d without a monstrous price tag... So I really don't think the name change is eminent.


I almost never shoot UWA, but I got a Samyang 14mm and I am impressed by how well it performs on my A7R especially for such a cheap lens.

I was thinking about one of those... but I don't want to lose money on another lens if I decide I don't want it...

The shot I sold was a sports photo and if not for trying to get a decent sample of every team... that shot would have made the cutting room floor. 

And then there are some shots that I feel like are the once in a lifetime get... and not a peep. 

I usually try to get something above and beyond four my customers, a marketing gift week after the fact... but I can't think of anything... who uses mouse pads anymore?

You'll find out how individual taste really is when you sell your work.  The stuff you love rarely sells well, and vice versa.

So true. My largest sale to date was from a mom who purchased pretty much every shot I took of her two kids at a high school football game (QB & WR on the team).

I went back and looked at the photos and there's not one that would make my portfolio.

And there have been many others I've taken at other events that I was sooooo proud of, but nope, parents didn't purchase them.  :-\

Canon General / Re: CF CARDS
« on: June 26, 2014, 02:52:15 PM »
I think cf has another ten years of life... but smaller with universal support is big.

The day is coming, but I wouldn't sweat it now.

Canon General / Re: Should we tell them?
« on: June 26, 2014, 02:50:27 PM »
I buy and sell gear and I used to sell gear in an electronics shop.  I would talk to people who had no clue all the time and I tried to explain depth of field 101.  Usually that alone would lose me a sale, but I wanted them to have an understanding why you go from a point and shoot to an slr... I think they appreciated that I didn't go easy on them... but probably not.

When I sell my stuff now, I give them just as much information as they ask for and just a bit more.  Not a ton... just enough...

I have a friend (a Nikon shooter) whose equipment far exceeds his knowledge and shooting ability. He dreams about buying a 36mp body, but mounts crap telephoto zooms to his current camera, and wonders why his photos aren't sharp. His mode dial has never been moved from P (or whatever the Nikon equivalent is to Canon's Full Auto / Green Square / A+ mode).

He was taking photos of a group to which I was a party recently, seated at a table in a restaurant next to large windows with strong backlighting (bright sunlight). After he muttered that we were all in silhouette (and changing the exposure dial didn't help), I suggested he engage his pop-up flash (and then showed him how to do it).

He was grateful for the advice and appreciative of the fact that we were no longer in silhouette, but I'm convinced that he promptly forgot the lesson as soon as the meal was over.

I never volunteer help to strangers, but when they ask for advice -- as often as not -- their eyes begin to glaze over if the solution to their problem is more than a single setting change. Some just hand me their cameras, and ask me to take the shot for them!

I've sold stuff before... generally the service... not a print... but in regards to this subject... there weren't a ton of other options.... just the lone image.  So I kinda feel bad.... because if I throw another hour into the effort I can probably come away with something that both I and the customer would love... but it is ok...

Well, $15 net.  I might have to downgrade my celebration with some Natty Light and annoying the wife...

But what is nice is that the print I sold was for some pro bono work I do for shits and giggs... So I am actually pleased, but the print isn't one of my best... So I'm almost annoyed that less than stellar work is going to hang on someone's wall.

Canon General / Re: Should we tell them?
« on: June 26, 2014, 12:34:40 PM »
I never offer unsolicited advice.  If asked, I'll tell you what you want to know.  The only time I'll offer advice is to friends and family that I know well and that I know will take it as advice and not criticism.

If we are playing golf and someone offers me some swing advice.... they might get a punch to the face.  But with photography... offering advice regarding esthetics is probably a no no, but hey, some fill flash here would do wonders for your subject since the background is a sunset...

Some people don't know... but if they do know and want to produce crap... then by all means.

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