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Lighting / 600EX-RT's Delay on 3rd Party Camera
« on: April 30, 2013, 07:11:25 PM »
Hi, I couldn't find any other threads with this issue, but if there is one, feel free to just direct me there. 

I've got a pair of 600EX-RT's and was trying to use them with my Fuji X100s, but when I put one in the hotshoe and one off-camera, trying to get only the off-camera one to fire, I get a big nothing.  When I set both to fire, they fire in sequence instead of at the same time, with the on-camera one firing first.  They're obviously communicating...

Now, I don't *think* this is due to me not knowing what I'm doing.  When I put these on my (recently stolen) 5D or my T2i, in the same configuration, they work as expected. 

I've tried this with a variety of settings, including changing channels, ETTL, manual, adjusting groups, etc. with no luck. 

It seems that I get the pop-pop sequential flash also when I hit the test button on the master as well.  Even if I pull it entirely off my Fuji. 

Can anyone explain to me what's going on here?  Am I doing something wrong? 


This past week my house was robbed and I lost my 5DMkIII along with the 24-70MkII that was attached to it.  Strangely not the Ona bag that it was in with another couple lenses in it.  But no complaining there. 

Anyways... my homeowners insurance is going to cover it.  Thank god.  Now I'm left with some decisions. 

I'd like to replace my 5D with another one.  And obviously the price at Big Value is pretty good.  But I've seen conflicting information in the forums about whether it matters warranty-wise whether they're a Canon Authorized dealer. 

So I'm looking on some input on: Is buying from Big Value a bad idea?  I'd like to have the warranty, but am not sure that's worth $450, if there really is no warranty.  It definitely says Canon USA Warranty on the ebay listing. 

Secondly, if I can't take advantage of that, I might look at getting a 6D, which wasn't out when I purchased my 5D.  I know this issue has been beat to death, but it would help me if someone could sum up the main points for me.  What I think I'm hearing is same still quality, slightly slower autofocus, worse video.  But if anyone has any real life examples with both, that would help me out a lot. 

Thanks for your help on either of these questions!

Lenses / Canon 35 2.0 IS vs Sigma 35 1.4
« on: February 22, 2013, 06:11:16 PM »
I know this topic has sorta been beaten to death, but I'm still having a tough time with it.  Everyone says to get the Sigma unless you need the IS, which I feel maybe I do.  Or maybe wait for a 35L II or 50L with IS.  Or just wait for price drops on the 35 IS?

I take mostly event or food/beverage photos in poorly lit restaurants/bars, handheld, on a 5D mkIII.  In that case, does it make sense to take the lower IQ for the IS?  Or go with the Sigma and always pump up the ISO?

For non-studio, non-tripod, low light situations, does that change people's recommendations?  Or is resolution/fstop always king? 

Any thoughts welcome.

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